A Special Seminar in Ronan, Montana

By: Cindy Erhardt, Seminar Leader

April 24th, 2019

A Special Seminar in Ronan, Montana


Uli, Carlos, and Cindy

I wanted to send an update on how the seminars are going in Ronan, Montana.

We are still meeting once a week and loving it! This seminar is specifically tailored to Carlos and Uli. Uli is currently a Discourse subscriber who has applied for initiation and has taken off with MSIA Discourses, other readings and meditations that the Traveler has offered. Her husband has taken ill to a rare disease that has him bedridden for a year now. He is very susceptible to pathogens that come in from outside. Consequently, Uli is wary of bringing too many people into her home. Carlos is also on a feeding tube, in and out of consciousness, has some paralysis and not able to speak very well.

Through service, I started holding seminars in their home on a weekly basis. I show up several hours before the seminar to help out around the house and complete what household chores need to be done. We set up the equipment (computer, candle, speaker) for the seminar in front of Carlos so he has access to it as well. We hold a seminar with the three of us. After the seminar, Uli and I will have dinner together and talk about what we had just learned.

The energy is always amazing, the love, the calmness, the companionship of knowing the Traveler is within us and surrounding us. Sometimes, Carlos sleeps soundly during the seminars and other times he is very cognizant. It has become fun to see which way he will be each week. Either way, we both know the Traveler is working within Carlos. Uli and I both agree these seminars give us strength for the coming week. We also agree that the seminars alone are not enough to get us through the week, other work such as spiritual exercises (s.e.’s), meditations and readings need to be done as well.

When the time is right, and Carlos is strong enough, this seminar will be opened up to others. Although, I have had the thought of starting a new seminar to invite different people. At this time, no one else has expressed an interest. As I type this, I just realized, I will be putting this idea into the Light.

I have attached a picture of the three of us.

Holding you in Love and Light,

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