Loving Is the Only Way

By: John Morton, DSS

April 23rd, 2020

Loving Is the Only Way


Love rules God’s creation.  Divine nature is what rules it.  I see the negativity of the world as opportunity upon opportunity upon opportunity to be better creators.  Creators that are more positive and willing to sacrifice for the good of the many. – John Morton

One of the most important things that any person can do is to determine, “What do I allow to govern my life?”  Is it outward things? There are lots of those.  We can’t live in a body without in some way being in harmony with outer circumstances.  We can’t violate them and survive.  We have to cooperate, and at times, like as an infant, that can be a dramatic demonstration as to how it’s all set up.

An infant doesn’t really consciously know what it’s doing here.  It can’t talk back to its Mom just yet, other than with a cry.  But there is a process of development we all need to go through. I call that learning and growing, evolving with every step along the way.  Our evolvement as a Soul consciousness is a very important factor.

Then there is something I would call the “grace factor”, which is, “When is it your turn?”  The one who is the way or has the way – the keys – comes in such a way that you recognize it and realize you’ve been called. Your number has come up!  I see that particularly with MSIA – the Traveler has come calling.  The Traveler has come in what is a cycle that Jesus established, and that other Travelers have been working out since that time.

It’s not just the Travelers, but also those who are in the line of the Travelers, that are involved in establishing what the world can become.  The world is a stepping-stone or springboard into the Soul or God nature.  But how many people actually choose into that?  Do they have the opportunity to work with a consciousness that’s holding the keys to what we call Soul Transcendence?

These are the keys to be re-established and to return into the Soul nature.  When we do that, we become a different kind of person.  We need to relinquish and repent to some degree in order for it to work.  It won’t “take” if we’re out violating, creating mayhem, raping and pillaging.  Some might say, “Well, it’s in my family traits.  I’m just doing what my forefathers did.”  If you’re going to be with the Soul nature, you need to come into the straight and narrow and stop that way of living.

When we get into the world and its secular aspects like governments and economies, etc., then there are lots of options that allow people to run their choices.  What kind of decisions do they make where we’d say, “That’s so unnecessary?”  It just causes problems and difficulties we don’t need.

I’m recalling that J-R said that is “missing the mark” where we are off and we don’t need to be off.  Evil is an unnecessary experience.  If our leaders making huge decisions that affect lots of people are making poor choices – and the history is that there have been lots of poor choices – then we have things like war, dishonesty, deceit, cheating, lying and all the things those kinds of choices lead to.

We could just come to regard that we’re all beloved of God, and all creation is beloved of God, and that God loves all of its creation.  If our leaders were of that mind, it could be just doing good in simple ways; being loving, caring, kind and having compassion for our fellow human beings and for God’s creation.

To me, when we read something like Genesis, it tells a story of dominion and humans being given this dominion.  There was an order in it that included the creatures of the sea, air and land, and then everything that is part of the natural world.  That is something ever more crying out at this time, to come into harmony with what we know.  There are those heralds and clarions amongst us calling out, “You need to be better caretakers and stewards of the resources that God plenished this earth with when God made this world.”

That’s how I view it.  It was a divine creation, not some meeting of molecules on the periodic table of elements or something colliding and the laws of thermal dynamics.  Yes, that’s part of God’s creation but it’s not what rules God’s creation.  Love rules God’s creation.  Divine nature is what rules it.  I see the negativity of the world as opportunity upon opportunity upon opportunity to be better creators.  Creators that are more positive and willing to sacrifice for the good of the many.

What I see is that in MSIA we have an opportunity to do Soul Transcendence.  I don’t know of anything more valuable.  It’s the “pearl of great price.”  You would give up everything to do Soul Transcendence.  That’s my version of Soul Transcendence, to be willing to give up anything and everything for what that is.  Create that opportunity for yourself.  Remember, it doesn’t roll over into manifestation until you leave this world.  That’s when it really comes into place.

You have the opportunity to secure these keys while you are in the body this lifetime.  Then, once you have the keys, to retain them.  Finish.  J-R said, “Endure to the end.  He wins who endures to the end.” I look at it like, “Go through death’s door, and hang on to that.”

I’ve had initiates say, “I’ve got my Soul initiation.  I think I’m going to go out and explore things.”  I’m saying, “If I were you, I’d hang on to your initiation.”  Don’t renounce it.  You can let it go to sleep.  Just surviving or doing the minimum, which is not what we teach.  We’re not saying, “Let’s have a party for all the lazy initiates.”  That’s not what we do.  So, do your part.

Do something so you are contributing; showing up inwardly with what the Traveler can do for you.  Make yourself available through your tone, through calling upon the Traveler consciousness to work with you.  Every day there is an opportunity.  I call it a progression.  How much can we do in a day?  How much can you handle?  Let’s see what the Spirit can do with your openness, willingness and the limitations you still have.  It’s a daily practice.

Baruch Bashan

The Blessing of Loving No Matter What

Dear Lord, we are here before you.  We are your children and you are our Father and our Mother.  You were before we were born into this world.  You always watch over us.  You know us at our best and our worst.  You know the great purpose in this world, and we are here to grow up.  We are being raised as the divine beings that we are.  This world disciplines us and brings us every experience we need. And when we find the most painful and difficult, you show us loving is the way.  Loving is the only way.

We are to grow in loving no matter how long it takes, no matter what is present in the conditions of the world.  We ask for this to be personal right now, that we can feel your touch, your embrace.  We can feel it around us, and feel it as energy within, and that you are moving our consciousness so what must be released is being released.  You show us that all is loved.  Whatever we’ve had as painful or difficult experiences, the loving is with us. The loving endures.

We are to become strong and loving.  Whatever tests us, whatever we find we do not know how to love, we call on you.  You show us the loving.  You move us to love.  Whatever is in our vision right now, any pictures that come to our mind, we move it through our emotions and what has been hardened is loosened and melted.   The energy is letting go.  We do not have to hold on or pretend.  We are to forgive.  We are to forget what is no longer serving.   You help us by presenting new pictures, knowing that we can overcome whatever there is to love.  We feel the warmth around our heart.

The clarity and bright light in our eyes, the tenderness in our touch and the strength of going forward in the world and loving are inside.  We now take a moment for the judgments, regardless of how we have been judged by others; it is only our self-judgments that remain.  Now we can hear ourselves….“I forgive myself.”  And we can see ourselves reaching out to others and others reaching out to us. We can see a world with more kindness, with willingness to share as needed, and the strength to stop the negativity. Always in loving.  Now we see the peace, the understanding, the goodwill towards all.  Heaven on earth.

Thank you, Lord.

Baruch Bashan


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