Something’s Happening Here

By: Nathaniel Sharratt

June 26th, 2020

Something’s Happening Here


I wanted to share with you another perspective on the challenges we are facing by sharing some experiences of being around J-R.

Often with J-R, he would really be suffering physical/psychic/energetic difficulties up until an event took place physically (like earthquakes, tsunamis, social unrest etc), at which point he would have relief. There were times when he would tell those around him (like me) what he was dealing with, and later it would play out in the world. He would often “take the hit” so that what had to happen would do so in a more graceful way in the world. Being close to him was to act as a battery for what he was doing, and sometimes it also meant taking a hit as well.

Living life by his side, over time I became more aware of participating with him in the spiritual or “invisible” work that was going on. More aware of the “innercessory” work being done on other levels.

The way I see it, the karma still has to have a chance to balance or play itself out, but there is a range of how it can do that. If someone (or multiple people) in higher consciousness put themselves on the line and give of themselves in a certain way, then the severity of what was going to happen can be lessened. This is done on other levels and sometimes people aren’t even aware consciously here of the choices they are making there.

I don’t have to tell you that there is a lot going on in our world today, and in the US right now there is a lot being worked out and being surfaced. This is all part of the cyclical change we are going through. As of now, it looks to me like there is a lot more to come.

When I first started with J-R, I didn’t have the same level of awareness that I have now and yet I still served and assisted in the spiritual actions taking place. Regardless of your level of awareness of these things, you can do what I did in the beginning and help now by doing what J-R strongly encouraged (kind of required) of those around him. Ask for the Light to be placed with all the people and situations for the highest good, keep yourself in a consciousness of loving and Light, act from an attitude of serving others, be compassionate and forgiving inside of you towards others and their actions, no matter how misguided they may seem to you.

Fully participate in what’s going on, but participate in a consciousness of loving for all, forgiveness for all (including yourself), compassion for all (even for those hurting others). Be kind to others. You can do all of that wherever you are (whether you are on the street or in your home watching it on TV).

There is great power in many people gathering together physically with a conscious focus of Light and loving. It is very interesting, and no mistake, that for a while now that has mostly not been happening. In the meantime, the amount of us coming together through virtual means has seemed to increase substantially, which is really good.

I see many of us putting on and/or attending these online gatherings which are focused on upliftment. There are so many! The more we can continue to participate in these uplifting events with others, the more we can keep amplifying the Light into this world, and the world seems like it could use more love and Light and caring right now.

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