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The Peaceful Frequency of Windermere Ranch


I was told a while back that if you have two pendulums side by side, set them in motion at different speeds and then wait awhile :), the pendulums will eventually start swinging in sync. How is that? Frequency. The two pendulums seek to balance one another by being in sync with each other’s frequency. Hmm…

And nature, I’ve discovered, has a perfect frequency. If I take a walk in nature and I’m ‘working’ the thinking process, I just might miss the opportunity to experience perfect frequency. But if I stay awhile, and let the pendulum of nature get in sync with me, a wonderful thing happens. Joy. Peace. Love. How is that? Well, I’m actually not sure:) but I would call it balance. A state of perfection in the simple process of being present, lets me align with perfect frequency.

I have experienced this phenomena many times at Windermere with both myself and with others. I’ve been with people (and my own thoughts) where the city, if you will, is swirling about and keeping the person (and me) from aligning with that perfect frequency. But then, after a short walk and maybe a sit in the shade, the pendulums begin to align. Quietly. Peacefully. I can literally watch people, and myself, start to calm down. Grow quiet. The sweet innocence of Windermere begins to envelop us as we allow.

How do we allow? Just being there. No expectations. No future. No past. Simply present. Believe me, it’s enough. Sometimes the tears come. The good kind. The kind that ooze gratitude. The kind that say, ‘I’m here.’ Those tears often become hugs as the magic of the alignment overcomes the issues of the day and one just appreciates the presence of another. It becomes an unforgettable experience because it is an unconditional love that transcends time in such a perfect way, one can then tap into that memory or moment and let their senses fill with the joy, even years later. Wow. An amazing experience and a lesson all rolled into one.

The lesson? That once the experience has kissed the heart, it can manifest again over and over, wherever you are. You can be crossing a busy street on a hot day and suddenly feel the joy. You can be laughing with your friends over a nice meal and be enveloped with love. Nature may have a perfect frequency, but the joy of sharing that kind of frequency with the world is priceless.

Come on up to Windermere. Take a walk. Grow silent. Be deliberate. Experience your pendulum align with that pendulum that reflects perfect frequency. You may never forget it.

God Bless Us All,
Dave Wright
Windermere Ranch volunteer

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Watch a Moment of Peace from Windermere Ranch

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