Light Ambassadors Unite in the Highest Good! [with Photos & Video]

By: David Whitaker
Photos by David Sand

June 28th, 2019

Light Ambassadors Unite in the Highest Good! [with Photos & Video]


Light Ambassadors united in the highest good at The Conference of the Highest Good Light Ambassadors Meeting. Representatives and volunteers from all Traveler organizations gathered in the Home of the Traveler, Prana, with over 130 Light Ambassadors joining in from around the world via Live Stream.

Here are three observations on what it means to me to be a Light Ambassador in service to the highest good:

  1. To be a Light Ambassador is to love.
  2. Everyone is a Light Ambassador.
  3. As Light Ambassadors, we are one.

To Be a Light Ambassador Is to Love

As I moved through the Home of the Traveler and walked out onto the rotunda and into the gardens, I saw the loving care that Light Ambassadors have for one another. I saw how we simply love one another, and do our best to communicate that loving in each moment. A fabric of our love is woven when we come together that stays with us wherever we are, and expands across the planet to our global community.

When Light Ambassadors unite, we gather in the name of Love. We gather in the name of the Traveler. We gather in service to the Highest Good of all concerned. We are blessed to be Light Ambassadors. To choose into that which is for the Highest Good and to participate in the upliftment of ourselves and the planet as a whole.

Everyone Is a Light Ambassador

It’s ordinary to be a Light Ambassador. There is a Light Ambassador within each one of us. It is that consciousness in which we step forward in Loving Service to the Highest Good of All. It is that consciousness of Loving with which we serve and it comes forward out of our own beingness. It is in this ordinariness that we serve.

When we call in the Light, we call forward the Light Ambassador within. We connect with the Light action on the planet. We connect with others who are consciously choosing this work around the world, seen and unseen, and we send the Light to wherever there is a need for the Highest Good.

We are humans together, and we are spiritual beings. In our humanness we support and care for one another. In our Spirit we are one and aware that we are Love.

As Light Ambassadors We Are One

There is only one highest good and as Light Ambassadors we have the blessing to consciously choose into and participate with that which is for the Highest Good. We are blessed to be those who contribute to the work of the Light on the planet – we choose service – we choose love – we choose the Traveler.

So let us be Light bearers. Let us be Light Ambassadors in the fullness of the Highest Good and open to even more. Let us open to the Eternally Traveling Consciousness that takes step after step into that which is higher and greater in each moment.

God Bless us all.

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