Interview with Eric Lumiere: “The Grace Field”

By: Nathalie Franks

June 26th, 2020

Interview with Eric Lumiere: “The Grace Field”


MSIA Minister, Nathalie Franks, recently interviewed Eric Lumiere about the daily program Eric created on Facebook called “The Grace Field.” Here is the interview:

Nathalie [Calling in the Light]: Father, Mother, God, we asked for the Light, the presence of the Christ, John-Roger, the Traveler and any other spiritual assistance that can come forward at this time. We ask that the Light release and clear away any negativity, any karma and anything that we are holding just now, and we release that into the highest realms and dissolve all that karma. We place this interview in the Light, Father, and we ask for your grace, your wisdom, and anything else that would assist us to have a wonderful time and to share more successfully about your Grace Field. We place each other in the Light. We also ask for any blessings that can be extended here to be done according to our destinies for the highest good. Amen. Ani-Hu, Ani-Hu, Ani-Hu.

Nathalie: Please introduce yourself Eric, and tell us something about your background, your profession and how you found out about Spirit.

Eric: Good question. As you know, my parents, Denise and Taras, were in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), our spiritual school, when I was born. So it seems like it was very much preordained to be born into this, to choose into this school, and this life here, in my experience.

It’s so interesting that this thing called the “Grace Field” has come about because I find that a lot of my life has been so graceful and natural and easy, and I’m just aware that in some way it was set up that way. Not that I am without my challenges of course, you know like when I was a child, I was extremely sensitive and shy, had auditory learning processing issues and challenges with taking tests, etc. We all have our challenges, but overall, very graceful.

When I was younger, I didn’t really know how to express myself or connect with others. With music, the way I got into my profession, was I joined a choir in third grade, the Santa Barbara Children’s Chorus, and it really was an outlet for me to express my beingness that I didn’t know how to before. Music really fulfilled me, and as I shared that, I gained confidence in myself as a human being, as Eric, as this shy kid who didn’t know how to share. It was a progression, as with all things. I just continued doing music, singing, and started writing songs in high school with a friend, Jeff Morgan, who you know, was also born into MSIA, our spiritual school.  We have been brothers for a long time and we started writing music together. Then I was recording music in high school and learning how to do that, and then went to college and taught myself guitar and piano.

When I was in high school or maybe it was college, I really got serious about Discourses, which is the way you study the spiritual teachings in MSIA. I think I started them before (they’re a monthly reading) and then forgot about them, and wasn’t consistent.  Then I think when I was around 18 or so, I really got consistent with reading them every month and then studying towards initiation and ordination, which is becoming a minister in MSIA. So, I think I became a minister when I was twenty one, I believe that is when I got ordained.

It all just started happening in college where what I was participating in — what  seemed to be normal in life with college students going out partying and drinking and all of that stuff which was fun — I just started realizing it wasn’t fulfilling me truly in a lasting way, in the fullness of what I was looking for. So consciously choosing into studying spiritually really started giving me that inner experience that I was looking for. I also continued to do music, and music is just an extension of that spiritual awareness and sharing in my experience.  It is kind of funny because a lot of people through the years are like, ‘Oh, your music brings so much Spirit,’ and part of me is always like, ‘Yes, and it’s more than just the music.’ You know, it’s not tied to a form, not as an ego thing. I didn’t want to be caged in this: ‘I’m just this musician.’ And yeah, I don’t know, I think it also brings out that rebellious side that, like when people try to, or I try to, limit myself to a label or a specific career. I am like, wait, this isn’t right, this isn’t really who I really am. So, yes, it’s continued, kind of like the work of life.

The work that I am doing inside myself is continually testing and letting go of these conditions that I have ever bought into, about myself or others, about the world…and really letting go into the unconditionality.  One of the things I got clear on today, I had this forgiveness statement in my morning process, which I do, this Allowing Love process which my wife created, where “I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that I need to be anything or anyone.” It is really powerful because for me, it is another step of letting go of any limitation or conditionality of who I am as a form, as a spiritual being, as any of that. It gets into the wordless, you know, areas beyond the mind, but I guess that’s what’s present for now.

