Making the Teachings Available with Subtitles!

By: The NOW Productions Subtitle Team
Photo by Stephen Sandorf

August 10th, 2018

We are happy to bring you an update on our subtitling project, which started over 2 years ago.

We learned a lot and accomplished much during this time. Our team subtitled over 20 video seminars and dozens of Moments of Peace and excerpts used in MSS, DSS, IHOP, and various PTS workshops and retreats. The overall response has been very positive and we appreciate the feedback we have received. We also understand that using subtitles is a change and requires adjusting. It’s an adjustment for us as well and we are learning a lot with this new process; we will also continue to produce voice-over translations for audio-only materials like SATs and meditations. All along, our Mission remains the same, to make the Teachings of the Traveler available to those who are looking for them.

In terms of improvement opportunities, here is the key feedback we received:

• It can be challenging to read subtitles when sitting in a seminar room if the bottom of the screen is not visible; this can happen in low ceiling venues where we cannot raise the screen
• The cadence of subtitles is sometimes too fast to catch the full meaning of what has been shared

The decision to move from voice over to subtitles was a thoughtful one. We inquired with many of our Spanish speaking communities and the overwhelming preference was to move to subtitles, particularly so the Traveler’s voice and energy could come across at full capacity. We understand that this preference may not be for everyone. Please keep in mind that subtitles are a standard way of sharing media content in other languages across the globe. In addition, when we create a video with subtitles, it becomes much easier to translate into other languages; plus producing subtitles, including in English, is a great support for the hearing impaired. Overall we see the benefit of moving to subtitles as a way to support sharing the Teachings more broadly and more gracefully.

The timing of the subtitles follows the pace of John-Roger’s or John Morton’s speech. We understand in some instances this can feel a bit fast. In those instances, we do our due diligence to create subtitles that hold for the essence and energy of what the Traveler is sharing. Within our subtitle team, Ana Arango, Ina Cristina Carbajal, Nora Valenzuela, and Mate Kelber collaborate to support this process. A lot of care and attention to detail is placed within the subtitling process.

To address the concerns of visibility and pace at large events, we will have someone read the translation over the radio along with displaying the subtitles on the screen. When viewing a video privately, if the pace is too fast at times, using the pause function may be helpful to give yourself more time to read.

Your feedback is important to us so please continue to share your feedback.
You may write via email to LeAnna Sharp at

Include in your feedback:

• Name
• Country
• Age
• Native Language
• Event Name and Location

This new approach of using subtitles to provide translation for video seminars is a collaborative experience and truly a labor of love for all. It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of making the Traveler’s Teachings available in Spanish and other languages, and we appreciate your continued Light and support.

Love and Blessings,
The Subtitle Team
Ana Arango, LeAnna Sharp, Nora Valenzuela, Ina Cristina Carbajal, and Mate Kelber

Being Heaven on Earth, our new release from the Conference of Heaven on Earth, has subtitles in both English and Spanish. It’s a great example of the work of our subtitle team! It’s available now in the MSIA Store.


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