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Your Ultimate Safe Harbor [with Video]


This article was first published in the January 2014 issue of the New Day Herald.

One of the keys to your relationship with the Traveler is that you do your part.  It’s there for you as your responsibility. When you consider Soul Transcendence, look at the meaning in how your life translates itself in this world. In effect, could you essentially do whatever and the Traveler would still engage you in what is Soul Transcendence?

At one level, the answer is “yes” because the Traveler applies to you unconditionally. In your life expression, that’s taking place in a perfection. There’s nothing outside of that perfection. That alone is like the ultimate safe harbor, meaning wherever you go, God is. That’s a complete statement. So whatever you’re looking at, whatever you’re dealing with, God is. And you’re always in safe harbor with the Traveler.

We may not consciously understand whatever we’re dealing with, but we don’t need to understand. It isn’t necessary. And yet the perfection remains intact. Even when we don’t understand, there’s nothing wrong or outside of God. It’s all still fine because it’s all in God’s creation.

From a higher view, we would say, “No matter what happens, you’re going to make it.” So what’s the big drama?  That’s an excellent question. Why do we worry? Why do we ever doubt? Why be afraid if we know how the story ends?

In MSIA we teach that we know how it ends, which is of course not an ending. It’s more a fulfillment of how things work. It’s a completion, and it comes to an amazing completion. Put the knowing that you will endure into what you’re working with so you trust regardless.

Trust is something more than acceptance. Acceptance is a neutral position. Acceptance is not for and not against. It’s neutral by surrendering to whatever is present as a way of acknowledging what is taking place. The first opportunity is not about doing anything with whatever is going on. Just be aware of what is present. That’s acceptance.

Trust is when you are engaging yourself. Trust is more about wanting to cooperate. Trust is choosing, “I want to do my part for my Soul Transcendence.”

We often are introduced to acceptance, the first law of Spirit, but we don’t necessarily remember there are other spiritual laws. All of the spiritual laws are important to how we function in the Spirit. Cooperation is the second law. So consider, how do you cooperate? How do you engage your trust in cooperation?

Learn how to cooperate with what is taking place. How do you do that? Through your awareness, and through your awareness of what already is. With that awareness you apply what you know based on where your intention is directed. Ask yourself, what is my direction? What is my purpose?

Paying Attention

If you’re sailing in a boat, consider what you are doing in that boat. Are you going somewhere? Is there a destination? Are you there just for the ride?  Are you there just because you’re not somewhere else?  Are you adrift?  Maybe there’s a strong wind and your boat may capsize. If you capsized, then there’s something to notice about what’s going on. Maybe God just said, “Game over!”

You may say, “God, that’s not fair!” Yet, it is fair. You won’t be sailing that day because God has something else in mind for you. You may ask, “Oh, God, did you have to resort to this? Before I got in the boat, couldn’t you have put up a little sign? A warning like, ‘We won’t be sailing today.’ And then I just wouldn’t have bothered. I wouldn’t have gotten in the boat.”

Often there is a sign, but you didn’t notice or read the sign. Maybe you were so excited and enthusiastic about what a wonderful day it was, that you didn’t realize the weather could change. Even when things seem so good at first, it’s important to pay attention and read the signs along the way.  In this world, things change. So it’s important to keep checking things out.

By continuing to check it out, that’s part of how we stay out of harm’s way. We watch, we look, and we listen. When we’re young, that’s what we do when we’re learning to cross the street. So watch, look and listen because maybe you can hear something coming even though you can’t see it yet.  Keep working with the signs.  Keep paying attention. That’s a key to doing your part in your Soul Transcendence.

In MSIA, we teach that you survive no matter what. What’s essential in looking at Soul Transcendence is that you’re not your physical body. In fact, you’re not a number of bodies that are psychic and material. You’re not those. So whatever happens to those bodies, who you are goes on intact. Your soul survives one hundred percent intact. Who you truly are isn’t somehow compromised or depleted by what goes on in this world. So what does that mean? That translates to, “Don’t worry.” It’s going to work out. You will survive.