Natalie: When you realize that the party wasn’t fit for you, you did what you did I mean, you were a young guy, did you continue, socially going out or did you withdraw?

Eric: That is a good question. I think it was both, until you really anchor that truth, it’s like you’re still kind of wandering in this gray area, like “is there…?” You know, like still testing it out, and there is all this temptation still. I think as a part of this world, the temptations are always there, and I had a crush on this girl, so that was a whole thing of karma and challenge [laughter], just a lot of things going on. I do not remember how smooth that process was, but I know I just got sick and tired of it in a way. I did not drink a lot a lot, but when I did, sometimes I would drink too much, where it would get to throwing up, where it was not good for my body. I think I am just very sensitive to it and so that in itself was just not a good experience.

I do remember this one moment where I went out to meet this girl I had a crush on for her birthday and we had this interesting thing going on where we were friends, but more than friends, and I drank too much and there was a blizzard going in NY (I was going to NYU), so no one could get a taxi. So I was sooo drunk, and I was waddling through the streets and then I went to the subway and I literally threw up in the trashcan in the subway [laughing] and I had to go to the bathroom so I peed off in the subway tracks. When I was throwing up in the trashcan, some woman offered me a bag to throw up in and I thought it was the nicest thing that ever happened to me in my life [still laughing].  After that experience, it was a reference point of like, ‘Wow, I don’t even know who this person is’ and “What’s going on?’ It just felt like the biggest bum, just like, it was so not me…it was just a great reference point of ‘Okay, I don’t need to do this again. This isn’t for me.’ So that has definitely stayed in my memory, as one of those turning points.

Then there was a progression of just spending more time in spiritual study and doing more music. I think the challenging part was I did not have a lot of close spiritual friends in New York during my time in college, and I’m not really connected closely with anyone from college anymore. It was a great time to really find my own independence and my own truth, regardless of what was going on.

Nathalie:  So, you didn’t go into retreat at all, you didn’t pull yourself away from everybody?

Eric: I think it was hard because a lot of people, you know, a lot of college students in general relate on that [social] level so much. In some ways I did retreat because I just didn’t relate to that way of being as much and it was challenging too because I didn’t know who to relate to in that way there. Almost every winter, every summer I would come back to L.A. I didn’t want to stay in New York because of the weather and did not feel like I had a home there. I don’t remember a lot more about that, I just knew I wanted to move back to California as soon as I was done. It was an interesting period in my life for sure.

Nathalie: You have created a daily program on Facebook called “The Grace Field.” Can you tell us more about why you wanted to offer it as a gift and what was your intention behind it?

Eric: I think it came out of this deep yearning to do, to share of the Spirit in a way that wasn’t music, in a way where I just had to show up in the moment and be present. And my dream that was coming forward, a calling inside myself, is of sharing the experience of God and Spirit…and if I can give any value, the greatest value perhaps could be something like that, sharing the experience of Spirit, of God. This really came out of the inspiration inside of me, like, ‘I want to share this experience that I am having, that God is so present, that Spirit is so present in every moment…when I focus and attune, when I take the time to call it forward.’ Because I know that simplicity is so important to me, keeping it simple and not overcomplicating, it was great that I could just do something for 15 minutes, that each one I just show up for 15 minutes…I don’t have to prepare anything…and anyone can…you know 15 minutes…that’s not a big commitment. It’s a baby step in a way…I mean, how can I make an excuse not to do it?

So, I made it easy for me to show up, and I am guessing it makes it easy for others to show up. It really came out of the inSpiration. I kept hearing this phrase called “The Grace Field” inside of myself. I also went to an MSIA workshop in Santa Barbara with John Morton called ‘Meeting the Challenges of Spirit’ and during the Friday night Q&A he was also saying this phrase, “The Grace Field” a lot…and I don’t know if he normally does and I just don’t hear it, but I was hearing it a lot. So, it was like something was really aligned and attuned where I was very aware of this phrase going on inside of myself as an experience, and then John saying it just reaffirmed that something’s going on…that I’m on something that is true, that is real, is present. I think that gave me that extra boost.

