To Usman

By: Deborah Martinez

December 21st, 2018

To Usman


A personal note from Deborah Martinez:
Usman Mustafa, our Beloved friend and fellow DSS student and MSIA Minister, passed into Spirit on December 10, 2018. His Light, Joy, Wonder, Loving, Caring and Humor will be missed by all of us in the Doctor of Spiritual Science Online classes.

Personally, I loved and very much enjoyed Usman’s playful attitude. Being his facilitator and homework reader for 5 years, I was able to see first hand how much Usman transformed and grew more fully into demonstrating the majestic Soul that he is, and how he shared his loving for All. I will very much miss his presence in class. I know he will still be with us in Spirit. Many blessings to you Usman, onward and upward!

Here is a beautiful sharing from one of his DSS classmates that captures the essence of Usman’s Consciousness and Heart:

For the past six consecutive years,
we have been together in class.
We processed together so many moments.
Many tears from me as I worked my karma,
but, for you, there has always been lots of laughter.
Even when you were challenged,
there was always humor underneath it all.
You found humor in the non-sense of life.
I remember laughing so hard from your jokes
that my belly would cramp.
This year, you told me you wouldn’t be in class.
I answered: “You have to be in DSS class,
you have to do the last year with all of us,
you can’t let it go in the completion year.”
You did come back to class to complete earlier…
I heard your class sharing on the video this past Sunday,
the day before you moved into Spirit.
You shared your ministerial blessing
of a joyful Soul who loves through the sparkle in your eyes.
I immediately thought: “what a perfect blessing for you”
I thought to myself next time I saw you,
I would let you know how beautifully you live your blessing; and
how amazing it is for me
to partake of your joy and
to receive of loving through your eyes.
You moved into Spirit before I had a chance to say it to you.
I write you this letter now so that you know:
wherever you are,
however you got there,
your joy and loving will forever stay here
holding the privileged and sacred space of our friendship.
I still hear your laughter in class,
I still see you smiling at the door,
I still listen to you cracking jokes,
I am still amazed by your presence,
I am still deeply grateful for you in my life
and this will never change in my heart.
May you rejoice in Spirit even more so than you did on Earth.
I love you dearly, my friend!

– Inely Cesna

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Lovely, Usman was a bright shinning presence, by way of DSS Worldwide, Online. His joy was a blessing to us all. Glad I knew you Usman.

Yes, I was happy to know Usman slightly also. Usman, I’m happy with anything and everything you completed down here. Keep the Light on for us.