What if you’re being told that you’re going to die?  That you have a certain amount of time to live? What’s on your schedule? Would you like to change your schedule in terms of the world?

That’s a relative fact of life. It relates to this world. Don’t ignore the signs about your life in this world and how you conduct it. Is your life cooperating with this level?  Are you a master at how to cooperate and get along with this level such that the end result of your life is that you manifest a contribution?

Bring in the Spirit with you in this level so that Spirit translates from what’s above to below. That is how what is unmanifest translates into the manifest. The goodness of the Spirit replenishes the level.

I like to point out that God “plenished” this level which means it was created fully with a creator with unlimited supply for keeping it full and increasingly good. So how is it replenished?  Whatever you take out of this level, return it with something equal or of greater value. In MSIA terms we say, “Leave this place better than you found it.” Let that be spoken at your wake or as your epitaph. Maybe it’s an epilogue or a soliloquy. That would be good too.

Intentionality and Direction

Our lives work off of intentionality. When I was in college, proceeding along the way to having a Masters in Counseling, one of the assignments was to declare my specialty. I was asked to define if I am a “this or that.” There was “this” therapy and “that” therapy. Or I could create my own, if I dared, knowing someone would likely be looking over my shoulder questioning how I was allowed to do that. In any case, I came up with Spiritual Counseling. So I went to my advisor and said, “I’d like to do Spiritual Counseling.” And he said, “What are you talking about?” which was a good question.

My basic rationale was it seemed that in my generation, at least, there was a greater disenchantment with things that are conventional such as religions. From my experience, more and more people that I checked in with or listened to were telling me they were raised Catholic or Jewish or whatever, but they weren’t really prescribing to their religion. I heard them say, “I don’t have that faith. It’s not my thing. I’m not following that. I just did it because my parents made me.” Yet, they still had questions about God, and they didn’t know how to work out some of those questions. They had a few “whys and what’s,” but nobody to check in with.

I thought it would be good if a counselor could come from a neutral place and talk about that issue, the God issue, without having to attribute it to a particular kind of faith. My advisor sat back and thought about that and then said, “It’s kind of like working as a Chaplain. Are you thinking about being a Chaplain?”

I said, “No,” because I thought Chaplains worked for the government, the military or something like that. My dad was in the military, and I knew I didn’t want to do that. The advisor said, “If you’re not a Chaplain, I don’t know how you would apply your area of specialty.”

So I didn’t pursue spiritual counseling. Instead, I kind of specialized in career counseling.  When I would work with people as a career counselor, I would ask them, “What’s in your heart?” That’s really what it boiled down to — discovering the work they loved.  Working in career counseling was good because it helped me with finding this career, the career of my heart of hearts. So if you want to do a work of love, then find out what’s in your heart that you love to do.

Often people are disconnected from what’s in their heart of hearts to do.  They’ve resigned themselves to believing that there’s no such thing. They see work as drudgery or a burden. That’s how they believe you get along in this world, that there’s no reality to loving to work. The reality is that you can love what you do. And if in the process of that, you realize your gifts, and your attunement, then all the better. That’s an application of being conscious and aware of how you have been gifted and where your talents are.

For example, if your talents lie in, “I can put up with the smell of garbage like nobody else!” that’s a great gift. If you think about it, that might be worth a lot of money to have somebody deal with the garbage so the rest of us don’t, especially if someone does it really well.  They handle it so we don’t have to smell it because it makes us sick. Yet for them, they love it. In the perfection of this world, there are peculiarities such that what is one person’s poison is somebody else’s medicine.

If you’re doing something that is disturbing for you, you have a responsibility to take a look at that. Is it a self-imposed disturbance? Or is it really that your make up such as you are, what you were born with as a body-born condition, is counter to certain things? You weren’t really meant for certain things?