Nathalie: How could you explain it to someone who wasn’t aware of Spirit or what is the “Grace Field” and how do you move into it? What would block them…?  What is it for you and how would you share that with new people if I came to you as a new person and I said “What is the Grace Field and how do I get into it?”

Eric: Well one, it’s an experience, so it has to be experienced. One of the things that is consistent, I’ll just start with calling in the Light, going into the breath, just allowing the breath, which is obviously a way that people meditate…in a lot of different forms there’s a lot about the breath. For me, I find that no matter what’s going on, that I’m distracted by or concerned with, that one of the simplest ways to come present and to let go is to just come into my breath, my breathing. There is an innate naturalness, a state of relaxation that happens, so it is almost like a trick that helps get us there quicker. Then for me, once I’m in that, it really just opens me up, so it gets me out of my ego and mind process.

So for anyone who maybe doesn’t relate to “the Grace Field” or Spirit, in a way, I would just start with that breath and letting go…because really Grace is letting go and letting God. It is really letting what is, be. There are so many ways we can say it with words, but I think anyone can find their breath inside, and in the best way they can,  just start allowing that. Thoughts may come in, and that’s okay too. One thing I love is that we are not trying to [necessarily] control what’s going on, we are just allowing what is present to be present. So it’s okay if thoughts are still there or concerns or challenges. I think in the simplest way the “Grace Field” is just bringing in all of what’s present, present — and just being with it, just breathing into it.  If that’s all someone did, I think they would get it on whatever level they can get it, regardless of the ‘spiritual’ words. We all get it according to what we can get, what we are available to and what God has for us. It is like, we can only handle what we can handle in each moment, in the best of ways. For example, if you were a teacher of a certain level, you wouldn’t want to be given a student on the level that you don’t know how to teach, so you’re given a student that you can teach, that you have the ability to teach. So similar to this field, we’re only given according to our ability to receive. I would never say there are rules about it, because I know Spirit can break all the rules, and does, and can do whatever Spirit wants. And that’s another thing, that I consistently surrender and remind myself of, that there’s always exceptions…and it really goes back into the unknown and letting go. For anyone who is really not into all the fancy spiritual words and all that stuff, just the breath, just coming present…it’s really just about showing up. That’s one of the greatest keys I have learned…that when I show up in an intention with my attention, so much can happen, just with that. So it’s safe for anyone to just show up and check it out. Who knows what is going to happen?

Nathalie: When you are doing the daily “Grace Field” I see you just talk, almost like, just from the Spirit.  What was my question? [Laughter]. It’s all about the energy, and I have to say this, it’s some good news for you. There’s very few people that I connect with on the level that I connect with you in the ‘Grace Field’. There’s something that is so divine and so inspirational and it’s not about what you’re actually saying, it’s just the energy that comes through. Yes I get it, and I love it, and I understand it. So, is there anything that you would share that would block you from coming into that “Grace Field?” Would move you out of the “Grace Field?”

Eric: I think it gets harder and harder for that to happen as I choose back more and more, as I choose what’s true because it’s like building a muscle. All of the doubt and those things come in all the time, the ego stuff — and I know I have heard John Morton say this all the time too — we’re not exempt from any of these things that are part of this world…the mind, the emotions, our karma, etc. So I am grateful that I just have the wit, regardless of what’s going on, because sometimes words that come through are really wonderful and sometimes it’s like ‘blah blah blah’ [jumbling words]. And, as you say, it doesn’t even matter what is said. But part of me, of course, is like ‘oh the words came through really nice, the information, what Spirit brought through’…and part of me is like ‘oh man that was a little like…[ugh].’ But exactly as you say, all that matters is the energy, and I’m so aware of that. For me, that’s so clear inside of me and, regardless of what my ego or my mind think, it’s so clear, that truth, the foundation is so strong in me.

