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Gaby Grigorescu, The Blessing of Being a PTS Rep

The Blessing of Being a PTS Rep


Hi, my name is Gaby Grigorescu! I’m working at PTS coordinating the reps and facilitators. I am from Caracas, Venezuela and I am so grateful to be part of PTS staff. I’ve been involved in with MSIA since 1990 and I am enthusiastic about this new Light Ambassador newsletter. I think it’s a great opportunity for reps around the world to connect and to share valuable news.

Below is a video introducing Donna Hollinshead, from North Carolina! She shares about the Blessing of Being a PTS Rep. Enjoy!

My name is Donna Hollinshead I live in Weaverville, North Carolina. My life has been enriched for more than 20 years by the teachings of MSIA and PTS. I have become a more loving person and am able to see blessings everywhere. It is an honor to share the abundance of light and love, as PTS rep. We are so blessed!


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