Here’s another example — if you’re a fish, then you belong in the water. If you’re out of the water, you’re not going to do well. You’re going to suffer.  A fish may say, “But I want to be like everybody else.”  Yet, the fish is still a fish. So it needs to be in the water. You may need to test the water to find what’s true in your heart of hearts.

Cooperating Here and Now

One of the measurements of cooperating fully is the experience of knowing you’re in the right place at the right time, right here, right now. There’s nowhere else you would rather be. You know you are meant to be right here, right now. That’s synchronicity. Those are moments where we are in complete cooperation.

How did you get to that moment of synchronicity? Because you chose it. You may feel you lucked into it, but that’s a statement reflecting your lack of awareness. You didn’t luck into it. You chose into it. You just didn’t observe how you chose into it. Even if something feels natural, easy and there’s no resistance, somehow, someway you chose into it.

If someone with a very loud voice said, “Stand there! Don’t move!” And you went, “Okay,” and then the whole ceiling caved in and the only place it didn’t come down was right where you were standing, you might wonder who delivered that message. Somebody warned you who knows you, loves you and protects you. And you chose back. You paid attention. Yet, that protectiveness isn’t invoked unless it’s called forward for your highest good.

For example, you wouldn’t call the fire department right now unless there was a fire. Why? Because the fire department is about coming out when there’s a fire. You wouldn’t call them and say, “We just wanted to see if you would come.”  That’s a false alarm.  If an hour later, you call them again and say, “We just wanted to see if you would come again. Just because you came an hour ago doesn’t mean you’d come an hour later.”  That’s another false alarm. We call the fire department when there is a fire. It’s a choice to be in cooperation. Our purpose in life is like that. We work in cooperation with what is. In Soul Transcendence, we cooperate with this level of this world, paying attention to the signs of the Traveler in our heart.

The Light of the Traveler

In MSIA, we encourage you not to come into the face of somebody who’s been spending time in the shadows and darkness and blast them with your light just to show them how bright you are. There’s something off in that approach. You’re misusing your gifts. Your natural gifts and talents are not for showing off at the expense of someone else.

People sometimes ask the Traveler, “If you’re so high and mighty, why don’t you do this or that?” referring to some manner of showing off. The Traveler is not about showing off. The Traveler has this amazing independence. So the body on this level is amazingly independent in this level from the body in the next level and the body in the next level. All those bodies are fully functioning in their levels. Yet, what it is spiritual is fully connected throughout the levels. The Traveler is in all the levels, and it doesn’t function in contradiction. The Traveler functions in integrity.

We are all Travelers and Travelers in the making. It’s in our destiny. It’s something on the way forward. Some people may ask, “Did you just tell me I’m the Traveler? If so, would you mind getting out of the way so I can be the Traveler?”

Sometimes people approach the Traveler more or less like that, some with a little more rudeness than others. That’s fine. My point of view is if you take the position, that’s a graduation. And I’m for graduation. There’s no argument about serving the Traveler. As a Traveler, there’s no resistance like, “Get out of here, this is my hill.” From my view I say, “Go ahead and see if you can do it. It’s not my idea. It’s up to the Spirit.”

When people ask how I became the Traveler, what I tell them is that I became very close to John-Roger. Not because I was trying to take over his position, but because I wanted to get close to him and be involved in what he was doing. That’s what I knew was true. I knew I was not going to try to do exactly what John-Roger did. I knew I was not going to do something such that he would have to leave. Serving as the Traveler was and is about cooperation with how the Traveler functions. And it applies everywhere and to everything.

When you’re onto being in such cooperation with the Spirit, there’s a kind of amazing compassion towards yourself. Empathy is one of the spiritual laws. In terms of the law of empathy, consider how it applies to the Traveler and all of your fellow Travelers. It applies with this amazing understanding. You realize, “I understand what’s going on. I understand these conditions. They work. They serve.”

Do the conditions serve at the highest level? It’s important to check. Since things are in motion, we can direct ourselves in relation to the motion so that a manifestation comes that puts in a higher order. So have the wit to be open and be attuned to that higher order. If you want life to be better, work on your empathy and compassion. The last frontier is having compassion towards yourself in relation to all of Creation. That’s the ultimate compassion.

