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Being in Accord with the Lord


 It is through our awareness and choice to relate to all in oneness and loving service that we find the one accord. – John Morton

This article by John Morton was originally published in the New Day Herald in March of 2015.

You can identify yourself either as being in discord or in accord with the Lord. That’s something to be aware of as your choice. You choose. You need to be conscious of who you are and what you’re identifying with. That awareness allows you to be conscious of things that appear contrary or as negativity that could move you into discord.  It’s your choice to move back into accord.

When we become conscious of who we are, it’s something spiritual. It goes by a lot of other names, but the quality is uplifting, beautiful, perfect, and harmonious. The negativity appears as opposition to us.  It appears contradictory. That’s often where the confusion or conflict comes up.

When relating to negativity, we can choose to move away from confusion and into understanding.  Then with whatever is appearing to us, there is an opportunity to be conscious of our true state, our spiritual nature. Then we can look at what appears to be the discord and the conflict in the world — what appears to be negativity, or disturbance — from a higher view. It’s what we do with our awareness that becomes really important in the moment.

The simplicity of it is to choose you this day — who you are and what you serve. That comes right into now. Even though there’s negativity and disturbance in what appears present which could include how you feel and think personally, you can still identify with the one accord, the peace that is present.  As you do that, it becomes what transmits from you. It starts becoming transformational. It isn’t necessarily changing anything with what is going on for you in relation to what’s happening, what the news says, or how others are responding. Yet, the accord is still present.

Your awareness makes a difference in terms of what you experience. You can choose to move your awareness and identify with what is the accord inside of you. Then the awareness of the accord within you becomes something that’s transformational in your own personal experience.  At the same time, you’re a radiant being. You’re a creative being in this world. That energy can go out from you because you’re making the choice as a creator to ask yourself, “What am I relating to? What am I identifying with?  What am I transmitting?”

Your choosing to be in accord will play out in ways where, at the very least, you can be silent and quiet. That may not look like you’re doing anything. But one of the greatest ways we can contribute is by exercising spirit or doing spiritual exercises. That’s another way of saying we’re choosing into the spirit.

If you see somebody in againstness or violence or expressing negatively, you can choose to relate to them in your spiritual nature and transmit your accord. I’m not talking about something that’s necessarily easy. Our spiritual accord is something that is challenged with quite a lot in the world.

Something may appear to us as againstness.  Or maybe it’s just simply, “I don’t like this, or I don’t want this, or this isn’t what I expected.” It could be that simple.

Consider what discord has to do with the state of the world. It’s our attachments that disturb us. We are attaching to things that are really nothing in relation to the accord.  If we take out that sense of attachment to the negativity, we find out that all disturbance that we issue out of our consciousness is not necessary. We can bring ourselves into the accord.

There’s a seminar that John-Roger did quite some time ago called, What is the One Accord?.  The seminar is about the time of the Christ when Jesus had gone, and the disciples, those who were involved closely with him, were gathered in something referred to as the Upper Room. The One Accord came upon them. It’s also been called the Pentecost when Holy Spirit appeared as though flames were above their heads. At that time, there was a realization amongst them of something greater. They had an awareness of being in the accord.

When I read that passage in the Bible, there’s something about it that isn’t explained in what’s written. There’s something that happened that is a spiritual blessing or a spiritual miracle. At the time, there was discord amongst the disciples. Part of that was they were trying to work out, “What do we do now after the head guy left? How do we work that out?”

Some of the concern was, “Do we survive? Do we break up and split up and go our separate ways rather than to be part of the persecution?” A questioning and a doubting occurred about what took place. So in the midst of what came forward as a one accord and a presence of the Holy Spirit touching onto each one, there was a doubting, a fearing, and a questioning about what was taking place and whether it was real. But the experience of being in accord was still present within.

