A Conversation about Showing up Late for the Party

By: Joanie Clingan

October 11th, 2019

A Conversation about Showing up Late for the Party


Joanie Clingan has a conversation with three students in the PTS Transcendent Leadership Program who decided to jump in late to the TL party. 

Joanie: Hello Loves! PTS is about to host our second Fall Residency for Transcendent Leadership, when all of the students and faculty come together in Los Angeles and I’ve been thinking about you three and how each of you chose to join us last year around this time. It seemed so late in the process to me that I was really surprised when you each contacted me. But how could I say no to three such beautiful souls?!

And now here we are, each of you well into your second year of the Transcendent Leadership program, and I find myself still in awe of your dedication to your spiritual experience and your learning. You show up in the most amazing ways and it seems as though you were with this group from day one. I don’t imagine any of the other students even remember that you came in late.


What made you jump in like that and how has it been for you?


Kevin: Yes, Spirit moves in fun ways. Last year about this time I was humming and hawing about whether to join the Transcendent Leadership course that was already nearing a month in.

I was first given the nudge from Spirit when listening to a sharing from Judy Pendelton, whom I had met and had wonderful connections with over the years. The cohort of adventurous new students was just finishing their orientation and she was on fire about it. (Judy and I are now TL cohort buddies. Thanks for asking Judy! I said yes!)

I was thinking when I registered a couple of days later that it was the course that was uniting Insight and MSIA and was quite excited to be a part of that. When I found out it was not that and there was reading and writing in “scholarly” kind of ways I put the brakes on. Thank God and J-R that Joanie Clingan assured me that it would be “OK, just do what you can do, start where everyone else is, and catch up as you go,” she said. “I think you are going to love this.”

Then Corinne, my MSIA buddy from Victoria, said she was getting the call from Spirit as well and it would be great to do it together. OK! I was in… and then I was out… and then…OK, I am doing this. I’m in.

Now it is year two and I am so impressed that I have held the course and given my best because the gifts that are inherent in this TL program are truly transcendent. The mystical part of the Traveler is alive in this cohort, in this faculty, in this Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. It just keeps getting better, the more I choose into the loving. I am uncovering lost parts and learning to love other parts that had kept me small. I am learning to trust, to discern, and to accept my scholarly goodness. Now that’s funny!


Corinne: Beautiful, Kevin! I was sitting at the airport, waiting for a flight to join the Heaven on Earth tour, and being inspired with what John Morton was sharing about the TL course as I watched a recording of an LA ministers meeting. Then I read the minutes of our last Victoria ministers meeting, which I hadn’t attended. Oh my Gosh! Kevin McGinn was considering doing this! That was it! If he was doing it, then I was IN! I called him immediately.

I also started the course in October, after returning home from the Heaven on Earth trip. I’ve stayed in heaven because of the course. It is more fulfilling than I had imagined. The spirit is so very present. A feeling of family is strong among the cohort members (the students and faculty). The learning and lifting are deep for me. I’m so very grateful I chose in.
I read the books and do those activities that call to me. I follow my inner guidance and am experiencing being on-track in my life.

This course has had a profound effect on me, my life, and my relationships. A fellow minister recently said she could see a change in both Kevin and I. Thank you, God.


Lola: My experience was that I wanted to do something profound to help me grow. I was looking for personal transformation and for healing. I went to Prana to do my PAT—the Traveler sent me there in preparation for doing the Royal Road in Spain. There was a poster that said Transcendent Leadership that caught my attention. After I left Prana I called a friend and had her send me a picture of the poster because I wanted to look it up online and check it out more. Then I went to Spain and had a sharing with the Traveler where I said I want to do something, but I’m not sure what to do. I am new to MSIA and there were so many things that I didn’t know exactly where to go. On that trip, people came to me and said that there was this program that they were involved with that I might like, and it was the program from the poster. When I heard that I definitely knew that this was my program.

I got back from Spain and wrote to you, Joanie, as the person in charge and I was very nervous about whether I could do everything because I was so late. I actually promised I would read everything, which I didn’t do later and was happy to learn I didn’t have to. But clearly there was something spiritual that said to me that I had to do this, and I didn’t know why, but it was clear that this was what I was doing.

I got fully engaged and began writing essays about transcendent leadership to apply to the program, and later I found that everything I wrote about was present in the program. To me the program is marvelous. It’s magical that even when you’re not reading, when you connect with the cohort, you find that what you have been doing and how you have been handling things is so aligned with what is present in the program.

I am getting everything I want in this program. I got the transformation. I got the healing. Recently I have realized how much I had sorrow when I began this program, and I am so happy now. A lot of experiences have come forward for me this year and I have been able to live fully in love with what’s going on and see the good in everything. I have been able to see a blessing in every experience and transform everything into a blessing in a joyful and happy way. I think I wouldn’t have done that without this program. I have grown more than I have ever grown in just a few months. Not only because of the material, but because of the sharing. We’re like a family. I live far away in Buenos Aires, but that distance doesn’t make a difference as I am fully immersed with the group and everyone is with me. It has been a marvelous experience. I am very grateful to Spirit and I am grateful to the Traveler who pushed me here. And I am grateful to Joanie and the faculty who accepted me, even coming in late. And I would do it again even if I had to come in late again. It doesn’t matter as the program meets you where you are and it’s all perfect.

Joanie: Well, I couldn’t be happier that you three are with us! I adore each of you as you are such beautiful models of what it means to you to lead a life dedicated to Soul Transcendence.

And to all of you out there in our spiritual family, if you’ve been thinking about PTS’s newest degree program in Transcendent Leadership, it’s still possible to be part of this first-year class, as long as you can be here with us at the end of the month. We meet at Prana and 2101 Wilshire from October 30 through November 3. I am available and excited to help you figure out how to make this happen. You can catch up—we have an easy support system to do that—and you can be part of this beautiful spiritual journey that is built on the teachings of John-Roger and considers Soul Transcendence from a multidimensional approach. We work together as a community to explore the beautiful balance between our knowledge and understanding of our spiritual journeys and our powerful experience of spiritual attunement and harmony with these lives that we dedicate to Soul Transcendence.

If you want to join us, contact me now at [email protected]

Joanie Clingan is the dean and one of the faculty members of PTS’s Transcendent Leadership program. Kevin McGinn, Corinne Kidd, and Lola (Dolores) Savastano are brilliant and blessed students in the second year of the program. You can still participate now, and of course, there is always next year! We would love to have you join the party any time!

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