The Continuing Journey of a Spiritual Scientist

By: Rev. Sina Skates, DSS

September 12th, 2019

The Continuing Journey of a Spiritual Scientist


My DSS journey began five years ago in a small office space in the corner of my bedroom in Alabama. Earlier that Summer, it was announced at Conference that PTS was launching the Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) Program Worldwide online in English and Spanish for the first time. I signed up immediately. I was there. I was ready. I had been waiting for this moment to come!

I joined the class as a student and a Tech Support Assistant and my journey began. Each weekend, something new was presented. Each weekend I had the opportunity to look at myself – observe and record, measure and reflect – to deepen my awareness of my Self, how I attune to Spirit, how I listen to myself, and look at how I do my life.

I never saw myself as a Scientist. In fact, I didn’t like science in school. But J-R’s words rang true in my ears: check it out… use what works… And that’s what I learned. I tried new things, tracked them, observed the results, and then decided whether or not to keep doing them. This is something so inherent in my life now, five years later. I use the tools of the Spiritual Scientist automatically, it has become a part of my life that supports me in living a life that is aware, loving, open, and in one accord with Spirit.

Last weekend, I came in to DSS as an Audit. In the weeks leading up to the first class, I was thinking… I’ll show up for the John Morton sharings, maybe do a few processes, maybe I’ll watch and listen to some of the seminars, stuff like that. Then something happened to me… the clock struck 7:00 pm Pacific Time on Friday of class weekend and I felt this urge, this strong pull within me to log in and watch the class. I just had to be there, again.

Now, living on the East Coast in Maine, it was 10:00 p.m. But I just knew inside that it was on purpose for me to log in and participate. I stayed up until the end of the class that night and went to bed completely blissed out. The next morning, again, I just had to log on. Something inside me kept pulling me to be there. I wanted to be part of the group, part of the loving, the Light, the ministry, and the power of all of us joining from all over the world to be present with this work that J-R brought forth.

As I went through the class and kept on participating, session by session, I had this powerful experience of seeing my growth revealed to me in this most beautiful way. This was the ultimate journey for me as a Spiritual Scientist. I was seeing how far I had come – completing 5 years of DSS, writing my Practical Treatise and graduating, and stepping more fully into who I am – the true beingness of my Self, as a Soul traveling through this world.

The focus of the class this first month was laying the groundwork and I immediately remembered my experience from 5 years ago, stepping into that first class weekend. Everything was so new to me at that time, and wonderful and amazing. As our Facilitator, Deborah Martinez, presented the material now, I saw it from my new point of view.

Having taken the class before, I received the information so deeply and profoundly. I understood how the pieces were planned to fit together, because I had seen this puzzle unfold once before. But the image that the pieces are constructing now, that is new. This is going to be something different, because I have grown and changed. I see all these new possibilities of learning, growth and upliftment for myself! I want to start all over again!

In this first class weekend, I observed myself back doing this class over the last 5 years, carrying myself forward to this very moment in time. So my journey begins again.
And now I see myself moving forward, for the next 5 years, doing this class all over again: taking a deeper cut, a closer look, a higher altitude.

Spirit brought me into this class for a reason and reminded me with this message, “Sweet Sina, there is more for you to do in this world and in the worlds without end. It’s all here now. Come, take my hand and let’s go! What would you like to manifest for yourself this year?”

The answer is written in my heart… and in my tracking journal.

DSS 1… here I go, again!
Rev. Sina Skates, DSS

You can still join the class! Start your application now, so you can have plenty of time to catch up on the Month 1 class recordings, and join us for the Month 2 class October 11-13.
Last call is on Thursday, October 10.

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