How To Create A Positive Aura

By: John-Roger, DSS

September 12th, 2019

How To Create A Positive Aura


Love from the Soul…it’s free. Loving from Spirit allows you the freedom of your own beingness and allows those whom you love the freedom of their consciousness. It’s support for all things positive. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was originally published in the Movement Newspaper, September of 1979.

Whenever you find that you are entering into negativity and are blocking your own perception of the Light, it is important to realize that it is probably because of your own negativity that you are blocked and not because of any outward manifestation of anyone else. You create around you a negative aura, and then you perceive the world through that…and you demonstrate the law of attraction (like attracts like). When you are negative, you pull negativity to you. It’s difficult to perceive the world in a positive, uplifting way, when you are caught in negativity.

All levels of consciousness, below the Soul, are negative. The physical body is primarily negative (not bad, but negative as the pole of a battery is negative); so is the imagination, the emotions, the mind, and the unconscious. The Soul is the positive pole of the battery. So it is difficult to maintain the positive focus and thrust in the physical world. Our job is to make the Soul strong enough so that it permeates all other levels of consciousness and begins to change the frequency from negative to positive. The Light is found through positive attitudes. The Light is found in loving. When you maintain positive attitudes and live your life in a loving way, you are changing from a negative aura to a positive aura and you will find “miracles” appearing in your life.

Let me explain a little more about a negative aura, because it can be subtle. Let’s say that you are a typist, and you hate your job at the office. You groan and bemoan the fates and the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. You perceive your job as negative. You don’t like to type that much, the co-workers are a bunch of drudges, the boss demands too much, the conditions are lousy; the coffee tastes bad, etc. That’s your attitude. The aura around you holds the negativity that is your expression. Your aura wraps out around your typewriter and starts infusing itself within the aura of the typewriter… and you will start pulling out the positive elements of that typewriter and shoving your negativity into it. The machine will start to disintegrate on you. It starts to lose its memory; it starts to lose the integrity of its makeup.The keys start jamming. Bands break. Electricity goes out.

You put paper in it and it wrinkles. You go to take it out and it rips in the middle. It’s a bad day all around. And the more these things happen, the more negativity you shoot into the machine, and the more you create additional problems for yourself.

Let’s say that you’re a salesman, and you hate selling. You have to drive all over everywhere, and there’s traffic. And there’s smog. And all the other drivers on the road are stupid. There’s too many cops around and you can’t drive as fast as you’d like to. It’s too hot (or it’s too cold). You’re scared your boss will fire you. You haven’t gotten a sale in days. Guess what you are doing to your car? You are infusing the car with your negativity. Gas mileage goes down. Hoses break down. Radiators leak. Tires go flat. an belts slip. And in the negativity that you perceive, you justify the negativity you feel…and you perpetuate the action of negativity.

When you have created a lot of negativity around you, your health may start to disintegrate. You may find a lot of things going wrong with the body. Chronic headaches. Arthritis. Bunions. High blood pressure. Crystallized negativity. The aura around the body becomes negative. Can it be changed? Sure.

The Soul is the positive element that is present in the physical realm. When you focus on Soul, lift your expression up into Soul and maintain positive expressions and attitudes, you can start changing the negativity that has been with you. It’s not necessarily easy. Because the earth is primarily negative, it takes about 25 positives to overcome a negative. For a long time, the negativity will hold more power for you. You might maintain a positive attitude for days and days, and then one day you slip into a negative expression of jealousy or anger or hostility, and you wipe out the days of positivity…because that one expression of negativity will be so powerful. When that happens, don’t despair and give up or you reinforce the negativity and fall back into that. Reinforce the positive once more by giving up the negative attitude of “I failed” or “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do this” and just reestablish the positive. Let the negative go. Focus on the positive. It can take seven to 11 years to change the frequency of the body from negative to positive. It is not a quick process — think of the years of negativity you are now altering. The negativity went in over a period of years. The positive, also, must be placed consciously within you for a period of years.

