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Joyfully Looking Forward to the Conference of One Accord


When a few months ago we at PTS began planning the Conference of One Accord, I never thought we would be doing Conference online only. I am very excited for being able to use technology, particularly Zoom video conferencing.

Through Zoom, we will have the opportunity to see each other and to engage and participate in one-to-one exercises. To me, in spite of what we are going through globally, this is a blessing, that we can go on with MSIA’s Conference as always, like we’ve done in previous years.

I feel it will be a wonderful experience, and I am just happy knowing that there are only a few days left before the start of Conference on July 1, when we will all be tuned together through technology. To be able to share in this way is really magic – to realize that the blessings already are in every moment.

I am really moved by this occasion, and being part of all this fills my heart with joy. Personally, I have always enjoyed the energy during Conference days.  I look forward to the Minister’s Meeting on Sunday.  It is such an incredible moment to be able to connect with my fellow Ministers all around the world. That is invaluable.

I am very excited and, at the same time, deeply grateful for being able to participate in this wonderful experience. Creativity shines all the way through and is present so we can create a Conference that will be, without any doubt, characterized by unity and being aligned together because, after all, we are all one.

I am deeply grateful for John-Roger for showing me the blessings in every single experience of my life.

Gaby Grigorescu
Director of Graduate Studies, PATs & Volunteer Coordinator

For more information on participating in the Conference of One Accord and to register, click here.

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