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Deborah Martinez, Doctor of Spiritual Science

The Power of the Doctor of Spiritual Science – Living the Traveler’s Teachings Each Day
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“Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy is now offering a three-year course of study to get a Doctorate in Spiritual Science. People are so joyful that this course exists, and many have tears of gratitude because it is something that they’ve always wanted. Now it is being presented where they can learn it, use it, repeat it, live it, teach it, and grow in the process.” – John-Roger, DSS

Year 1 of the Doctor of Spiritual Science Class begins the weekend of September 6th, 2019. You can participate in person in Los Angeles or from anywhere in the world via Live Stream.

I began my journey with the Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) in 1997 as a student in the very first DSS class offered by Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy.  Twenty two years later, I am still immersed in the transformation and expansion that participating in DSS offers.  What keeps calling me to this class?  Most of all, it’s the Living Love that is present in all aspects of the class — and the opportunity to continue to expand onward and upward in Eternally Traveling Consciousness (ETC).

Personally, through my engagement in the DSS class, I have learned to let my Soul guide me in my daily life.  I have strengthened the ability to observe situations and circumstances from the viewing point of the highest good, not just my personal point of view. I have learned that when I am being the living love, then I love living — I love my life, myself and others.  Being in the class assists me to stay true to the Traveler in me, to stay on purpose and continue doing what I know works in my unique experience of Soul Transcendence and practice of Spiritual Science.  This is a day by day commitment, and a joyful way to live.

All participants in DSS are MSIA Ministers, MSIA Initiates and MSS graduates.  It’s a committed group coming into the One Accord to live the Traveler’s Teachings.  I cherish the opportunity to gather for a weekend each month with other Ministers and Initiates of the Traveler around the world who are dedicated and devoted to Soul Transcendence, with God as our Partner, into the Heart of God.

In DSS, we choose to find creative, fun, and practical ways to embody the Teachings in our daily lives.  When you participate in the class, you have the opportunity to test the Teachings, to check things out, to observe what works for you and what doesn’t work for you – and then to choose to use that which does work for you to manifest the intentions of your spiritual heart.

The DSS promotes greater spiritual knowledge, awareness and ability by strengthening the Soul — increasing Soul awareness, expression and the level of Light in the consciousness – and by clearing blocks to spiritual awareness which can cause limitation and contraction.  Most of the activities in class address one or the other; many address both.

John-Roger described it this way:

“It could be answered two ways: one, ‘What stops you from seeing God?’ The other one is,  ‘What helps you get to God?’ If you find out what’s stopping you that doesn’t mean you cracked it. But the one getting to God means you already won. You’re on correction. You’re just on a timeline of fulfillment.” (John-Roger from the DSS CKT Toolbox)

Here’s more from John-Roger about the value of DSS:

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Thank God for J-R and his vision of the DSS and for John Morton who continues to put his body on the line to share in these classes, and for all of those who have dedicated and devoted themselves to the DSS classes over the years.  This class is truly Heaven on Earth – I invite you to come participate and check it out for yourself.

God bless us all,
Deborah Martinez, DSS
Facilitator, DSS Worldwide

Applications are now available for DSS-1 Worldwide. Classes start the weekend of September 6th, 2019. You can participate in person in Los Angeles or from anywhere in the world via Live Stream.

Click Here for more info and to Apply

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