There’s always an opportunity to touch in spiritually to what’s going on.  It takes willingness to do that. It can be something that may cause you to pause, hold or stop because whatever’s going on has disturbed you physically or psychically and you’re aware of that. If you allow the negativity to come into your consciousness and take up residence, depending on to what degree and how deep that runs in your choice level, there are always opportunities to clear whatever that is by choosing into the spirit. In our PTS classes, we teach a lot about how to discharge and clear yourself from the identification with the negativity.

Your true nature is never disturbed or out of balance even though the reflection in the world often says something else. Consider that when the astronauts in space look down at our planet, they see the beauty and harmony of the accord. They see the oneness.  The astronauts’ perspective is a great reference point for all of us to understand that peace is present. Good is always present. Love is always present. So if you’re in some way thinking it isn’t, then you’re off. You have a job at that point to minister to yourself and find a way to find the love, to move into the one accord.  That’s a tremendous ministry in this world.

How can we move into the accord?  By cooperating and serving. When we are assisting someone, there is a sharing and caring that transmits. We are simply providing a reflection that in some way the assistance is about seeing what is better, what is greater, what heals, and what nurtures.

One of the tests in this world is to relate to the negativity through our service. In that way, the negative power is our friend because it teaches. It teaches us our responsibility. It teaches where we choose separation when we do not have to and it’s not the truth of our beingness. You are the one making the adjustment yourself.  You are choosing to move into the oneness through your loving service.  So keep that in mind whenever you feel lost or separate.

Choosing oneness with all and loving service takes tremendous vigilance because the ability of the negative power is through whatever’s negative. It humbles us on a personal level to realize that the negativity and discord can come at us in so many dimensions and different ways.  Through our personal abilities alone, we can’t handle it. Yet, we’re affected by it. No one is exempt even though we may want to be exempt. We’re all vulnerable to the negativity, and that provides the opportunity to move into greater strengths and wisdom.  It is through our awareness and choice to relate to all in oneness and loving service that we find the one accord.

One of the great questions to ask yourself when you’re disturbed is, “Is this true?”
Then monitor and be very conscious about what is disturbing you. Often, the quick reaction is, “That disturbed me” or “They disturbed me.” No, that’s not correct. It’s actually your perception of the situation or people that causes disturbance and discord. Look at how you perceive whatever it is that disturbs you. Your perceptions are important.

You might consider that you perceived in disturbance by the way they talked to you that they don’t like you, they don’t understand you or they don’t appreciate you. Regardless of the outer conditions, you have an opportunity to choose to be in accord with Spirit.

At some point you’re going to come back to realizing it doesn’t matter what they said or what happened. What matters is how you relate to it. You can handle whatever is present in the world because your spiritual nature is bigger.  You’re true nature is bigger than whatever occurs or however someone relates to you or thinks about you. So act like it.

You have the opportunity to grow and mature from experiences of discord. By choosing to look at your perceptions, you may find yourself realizing, “I remember I got upset, disturbed, depressed or angry when somebody talked to me like that. It’s like that’s my button. They pushed it, and I got upset.”

You don’t have to get upset. You can change your way of being so that you handle people that are acting like tyrants towards you or you are in situations that you consider are not fair. Ever notice that the world has a way of seeming unfair?  The world is uneven, such as the wealth isn’t equally distributed or there is not justice for all.  So we can decide that something is unfair and “shouldn’t be like that.”  But it’s better to move into acceptance and cooperation because the world is like that, and our true nature is to be loving with all.

Consider there’s divine perfection in the way the world is. In my experience of going into the Spirit, it is a journey into perfection. What’s the journey? The journey part is waking up to the perfection, to the harmony and one accord.

It’s not that the perfection suddenly moves. It’s not like, “Okay, now there’s perfection. Oops, now there’s not. Oops, now there’s perfection. Now there’s not.”

Perfection has this quality of eternity. Perfection, like being in accord, is always. Some people confuse that with being static. Perfection is not static. It’s dynamic. It’s alive.

I find it comes into asking, “Do you trust yourself?” And if you trust yourself, “Who are you?” And we come back to, “Are you divine or are you not divine?” Often that’s a question that we may find ourselves afraid of the answer. We’d rather believe, even if it’s false, that we’re not divine because we judge our human nature as less than divine.  Forgiving our judging is one of the greatest ways to experience our divine nature.