When I was coming into the Consciousness of the Mystical Traveler, I was thoroughly preparing myself in the positive consciousness. There were years of preparation so that the physical body, the physical form, could hold the positive energy of Spirit, hold the greater spiritual power that is part of the Traveler’s consciousness. There are pictures of my physical body taken years before I came into the Consciousness that look nothing like me now. That body primarily was negative; the body that is the physical focus for the Mystical Traveler is primarily positive. The structure of the body can be changed. The negative aura can be purified. As the Soul becomes strong, it can be the focus of your consciousness.

To change the negative aura, you focus on the positive. You direct yourself toward the positive…you do not push away the negative. To focus on the negative and attempt to cast it out will reinforce it, and give energy to it. As you focus on the positive, as you pull the positive in in greater and stronger ways, you simply find that you have less and less room for the negative. You “image in” or imagine things as good. You see the good in yourself and others and in all situations. If negativity starts to creep in, lift above it. See the good. If you want to change from negative to positive as your primary focus in life, stop looking out at the injustices of the world, and start looking in to the God that dwells within you. The negative perceives looking out. The positive perceives looking in.

The negative aura that collects around the physical body will keep people away from you. If you are heavy in your body and in your attitudes, you will disturb people around you and they will tend to stay away (that’s unless they are feeling really down too, and then they may be attracted to you; and you will reinforce each other’s negativity). People who are functioning positively in this world will back off from people who are expressing great negativity because they will not want to be pulled into that expression. If you find that people don’t relate to you very well and seem to leave you alone a lot, you might want to check out what is going on within your attitudes and your expression. See if you are putting out a lot of negativity. Do you bad-mouth-people? Do you always see the negative in a situation? Do you complain a lot? Do you blame others for what’s happening to you? These might all be guidelines for you.

Many times you can use the guideline that actions are often positive; words are often negative. Do you spend most of your time talking? Or do you spend most of your time DOING? You’ve heard the expression: “Actions speak louder than words.” It’s true. Someone can sit and talk about loving and being considerate of other people, and that’s one thing. But the person who goes out and visits a sick neighbor, cooks dinner, cleans up the house, gives the kids a bath and puts them to bed is into a much more loving expression than the one who sits and talks about it.

As you are changing the negative aura to positive, it’s important to keep the positive focus. Imagine that life is beautiful for you. Image in the good in situations before you get to them. If you have a job interview coming up, create it successfully in your mind. See the interviewer smiling at you, encouraging you. See yourself smiling and confident and honest in your approach. It may not work the first time. You’re changing habits that have been ingrained for a long time. Keep it up; keep that positive focus. If it takes 50 times, then do it 50 times. And the 51st time, the negative will be gone and the positive will be present. If it takes a hundred times, do it a hundred times. You do it until it works. If you don’t, what do you have? Just more negativity, the choices aren’t too plentiful. If you choose to live in the positive, practice being positive. Make that element so dynamic and so alive inside of you that everyone around you can see it and feel it. Focus on your own beauty and your own worth. You’re going to be another day older whether you do it or not. You’ll be another day older if you move toward the negative. And you’ll be another day older if you move toward the positive. But you’ll have so much more fun and joy and love in your life if you move toward the positive.

Live in today, too. Living in yesterday produces negativity because there is no action you can take in yesterday. You can only take action today…and in taking action, you create the positive for yourself. Spirit is positive. The Soul is positive. Loving from the spiritual consciousness is positive. Make those elements your base. Love from the Soul…it’s free. Loving from Spirit allows you the freedom of your own beingness and allows those whom you love the freedom of their consciousness. It’s support for all things positive. And if someone you love expresses negativity, back off for a little while and let them know that you will not support them in their downfall. And when their expression turns positive, be there to love them back into that even more.

God gives. Man takes. But those who are the HU-mans, the God-men, give also back into God. It is the God within you that knows God. It is the positive element within you, the Soul, that knows Spirit and can manifest Spirit on this physical earth. Lift high in Spirit and you will live your life in a positive way, because you will be in that stream of God’s energy. And that is your heritage.

Baruch Bashan


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