The Love of a Master Tour | Jsu Garcia’s Travels around the U.S., Winter 2019 [with Photos]

By: Jesus Garcia, D.S.S.

March 22nd, 2019

The Love of a Master Tour | Jsu Garcia’s Travels around the U.S., Winter 2019 [with Photos]


This trip started in mid-January with a drive from Los Angeles to Tucson, Arizona, one of my favorite places to hang out. Once again, I stayed at Donna and Don Cook’s home, where they hosted a beautiful Love of a Master Q&A and we played a few John-Roger seminars. The following day happened to be a local ministers meeting; it was very nice to spend time with the Tucson folks, [including Barbara Wieland, Joyce Evans, Samuel Flagler and others].

Proceeding on my “itinerant preacher” tour for The Love of a Master, the next stop was Phoenix, where I saw Judi Goldfader and my goddaughter Ella, and stayed with Angie and Mike Nicolucci. We had a private VIP J-R video marathon with two new guests: one Discourse subscriber and someone who knows me from Facebook. I flew to Denver to do an initiation for John Morton, came back and spent the night in Las Vegas, Nevada. In memory of the tragic October 1, 2017 mass shooting, someone put me up at the Mandalay Bay hotel, where I took the opportunity to plant Light Columns. A J-R marathon brought out the locals, David Wilkinson, Elaine Baran, and Will Porter. It evoked vivid memories of my third aura balance in Las Vegas at Lucretia’s house more than 30 years ago, the time that J-R touched the top of my feet. From that point on, I was hooked, and would go on to participate in my first of many PAT IV trips in 1988.

I made a quick-endurance-drive side visit to Helper, Utah, to spend the night with J-R’s brother and sister-in-law Delile and Elda Hinkins, and also saw his nephew, David Hinkins. I enjoyed seeing them all. Utah was quite cold, yet beautiful. My itinerary then brought me to Robert Waterman and Karey Thorne in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for four days, including their weekend workshop that was attended by my friends Robert Zack, Denise Lumiere, Wendy Kunkel, Doreen Dietsche, and David Sand. We all got an Airbnb together. It was great to be on the road doing work and learning, taking a course from Robert Waterman, who began his work with J-R all the way back in 1966, making him one of the Movement’s “founding fathers.” My conclusion is that it doesn’t really matter what we do, but only that J-R’s initiates and ministers come together in Satsang. The way we create this magic is truly amazing, and I appreciate experiencing this over and over during my travels.

After a quick return home to L.A., I repacked and took off to the East Coast on January 31st for my The Love of a Master talks and J-R marathons. A huge blizzard hit the Northeast when I arrived, so it was icy and bone-chillingly cold. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed my time in Satsang with Paula Beldengreen, Kathy Kienke, Caryn Kanzer, Bill Blanding, David Clegg, Jim and Christine Lynch, and my dear Latinos, Melba, Marc, Monica, Adriana, and Jenny.

I took the train to Philadelphia where I was delightfully hosted by Stephanie Kozak, Elizabeth Frumin, and RC. I was invited to attend the local ministers meeting, where we saw Lou and Lenny Tenaglia, Peter Bort and so many others, just really solid folks. I loved it. I felt the love and the way that everybody is taking care of everybody else. The experience brought many great memories when traveling with John-Roger.

Then I flew to Miami for a visit with my mother, Nicia Ferrer, who is going through recovery from chemo. I was grateful to be able to support my mom, her healing journey, and her life. On the way home, I pondered interesting thoughts and feelings about how we’re all at some stage of aging and getting ready to transcend and see the Lord.

On my flight to New York, I had an amazing experience where I fell off the flight. I just went right through with the Sound Current, then came back. When I opened my eyes, it felt like I had no idea where I went, but it was an incredible occurrence that reminded me of a similar experience I had with J-R. My whole life with J-R was planes, trains, hotels, automobiles. And on one particular flight, I remember being quite irritated. I had the window seat and J-R told me to lean on the window and just chant my tone, which I did. Then I started falling through the plane and caught myself. When I woke up, I was scared to death. J-R looked over me and said, “You like that, huh?”

Half of my life has been those kinds of experiences with J-R. Now, they´re somehow even more tangible and solid. Although I didn’t have him physically there on that flight to NYC, I was aware of the radiant form, the energy of him next to me. This time I just went with it, let myself fall through the plane into some other dimension. When I came back, things were different—and they have been different ever since. It was all set up perfectly for me, for my travels to New York, Philadelphia, and Miami.

Now I am back in L.A., getting ready for the Easter events at the 2101 Wilshire building. Sending my love and Light to all MSIAers everywhere. Light to the world, to my mother´s recovery, to Nicole, and to all our friends and family.


Jesus Garcia, D.S.S.

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