If you’re thinking something like, “I’m really a bad person and they’re out to get me and it’s just a matter of time before they do,” what does that do to you when you think of yourself in that way? If you say to yourself, “I’m no good. I’m going to get caught. They’re going to put me away. Something bad is going to happen,” then your perception is separation from that place of divine perfection within.  And your life is bound to reflect that to you until you stop thinking and acting as though you are less than divine.

Don’t put the authority outside of yourself.  The truth is within you as a divine presence.  All of the circumstances are what they are.  It’s your disturbance that needs your attention. If you could let the disturbance go, free yourself of the disturbance within you, what would you be experiencing?

I can guarantee you’d be experiencing something better than a disturbance.  So when you discover that, you’re also going to find the opportunity to let go.  You may realize, “Why don’t I just let go of the disturbing way I’m relating to what’s going on?  I can just let go of insisting they shouldn’t be like that or the situation should be different.”

Why not just let it go? What would you be like if you thought they, whoever “they” are, should be exactly like they are, doing exactly what they’re doing?  What if you accepted that they should be yelling at you and calling you names? What would it be like if you identify that their actions are clear, fine and no problem because you’re at peace?  You’re in accord.  You can go on about your day, knowing the peace is present within you.  Who you are is far greater than any negativity that comes your way.

If you have an interaction that disturbs you and you don’t get over it, then you’ll be out of balance. You’ll feel it inside you and you may carry it around all day.  But does that make your day better?

Whatever happens, whatever the content or the subject, you can handle it. Obviously, you have handled whatever was presented to you up to now. So whatever it has been, whatever disturbances you have experienced, you’re here now. You survived. You progressed. You passed. That’s a vote of confidence for you.

Your question may be, “Can I handle what’s next? How would I handle it in the way I would like to be?”  That gets back to your identification. Who are you?  Are you loving?  Are you caring?  Are you in accord with your true nature?

I suggest you say, “Yes,” even if there’s great protest amongst your inner thoughts and feelings. You may argue with yourself, “No, I’m not. I’m not very loving.  There’s all sorts of evidence about when I’m not loving.”

Actually, we are loving, but sometimes we don’t act like it. What happened? We forgot. And at times we do forget we are divine. We do forget our natural true self. What’s obvious to me is that everybody is magnificent and glorious. We just don’t act like it all the time.

I am often reminded of the exampleship of Jesus on the Cross when he said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34).  That was a moment of transcendence. Right there, something magnificent was being put into the world. There is forgiveness that allows us to err. We are not eliminated. We are not damned to eternal hell.

We are allowed to have fantasies of the negativity that then appear real like nightmares. But then you wake up. My view is let’s wake up now. Bring your awareness into all the states of consciousness as much as you can.

This world is a multidimensional place, and it converges. How do we keep up with it? How do we stay awake and alert?  Do we ever falter? Do we ever stumble? Do we ever do something that we didn’t want to do?

Well, of course we do. That’s human. And the remedy is always, let it go. Release that. Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Accept yourself.

It’s amazing how much loving and forgiveness by you can attract that same presence for you.  It becomes something John-Roger referred to as a Portable Paradise. You can walk in heaven wherever you go. It’s heaven on earth. How is that? Is God sparing you from this world? No, you’re sparing yourself from anything that is less than God which ultimately is not possible.  It’s a form of illusion that we can stop relating to as our identity and expression. God made the first move by loving all of Its creation.

Choose to relate to yourself first as heaven on earth. Then whatever is left is good and holy.  Whatever you don’t know how to relate to in that way, you surrender. You offer it up. Like, “Okay, God, I don’t understand this. This is bewildering to me.  I’m aware that I’m disturbed emotionally and mentally by what I just experienced in my perceptions, my senses, my mind and my emotions. Can you help me?”

