Life Is Love

By: John-Roger, DSS

April 23rd, 2020

Life Is Love


Life is love, and there is no way we can get out of it. No way, even when you die, because this goes on to infinity. But when we’re here on the planet, we can feel separated and unloving. Then one day you come across a man along the way — the Mystical Traveler… -John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in The New Day Herald, November 1998

Life is love, and there is no way we can get out of it. No way, even when you die, because this goes on to infinity. But when we’re here on the planet, we can feel separated and unloving. Then one day you come across a man along the way–the Mystical Traveler–and he takes you to a place that is unknown from this level, though it is a well-known place in the Spirit world, where God lives. Then, when you come back into the world here, you take the love with you everywhere you go because you’re connected to God. Your ego will try to separate you, but it will fail.

There is the negative force, called Baal. (It is referred to in the Bible in the story of Samson pulling down the pillars of the temple; that was the Temple of Baal.) Baal’s job is to make us feel unloving, unwanted, separated, abandoned, rejected. Often, when we feel those things, it isn’t us at all; it is this other metaphysical energy.

Baal’s boss is Lucifer (also called Satan or the Devil), and Baal is always around, waiting for you to take offense at something. As soon as you take offense, Baal can enter into your consciousness and take over because you’ve given it up through judgment. When you judge, you come under these other gods (they are gods; they are worshiped by many people), but you can throw them out once you know how.

One clearing technique is to place the palm of one hand over your forehead and say, “Baal. Anything from or through Baal. Clear, disengage, disconnect.” While your hand is still on your forehead, you then ask that this be done through the Christ, Traveler, and Holy Spirit. You take your hand down, and that is it; you can also have the intention that it will clear completely.

When using this technique, you can ask for other spiritual assistance, such as from the archangels, Lord Jesus the Christ, and the Great White Brotherhood. When I am clearing specifically for Baal, I often find that the assistance of the Great White Brotherhood is needed.

After you have cleared this (or anything), place the Light in and around you, let go of whatever it was that that you cleared, and don’t look to see if it is still there or not. You may find that the Baal energy clears, so there is nothing more to do. Or you may find that after about five or ten minutes or so, you feel you need to do it again, in which case you can just repeat the technique. You can also clear negative energies through muscle-testing, and there are practitioners and others who know how to do this.

You may feel a difference after doing this. One person did this clearing and said he felt like being out at a seminar, where you just love everybody, and everything was clear to him.

We can clear forty billion people at one time and don’t even have to be in the same room with any of them. You can put your hand on the telephone book and detect which negative powers are influencing all the people in that book and use the Spirit force to throw them all out. People can start to feel good, but they may not know why. If you try to do this, it’s a good idea to remember two things. First, ask for the Light for the highest good. Second, don’t get your ego involved. If anything clears, it is because the Spirit has done it.

Even if you have cleared yourself of Baal, for example, it can come back in again unless you stop doing what you did that allowed it in in the first place. Judgments are the prime way negative energies get into us. When the Baal force is working on you, you can feel separation and misalignment because the Baal power can confuse your thinking so you think negatively. If you go back into that kind of thinking, the Baal power can come in again. When you realize it has done this, you can clear it the same way I described.

There are also techniques for spiritual protection, which can help you be less likely to pick up negative energies. Several of them are described in my book Psychic Protection and you can use them, along with clearing techniques. When you are clear of these negative energies, you can be more aware of what I said at the beginning: life is love.

Baruch Bashan.


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