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Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens in the Los Angeles Times


A day that started with my normal MSIA staff routine of checking my emails and programming my day was interrupted by Prana Administrator, Susan Valaskovic, asking for people to go to the labyrinth. For some reason, I decided to go, and on the labyrinth I found just Anna Sugai and a photographer from the LA Times.

The three of us started talking, and then we shared about the labyrinth and the photographer took some photos of me walking it. Suddenly I started to feel that I was being part of a bigger picture, one that involved sharing the blessings of walking the labyrinth here at our beautiful Prana, also known as Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens.

I started walking and feeling so full of Light and Spirit. I think that it took us around 15 to 20 minutes in the labyrinth area, then we moved down the stairs and into the gardens. Then staff members Stella Estevez and Sung Lee joined us.

The photographer asked us to walk up and down in the gardens. We showed him around and he took some photos of the area, but at some point, he directed me to stand close to the bamboo and to close my eyes. I remember vividly invoking the Light and I could hear the sound of the camera taking photos.

He took tons of photos in that spot. He moved some leaves around and took some more shots. The sun was hitting strongly and Susan brought some cold water for all of us. Then the photographer told us that was all he needed from us. We said “goodbye” and I went back to work.

In reality, I did not know that a few days later I was going to be on the first page of a section in the LA Times, but I am glad they choose the photo of me in the Prana gardens. I think I am blessed to work here, to be a student of the Traveler, and to be part of our MSIA community.

I think God chose that picture to share with the LA community about this peaceful spot in the busy life of the Angelinos.

With Love and Gratitude,
David Jaramillo

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