For those who don’t know this, there is a Living in Grace retreat we do every year in MSIA and it’s up in Asilomar. I just had this experience that was so powerful…it’s ‘I am Grace,’ like the truth, it just came in. One of those things that overtook me as the reality that it is, as the reality of all of us, that in this higher consciousness we are Grace. That we’re not just living in it, we are not just choosing it or experiencing it in this moment. We are this quality of God, we are this experience of God, and you could call it Grace, Love, Joy…it’s like these are different forms or particularizations this energy can take…but we are that. So I really had this experience of being that truth, because I’ve always had this dream of ‘being myself.’ I want to just be me. I don’t want to be in this false self and this illusion. I want to just allow myself to be me. And to me, it was like another step, another greater realization of who I am, and I feel like that’s not even an accurate way of saying it, because it’s who we all are. It really does go so far beyond the individual self, even the individual Soul, in my experience…as we keep expanding into that, we are awakening into that.

You asked, is it possible to get pulled out of it? I don’t know, I wouldn’t make a rule that it isn’t. But it’s almost like when you truly claim and receive and open of the truth, in a certain way where it’s anchored into your beingness — and in my experience it is anchored more and more into this physical field and in even these lower levels, that even they’re vibrating at a greater awareness of this truth that they are this grace too, in the level that they can be of this grace and in alignment with this grace — I would almost say I can’t forget. And again, I’ll refrain from saying that. You know, John-Roger our teacher, our Wayshower has said, I think something like ‘Once you hear the sound of God, the word of God, the Sound Current, you can’t forget it,’ and that’s my experience…so far. I can’t remember a time where I have forgotten it either…it just gets quieter when I’m focused or distracted on other things, but it’s always there. It’s almost like once you turn on that switch…again, I wouldn’t hold anything as an absolute [hands up proclaiming innocence, laughter]…‘Spirit, you’re the boss here.’

Nathalie: Do you personally feel that you have shifted since this whole pandemic has started? Do you feel it was a shift at the beginning, or do you feel that you just carried on with your life?

Eric: Yes, definitely for me, I think in many ways, it’s a great blessing spiritually, as a lot of people have talked about…no matter how it looks down here. For me, I was just experiencing a lot of loving and Light coming in, and I know personally I felt actually like…individual Eric…I felt like I had more to give, I had more purpose with this whole thing, for some reason, whatever that’s about.  Maybe it was like a timing, preordained thing…the ego is like, ‘Oh, people are having more difficulty…now I can really share my love and Light…woooo and be a star!!!” [Laughter].

I really feel so full lately and I know the “Grace Field”, just doing that, it’s like it’s building…that field is building on all these levels, as we keep bringing it into these levels, calling it forward into these levels. So I feel more, almost more Spirit than ever when I check it out…when I just come present. And I’ll have my off days and on days like everyone else, right? And the great thing is, I’ll show for the “Grace Field” even if I’m feeling a little off ‘cause Spirit’s bigger than any of that. One of the great things that’s come forward for me is I really don’t fear negativity, that idea, anymore, or my experience hasn’t been that I’ve been in that part of me. Because I’ve really had the experience — not just as a concept, but as an experience — that God is the authority of all of it and [part] of all of it…so that there is nothing that is beyond God. So what is there to worry or fear about? And, there are parts of me that are very human and can very much can go in that [fear] but I’m able to let it go quickly and easily…and allow it to be present while I can also be in the Grace…so I can be in both. We can be in that multidimensionalness where there is fear, there is challenge, and there is also the Grace present…and to me, that’s a really great key to be able to be in both and be in harmony with some things that seem so disharmonious. It is like, ‘Wow. I can be challenged in fear and be in the Grace at the same time.’ That to me is this totality, that’s this fullness of God…it’s like, we’re not limiting this experience and there’s no resisting of part of the experience, so we’re not resisting God in any way, because God is also in this fear and in this challenge…and there’s great freedom in that. And freedom has been another word…well beyond [just a] concept…that I’ve really gone for inside of me, that part of me is like, ‘I want freedom, whatever that is!’ and I remember hearing a seminar lately that John-Roger did and he talked about something beyond freedom. So now…I am going for that now, [laughter] so whatever that means…it’s like ‘keep going’…I love it.

Nathalie: So I’ve also noticed that you don’t really promote it [The Grace Field] on Facebook and you don’t do a big thing about it…and is that because you don’t want people to hear about it, they sense it, they come to it in their own way, or do you want to start putting it out more?

