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MSIA Bulgaria Tour, John and Leigh

Bulgaria Traveler Tour: Day 2

Day #2 started with a two-hour bus ride to Sandanski. It was so relaxing––John Morton called in the Light, we passed through trees and rolling hills, and heard more about the history of Bulgaria from our sweet tour guide, Costanza. Then, we arrived!

Sandaski is one of the southern most towns in Bulgaria and that means it’s also the warmest. Temperatures today reached 40 degrees celsius, which is about 104 degrees Fahrenheit. More on that soon. The city is also known for its healing mineral water, and our hotel has mineral baths and steam rooms to enjoy, relax, and let go.

After a restful lunch, our peace tour continued with a visit to Rupite. If you haven’t heard of it, wow! It was incredible. Rupite is the home village and burial place of the oracle Baba Vanga. She made many predictions about world events and leaders, and was known as a spiritual presence in the area. We had plenty of time to walk around her home, gardens, and church and partake of the sacredness.

The energy was beautiful and nurturing. Baba Vanga also saw people who traveled from around the world to heal and let go of worries, and many of us talked about the presence of caring and loving in her home and the grounds. We planted Light, washed our hands and feet in the healing water, and did se’s in the chapels. (And did our best to stay cool in the hot temps!) It was a mystical experience, and having our Traveler John Morton physically with us anchored a Light consciousness as we brought love to the land.

We then relaxed with dinner at the hotel and a free evening. Some folks took advantage of the spa––thank you Hristina for arranging such great hotels for the group––and others went for a walk after dinner. The evening temperatures were cool, so we strolled down to the park and spread Light as we enjoyed the sights. We laughed a lot and connected in friendship and family.

All in all, a sacred and joyful day in Bulgaria with our Traveler. One more day in Sandanski to come tomorrow––update to follow soon!

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