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HeartFelt Support for Venezuela Continues — Send Light


Earlier last month we raised funds again to support our MSIA family in Venezuela who is in desperate need of basic necessities. HeartFelt has been supporting our MSIA family and others in need in Venezuela for several years now, but unfortunately, times continue to be challenging beyond what many of us can fathom. Food and clean water continue to be scarce, and power outages are more frequent, sometimes lasting for more than 30 hours at a time. To say that times are tough in Venezuela would be a serious understatement.

Our most recent supplies sent to Venezuela aided our MSIA family, as well as their extended families. Our donations also helped an orphanage that cares for more than 125 children who are unable to live with their families, separated due to economic hardship or mistreatment. We were also able to purchase needed supplies for a retirement home where 162 seniors are cared for by 11 nuns.

MSIA family

Our goal was to raise $2,000 to cover the costs of the current necessities and the shipping costs.

Thanks to your generous donations, we surpassed our goal!!

Two weeks ago, we were able to package up all the goods and send 34 boxes full of basic goods and necessities including baby formula, rice, peanut butter, coffee, flour, even a bit of chocolate, and more off to Venezuela! They are now in Miami waiting to be sent to Venezuela.

We had seven volunteers assist us in packaging up the donations. It was a blessing to come together in service and Spirit was so closely touching us as we worked together. Hector Ojeda, one of our volunteers, said he was “very grateful…to serve [his] Venezuelan brothers.” He went on to say, “I think that service has no nationality; it is for everyone. When I hear that someone is doing something for others, that energy connects me and I like to serve from the heart.”

Yonnhy Blanco, another volunteer, shares his experience about Service: “I like it because I learn to connect with others, I experience empathy, and the most beautiful: I help others.”

This loving support for those in need would not be possible without the care and assistance from all of you, so thank you all for the overflow of love in our hearts! It is amazing what we can do when we come together in service to one another.

Please enjoy the little video we have made about the process and send Light to the boxes on their way and to all those they are going to!

For more information about how to get involved click here.

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