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IIWP Gathering of Peacemakers at the Conference of the Highest Good

IIWP Gathering of Peacemakers at the Conference of the Highest Good [with Photos & Video]


The Institute for Individual and World Peace (IIWP) event was about holding a vision, a vision of peace, a vision for Windermere, a vision for the world. Paul Kaye lovingly facilitated the event with his humor and demonstration of peace in action. Leigh Taylor-Young expertly guided us on a magical and vivid visualization of peace encompassing our planet. John Morton shared his vision for Windermere and ended with a wonderful blessing of peace.

We were reminded that:

Peace is present.
Peace is an inner process.
Peace is the cessation of againstness.
Peace is a choice, regardless of any conditions.

LeiLani and I are thrilled to be the new ranch managers at Windermere Ranch. Windermere is a stunningly beautiful property in the mountains above Santa Barbara that is owned by IIWP. The mission of Windermere is to provide a place where people can experience peace and a greater attunement with Nature and God.

Our vision for the ranch is to have you, our friends, come to join us and participate in the sacredness that is present at Windermere in the way that works for you. That could be spending a night or two at the ranch in quiet retreat, coming up with a group of friends, volunteering on projects with the intention of helping to leave the place better than you found it, donating to help cover operational costs, or even just sending your Light and love to the process. We encourage you to discover how you’d like to participate, and we welcome you, your Light, your feedback and ideas to participate in this property and help us build and expand this spiritual community.

Milo Page and LeiLani Drouillard
Windermere Ranch Managers

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