If you’re aware that what you’re seeing, relating to and considering is “bad and wrong” or you’re thinking “This should not be,” then realize you need help. Your faith and trust inside will tell you that it is not “bad or wrong,” that there is nothing that “should not be.”  So refuse to take on that attitude.

Your acceptance and cooperation with what is present heals you. It takes great faith that must be acted upon. So demonstrate you have the faith. Demonstrate that you refuse to enter into a reaction of negativity. Just refuse to do that.

When faced with the choice to react in negativity, you can simply say, “No, I’m not doing that.  I’m not entering into that negativity.”  Who are you talking to?  I suggest you talk to yourself first. Sometimes it’s important to shout it from the rooftops so all can hear. You realize you are talking to God in all of the creation. That can be a great moment of transformation when you stand up and declare your life is for the good and only the good. Then that which is not of that dissolves, disperses and goes back to the nothingness from which it came.

When you choose into the good, you are waking up. And that waking up isn’t even like you’re stretching, and you have a moment of, “Oh, what was that?”  It’s a complete waking up. The negativity is gone. There’s no trace of it. That’s the soul. The negativity doesn’t go there. Negativity can’t exist in the soul.

We have the opportunity to decide who we are.  When we ask ourselves, “Who am I? Am I that state?” we can answer that we are one with God. We are in accord in with the Lord.

I encourage you to bring the experience to yourself that you are that state of accord, of perfection, so you have a direct conscious knowing of the truth of who you are. And when you forget and you lapse or go to sleep, it will serve you to move your awareness into accord with your divinity.  Remember, your true nature is a soul who is in one accord with God always.
Baruch Bashan

Blessing for Awakening to the Lord

Dear Lord, we welcome You now to find us as we are. We surrender so that we will let go of our resistance and our fear.  Particularly, what we have placed in our unconscious levels, no matter where it came from or how it developed, especially whatever we have forgotten from our past existence.
Through our courage and willingness in this moment, we present ourselves freely and openly to You.  This is our intention. To trust You is also our demonstration that we trust ourselves to be before You exactly as we are.  
We are surrendering. We are submitting to Your will, letting go of any attachments, taking this moment to release our life into You that however You want to change or direct us to be fully compliant in Your will, to understand You can do all things for greater good.
We consciously are recognizing that it has been us who have placed the resistance, who have found the fault, who have chosen the darkness. Let us register what we can fully, right now no more.
We stand up and rise up in our consciousness, in the truth of who we are, the strength of who we are, the blessing of who we are — we offer unto You.
We recognize.  We accept, and we choose to be servants of Your actions through the Divine will. You bring that forward into our life.
Thank You for reminding us of how simple it is, that it begins in each moment, in each circumstance, in every little thing.  When we have done it to the least of the things that are Your creation, we have done it unto You.
Let us love. Let us appreciate.  Let us see the value that You have placed in each and every thing. Let all things serve Your purpose.
As we come into completion with each and every thing, we accept Your movement, Your presence and direction to move forward, to lift, to learn and to grow.
We let go of what no longer serves, to let it be. Yes, to leave this world be so that we are done with it. So we come with fresh eyes, a new ability to look into our life and to those who are close to us and in every situation, and see the harmony and see the peace.
We appreciate what You have done for us. We come with a smile more often. We come into a dark situation with the willingness to give, to bring joy and comfort.
In our offering here that represents sacrifice, we give up our demands.  We give our attachments away. We give away what we want that we might fully embrace what You want.  We find in Your embrace, in the way You look upon us, You want us just as we are without our falseness, without our pretense, without our illusions that express into the negativity.
Again we ask for Your grace, Your direction, that at this time, this place, this decision becomes a life that we live.  We accept the fulfillment that You bring to us.  We are complete in You.  It is done.

Baruch Bashan


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  1. This article is absolutely music to my ears. We can enjoy heaven while we live on this earth. There are so many keys pointed up here to have that experience. Thank you, John, once again for “nailing” it.

  2. Perfect timing to read these words of wisdom and grace. Thank you for always serving the highest good and shining the light on the road of one accord. God Bless You
    Louise Davidson

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