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A Message to MSIA Rep Light Ambassadors

For our MSIA Rep Light Ambassadors,

This Easter weekend I happened to watch the uplifting musical Godspell. One of the fun and poignant songs is “Light of the World.” Its lyrics very cleverly brought home to me the Christ’s message that who we are is the Light of the World.

You are the light of the world!
You are the light of the world!
But if that light is under a bushel,
Brrr, it’s lost something kind of crucial
You got to stay bright to be the light of the world………….
So let your light so shine before men
Let your light so shine
So that they might know some kindness again
We all need help to feel fine……….

Here’s a YouTube video of this song from the film Godspell released in 1973:

I reflected on how each of you is the Light of the world around you — your family, friends, your MSIA community, acquaintances, the people you walk and drive by on the way to and from and at work, on Facebook, wherever you are. As spring signifies a birthing and renewing, what a wonderful time to attune ourselves to the Light and the Spirit through our s.e.’s, through seminars, through PTS classes, through reaching out in the loving and caring so that we and those who are needing and looking for that “kindness” and sweetness of the Light can be nurtured and strengthened. I’m honored to walk and grow with you.

In love and Light,

It has been wonderful to receive submissions from Light Ambassadors around the world for our Conference video this year. Here are three Light Ambassador videos for you to enjoy:

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Karlsruhe, Germany

Austin, Texas

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