The Traveler in Carpinteria: A Picnic and Seminar to Celebrate Us All

By: Dave Wright

August 16th, 2018

The Traveler in Carpinteria:  A Picnic and Seminar to Celebrate Us All


It only seems appropriate that we would have a talk about the circle of life at the Lions Club right? It’s a nice Lions Club too. Nestled in the wild hills of Carpenteria California about two miles from the Pacific Ocean, the property was well, blessed, by the presence of over a hundred Discourse subscribers and thrill seekers. I didn’t see any thrill seekers, but someone said they were there. And of course our Mystical Traveler was there and blessed us all.

We had volleyball and horseshoes and croquet. Sounds a bit like a nudist colony, but the Lions Club has pretty strict regulations. And we had food. Lots of it. And no caterer needed when you’ve got Clark Franke, right? Have you ever had any of his tri-tip? Maple flavored chicken? Cooked over mesquite? I proposed three times while we cooked, but he ignored me 🙂

A few weeks ago I had asked him if he needed any help and he said yes. So I did! So yeah, he did all the, you know, cooking, while I stood by looking like I was a host on QVC. But, I did enough to help us make our two o’clock picnic starting time. Some amazing volunteers put together salads and beans and drinks and the next thing you know, over a hundred highly evolved basic selves were filling their plates and soon after their svelte waistlines!

I was hoping Eric Lumiere would stroll among the picnic tables and sing some ballads about Davey Crockett and Julia Childs, but he just sat there and ate like the rest of us. Maybe a tip jar next time 🙂 He did sing a really fun song for us before the seminar so, okay, I’ll back off Eric. You’re getting more amazing all the time by the way.

A few minutes into our meal John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young came strolling up like they’d just been deputized to help clean up this desperate town along the banks of Carpenteria Creek. No trouble in sight, so they got to fill their plates and break bread with the ‘townsfolk.’ But John had a job to do so it wasn’t long before he headed for the beautiful cabin-like meeting room on the grounds and proceeded to share the Traveler with us. Thank you, John.

There’s a large window on the end of the meeting room allowing for a really peaceful view of the sycamores and pines standing peacefully outside while the love of Spirit swept in the front door, no name tag needed. I hope everyone else, including the ‘onliners’, felt the sweet calm I did. Very grateful to be there. When John wrapped it up and left the building, Robin Graham lead us in a rendition of Hallelujah with his own, certainly in my opinion, uplifting lyrics. While we sang, I envisioned John and Leigh slowly pulling out of the parking lot, the surrounding hills soaking in the celebration of joy and gratitude.

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