How Can I Know My Soul?

By: John Morton, DSS

September 12th, 2019

How Can I Know My Soul?


You are, right now, already in Soul consciousness.  You don’t need to do anything to accept it because you’re already there!  As you realize your Soul, you’ll feel gratitude for everything that happens. – John Morton

This article is taken from articles by John Morton previously published in 2010 and 2014. Following the article is “An Invocation for Unconditional Loving and Forgiveness” by John.

The element of the Spirit that is personal to everyone is the Soul.  If we’re going to learn to be mature, fully developed and fully-grown co-creators with God then we need to learn about our Soul.  That’s the true element of our being.  Our being is not our mind, emotions, personality, the family we grew up with or what country we’re from.  The Soul is not masculine or feminine.  The Soul is something that’s beyond the body.

John-Roger taught that our thoughts cannot conceive the greatness of the Soul.  That’s beyond our mental ability. It’s important to remember that the Soul is always positive in nature.  The Soul is eternally loving.  To know your Soul, look for love in all things.

There’s a consciousness of the Soul that we call the Traveler, specifically the Mystical Traveler.  What does that mean?  It’s the consciousness of the Soul.  It’s a consciousness inside each person that guides one’s awareness into the Soul.

In MSIA, we refer to the Spirit aspect of ourselves as ninety percent of our being, with the physical aspect as ten percent.  Within that ninety percent, you also have the mind and the inner consciousness – the Soul.  When you are working with that level, you are learning to appeal to a higher authority within yourself and bring that divine presence more fully into your physical level.

The Soul transcends the physical.  The Soul is not controlled by the physical, but is influenced by the physical.  Make the journey of your Soul enjoyable.  Make the way you live something that is satisfying today.  Approach the Soul in a way that’s satisfying.  The Soul is joyful.  When you are experiencing the joy of your being, you are knowing your Soul.

Expectations are a trap on the way to Soul.  Expectations and judgments are not of the Soul.  The Soul is unconditionally loving and accepting.  If you have expectations or judgments about what’s supposed to take place, you set yourself up for disappointment and frustration.

The first step in the journey of Soul awareness is moving forward with acceptance toward all of God’s creation.  It’s simple, but not necessarily easy.  Your challenge is always before you.  Choose to forgive yourself of any judgments or expectations you have about knowing your Soul.

You are, right now, already in Soul consciousness.  You don’t need to do anything to accept it because you’re already there!  As you realize your Soul, you’ll feel gratitude for everything that happens.  You may even feel ecstatic as you experience the unconditional loving and eternal joy of your Soul.

Remember, you are the Light.  You are divine.  In this physical world, you are becoming aware of what you already are.  Love yourself and your journey as God loves you.  That’s a key to knowing yourself as a Soul who is one with God.

Baruch Bashan

An Invocation for Unconditional Loving and Forgiveness

by John Morton, DSS

I’m inviting you to engage your unconditional loving and your forgiveness so that you can move past any judgments you have towards yourself and others.  You have the strength.  You have all that is needed to have a look at anything that interferes with your loving relationships.

We ask for the divine presence now, through the Light and love that come through the Christ and the Holy Spirit as a blessing – something that surrounds you, something that fills you and protects you.  As you go through this process, learning is going on.  Releasing is going on that will help and assist you.

We place any negativity, any disturbance into this Light.  Whatever is no longer necessary for you is released.  You let it go.  It’s dissolved.  It’s cleared.

We ask for what will help and assist you as an experience and as information to come forward so that your highest learning is placed into this process.  You can come into the truth and rejoice in the truth of who you are as beloved of God.

We give our thanks for this blessing.

Baruch Bashan

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