What I ask people practically is, “Do you stand by what is true for you?  Do you support yourself? Do you honor you? When nobody else would honor you, do you still honor you?” If they’re going to put you before the firing squad because you’re the most despicable thing in Creation, and then they shout, “Ready. Aim. Fire!” will you stand up there and honor yourself?

Having compassion for yourself is not about what people think or do in relation to how they perceive you. That’s where you find out how you’re doing with the God of opinion, including your own. You might say, “I agree with them. I’ve had a despicable life. I should be put out of my misery. They’re doing me a favor. They’re doing the whole planet a favor.”  No, that sounds like your ego is doing the talking. That’s not the voice of who you truly are. Your true self has compassion for you regardless of what you’ve done or created. That’s the light of the Traveler in your heart.

Facing the God of All

If you feel you aren’t worthy of God, that you’re too small or not as good as God, then stand up. Face God on equal terms, as a co-creator and one who also owns the sun, the moon and the stars. With that claiming goes great responsibility. But it’s simple too. Facing God is loving all of the Creation as God does. If there’s a primary message in MSIA, that’s it. And I translate it right into the Commandment, “Love the Lord, thy God, with all thy body, mind and spirit.”

Who is this Lord, my God? The Lord of Creation. The Lord of it all. The Lord doesn’t disown anything. The Lord of Creation doesn’t say, “Oops, I’m sorry. I made a mistake there. I reject that.” That’s the voice of a small lord. I encourage you to get a bigger one, the greatest one, the Lord of all of the Creation.

It takes tremendous consciousness and awareness to stay up with all the Creation. When it doesn’t feel or look good, or you don’t particularly like something on a personal level, have compassion so you don’t go against it. Don’t damn or spite it regardless of your personal opinion or view. That’s not your place.

Your place is to love it all. Choose to accept that commission. Those are the terms for graduation. That’s another key to your part in your Soul Transcendence. As you do, you’ll join the Christ because that’s the consciousness that overcomes this world by loving it all and letting go of whatever has taken place.

Peace Be Still

Acceptance and cooperation makes for smooth sailing. With acceptance and cooperation, you’re dealing with your ability to say, “Peace be still, and so it is.”  Peace involves how you accept and cooperate on your own terms. Ask yourself what you would like? I suggest you say, “All things considered, I choose peace.”

When people aren’t accepting the message, “Peace be still,” they’re allowed to do that because they are co-creators too. On this level, everybody has a kind of equal say. So if they want to have war, fighting and great conflicts, they’re allowed to have that. Peace is still present, and it is your choice to attune to the peace in each moment.

Sometimes a conflict may be directed at you. Somebody may be jealous or envious of you. The way the negative power works is it’s allowed to direct negativity towards you. But you don’t have to take it in terms of absorption. You don’t have to identify with the negativity. You can keep your terms clear and loving. Then you’ll never be at war. You’ll always be in the peace that is present.

Choose to know yourself in the safety and protection of the Lord our God. John-Roger has said that the secret of Soul Transcendence is to look for the good in all people and things and leave the rest to God.  So look for the good. Choose to love it all regardless. And remember, no matter how the negativity may come your way, you are in the ultimate safe harbor with the Traveler.

Baruch Bashan

John Morton, DSS

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  1. Wow what an amazing article – I got a lot of keys for practical spirituality on acceptance, trust, intention….. Love this quote particularly, as sometimes I forget 🙂 : “What’s essential in looking at Soul Transcendence is that you’re not your physical body. In fact, you’re not a number of bodies that are psychic and material. You’re not those. So whatever happens to those bodies, who you are goes on intact. Your soul survives one hundred percent intact. Who you truly are isn’t somehow compromised or depleted by what goes on in this world. So what does that mean? That translates to, “Don’t worry.”

  2. Very powerful, direct and I read it just in time! lol! God Bless You John. So glad to be doing it the same time that you and J-R are here x

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