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John & Leigh in Turkey 2019

Inspiring Photos from John & Leigh’s Recent Travels in Turkey


John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young recently returned from their scouting trip to Turkey for the 2020 PTS Traveler Tour. They came back with many beautiful photos of the sites that they visited in preparation for the Tour in 2020.

Check out the photos from John & Leigh’s Travels in Turkey!

Is your heart calling you to join John and Leigh and a community of kindred spirits on this adventure to Turkey in 2020? Click below for more information about the tour and how to register your interest.
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1 thought on “Inspiring Photos from John & Leigh’s Recent Travels in Turkey”

  1. These photos are amazing! I had no idea Turkey had such remarkable natural sights – the mountains, stone structures, Roman remains and more – gorgeous! Thank you. thank you.

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