The Life of an MSIA Initiate

By: John Morton, DSS

March 26th, 2019

The Life of an MSIA Initiate


What we call Soul Transcendence in MSIA really is the life of an Initiate. If we’re going to re-experience who we are in our origins, then we wake up spiritually.
– John Morton

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Let’s consider that what we find out eventually is that we’re all in the same party. We all come from the same source. And in all that, we’re allowed to have all kinds of diversity and our individuality. What we call Soul Transcendence in MSIA really is the life of an Initiate. If we’re going to re-experience who we are in our origins, then we wake up spiritually.

It’s not about an organization or a personification of what we’re talking about. It’s something that is upon everyone as a Soul. It really is important that you come into your own experience and the trust that you have for yourself. One of the folks in our line described this as self reliant. It is a path, a life in which we find out we need to resolve how we work things out. And we do that in a masterful way. We all have that as a destiny.

We are all masters in the making. We have a master consciousness that comes in with us that we call the Inner Master. Everyone who has a Soul has an Inner Master as a consciousness that is part of spiritual awakening.

In order to be the highest level Initiate you have to be in spiritual alignment which is also a question of are you dedicated? Would you be willing to do in the world what’s necessary to liberate you? Part of the life of the Initiate is to consider our material world attachments. Spiritually we are called upon to detach and to love the process of detaching. Nonetheless, we don’t tell you what to wear and we don’t tell you what to eat. There’s tremendous freedom in how this all works.

One of the aspects of the Initiate is that we all stay in learning. So if you are someone who loves learning, then the life of an MSIA Initiate would be, if nothing else, interesting. There are people who are Initiates who still have tremendous doubt, tremendous speculation.

Don’t believe what we’re saying, because you don’t need to. Even if you are still waiting for a monumental or culminating experience like, “Aha! Eureka! I have what I’ve been seeking,” keep going.

This consciousness we call the Traveler, by its nature, wakes you up spiritually. And it has tremendous patience.

In the school that’s here in MSIA, initiation becomes service as Mystical Travelers. Initiation is a school of waking up in the mastery of the Soul. It’s in the world to come. In this world we’re called into loving our life, loving what’s in our world, and coming into a consciousness of service.

In the closeness with our Creator we find out we love each other. The life of the MSIA Initiate is that we love each other. We are loving as a natural response that we have to each other. When we’re awake spiritually we would not harm one another.

When we come into the wisdom of our Creator, we get a view so we appreciate why things are the way they are. We actually find out that there is a divine purpose to the negativity. Negativity is not the way. At some point the Initiate realizes how to stop and clear the negativity. And once we know how to do that personally we can help others stop and clear the negativity.

What takes place in the life of an MSIA Initiate is we stop the negativity as much as we know how. We clean it up, we clear it up, we heal it, we bless it, so we come into a life that would be the opposite of the negativity. And what is that? It’s just loving and caring, and doing good. That’s nothing new. MSIA did not invent this. If anything, we’re just practicing as best we can.

As Initiates we are learning how to get along with all of the creation. It’s a tall order to get along with the creation and love people. Christ said, “Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me [Matthew 25:40 KJV].”

There was an encouragement that if you were going to come into what I’m doing, or what I’m showing you, then you need to consider the least one of them, the one who would be the most difficult to love or to help. That’s a tall order. It is in my life, to learn how to do that. There are still challenging people, challenging situations, circumstances that are difficult to love and difficult to be peaceful with. So I find that’s humbling over and over again. It’s like everyday is, “Here we go again. I have the tall order again today, to love as God would love.”

An MSIA Initiate is a loving being, someone who values loving and who practices loving. There’s something about being human that comes up short. I have a consciousness that criticizes and judges and finds fault. And I have a consciousness that loves and cares and wants to help. I’ve worked out my life as a devotion to God’s love.

What happens in Initiation is that we understand that we’re going to be called into the highest consciousness, a divine consciousness. John-Roger told us that service is the highest consciousness. And that sounds very definitive. I thought maybe he’d say, “loving is the highest consciousness.” Loving converts itself by being of service — which is something on the order of, “I’m going to help others. I’m going to use the creative presence in my life — what I could do and choose to do in my life — to do something of value beyond myself.”

God bless you all.

Baruch Bashan


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