Eric: You know, it’s like both…I think people will find it and choose into it as they’re called, and sometimes my ego is like, ‘oh, I only have one person on today, woe is me’ and I’m like, ‘No, wait! I’ve got…the “Grace Field” is here…it doesn’t matter if anyone is on [the call/online]. First, we’ve got to do it for ourselves, we’ve got to do it for God inside of us, or else we’re always dependent on that outer form to give us the value, and no that’s not the truth for me. Second, it’s just simpler not having to share it everywhere…and once I start having those demands on myself, I may not want to show up then…if it becomes this whole thing that I have to share. But also with that, I would love more people to know about it and find it easily, because when it’s sharing of the Spirit, if people can find it easily through all the noise, I find that’s beneficial, so I’m working on that. I had the idea of an email list yesterday because a lot of people are on email, regardless of if they’re on Facebook or WhatsApp, etc.

I know there is no rush because there’s no rush in Spirit. I’m giving the “Grace field” every day for the most part…and part of me is like, ‘Man, I should be counting these, I should be tracking all of them…I don’t know even what number I’m on…oh, I should do a celebration for the 100th one!” [laughing]. But it’s like one more thing to do that may not be so important as just showing up for this. I’m not responsible for others, so every person has the choice if they want to show up too. I have learned I need to set an alarm every day to remind myself to do this, and sometimes I miss the alarm and sometimes people remind me, thankfully. Every person is responsible for that, for their own beingness, so if they really want to show up, they can set an alarm, send an email [to themselves], regardless of what I provide as a reminder. I both want to make it easier and allow that to come forward…and share more.  I also acknowledge that each person is responsible and Spirit, you know, will handle all of it as it does, as this is God’s work for me… ‘it’s yours Spirit.’

I know there is so much spiritual presence…I just get there are a lot of beings for the highest good, you know, getting value from it, from us coming together…and the world too. That is one thing I love is that it’s all inclusive, so it includes all of God’s creation. Amen. It’s so cool what it is and how it will morph on this level because it already is all of it and beyond it, beyond the words, beyond the form here, but it’s cool to see how it does expand on this level in the form of the “Grace Field” every day, fifteen minutes, at 12.45pm, right.

Nathalie: Well, I think that’s one of the reasons I wanted to interview you so that I could share it with more people and we can talk about that.  Is there anything else that comes forward to share?

Eric:  Well, one thing that comes forward is that we will start the “Grace Field” in a couple minutes, so as we finish up, let me just do the normal reminder real quick and then we can finish up as people show up.

Nathalie: Shall I close the interview?

Eric: Well, let me just see if there’s anything else to say real quick as people show up. I mean so much has been said…I think this “Grace Field” will just build upon whatever we’ve talked about so I just love you and thank you for interviewing me about it, ‘cause it’s so much fun to see what comes present. I get to be surprised by that, too…and I feel more connected to why I do this and what’s true as you ask questions, it reaffirms this work. So I’m really grateful for you and grateful for Spirit for being present and thanks so much for being an anchor of this work and for showing up and being a cheerleader too for it. I really feel your support and your love and that’s really helpful.

Nathalie: I gotta mention that during the interview there was so much Light pouring in, the questions were going out the window [laughing]…hard to stay focused. So thank you, it was a blessing.

Eric: I love that! Good…and my hope and my intention is that whoever can use of this for the highest good, that it can reach them in whatever way it does, and that they can hear that call, and show up for themselves, whether it’s in this Grace Field or any other Grace Field, ‘cause it’s always present. Thanks for spreading the word and the love. I love you Nathalie.

Nathalie: I love you too.

For more with Eric and the Grace Field visit this facebook page.

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As soon as I heard the term “Grace Field” from Eric’s email invitation to join him I wanted to be there. Even before tuning in I had been enjoying more time outside lately and practicing “panoramic vision” – a gentle receiving from a greater openness (rather than hyper-focusing and narrowing my vision). A change in how I allow my eyes and brain to work together. So the word “field” is already an invitation to see, hear, and experience more. Thank you Eric. I am loving it!

Sending you light and love for giving back via the “grace field”. Much love, Marc