Bulgaria Traveler Tour: Day 1

By: Deborah Roth
Photos by David Sand

August 11th, 2019

Bulgaria Traveler Tour: Day 1

What an amazing kickoff of Day #1 of the MSIA Bulgaria Tour with John Morton!  We gathered in a Conference Room for information and our day’s itinerary.  There are about 35 MSIAers from all around the world, e.g., Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Bulgaria, Mexico, Australia and the U.S.  What a group!!

John called us into the Light and set us off on this grand adventure.  Having him with us on this trip is an incredible gift.  He anchors a consciousness of love and lights the way for the spiritual work we’re here to do.

As part of the intro, each person stood up and stated their intention for participating.  So many beautiful intentions, e.g., “To bring Light and peace to the country,” “To see and walk through the eyes of love” and “To experience the nature and beauty of the land.”

Hristina Kirimidchieva and other local MSIA assistants greeted us with love––and got us all settled with beautiful journals and radios to get going!

Then we were off to Dobarsko, a cute little village with a gem of a church.  What made the church so special were two things.  First were the incredible frescoes in the church itself––for example, on the ceiling were images of three spiritual giants: Mother Mary, Archangel Gabriel, and Christ.  As our tour guide explained, Christ was closest to the altar, because that was the most sacred part of the Church.

Then, there was the garden, which was FULL of gorgeous flowers, plants, and healing water coming out a well welcoming us at the entrance.  It was a still, peaceful place to reflect, and the water itself is known to be healing for the eyes (and many of us tried it out!).

Our next stop was Bansko, an adorable hilltop town with traditional houses and cobblestone streets.  We walked through the town, blessing and being blessed by the land and people who we met there.  A highlight was when we stopped at one of the houses.  The tour guide started to explain what was special about it, and all of a sudden, a woman popped out of the second floor window and waved at us with a big grin.  It was her house, and she invited us in!

We were treated to a gorgeous tour of her home, which included artistic, historic furnishings and creative paintings and blankets that she herself had made.  She even showed us an old garment she made for her son to wear at his wedding, and one of the tour participants (Win Hampton from the U.S.) tried it on with a smile.  What a lovely surprise and connection of the heart.

All topped off by a lovely dinner and then bed to get ready for Day #2.  More to follow, so stay tuned.

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