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That Which Is: Your New Gateway to More J-R and John than Ever Before!


June 26, 2020 was a groundbreaking day for MSIA. It was the day we brought online a new and exciting phase of That Which Is.  Featuring never-before-seen J-R material, as well as John-Roger and John Morton seminars, meditations, and excerpts, That Which Is online has now become the go-to place to get the Traveler’s Teachings.

You can think of it as your online thumb drive collection — offering you unlimited viewing and listening for just $9.99 per month. This low, affordable price gives everyone access to materials that perhaps were out of budgetary range in the past.  And, it is available in both English and Spanish.

A monthly subscriber to That Which Is who is an MSIA initiate, minister, and/or SAT subscriber will also have access to initiate and minister seminars, as well as over 100 SAT seminars going back to 2012.  It is in abundance of the Teachings of the Spiritual Heart!

Aside from many classic MSIA seminars and meditations, the 2020 Conference releases are all there right now:

– In the Spirit of One Accord

– One God, One Love, One Accord

– The Keynote to One Accord and the Upper Room (July ’87)

– Innerphasing for the One Accord

– Initiates seminar: Heavens of Being vs. Hell of Intention (July ’02)

– Ministers seminar: How Can You Live a Spiritual Life? (Dec. ’82)

Enjoy finding items that have never been released before by MSIA. For example, the original Lex Hixon radio interview with John-Roger in May 1979 that is over an hour long, and two other video interviews with J-R.

To get to That Which Is :

You can go directly to or the web site link

Or, you can go to MSIA’s Home Page at, hover on Watch/Listen, and on the middle thumbnail (between the images of J-R and John) you can link to That Which Is. To see the latest livestream videos, and for the best student experience, click on “My Account” in the upper right and login with your student user access.

There is an entirely separate Spanish version, as well, if you enter through the Spanish side of, or select “Español” in the language menu at the top right of the website.

Here is how to become a subscriber:

Just click on any video with the word “Member” in the lower left corner.  This will take you to a page where you can subscribe by clicking on the “Start your Free Trial Now!” button.  Your adventures to explore what That Which Is has to offer will then begin.

You can expect more seminars, interviews, and excerpts to be added to That Which Is each month.  Open any video to see the e-mail newsletter subscription option at the bottom of he screen. Subscribe and stay up to date with the latest J-R and John videos that have been added to That Which Is.

If you are not ready to subscribe, there will still continue to be lots of free content from the latest John Morton livestream open events to Moments of Peace – plus a lot more!

For now, That Which Is will be a web based platform, meaning it is only accessible on the web (including mobile web). Eventually, we plan to offer iOS (Mac) and Android (everybody else) app versions too.

Please explore That Which Is and tell us what you think.  We are just getting started!

4 thoughts on “<strong><em>That Which Is</strong></em>: Your New Gateway to More J-R and John than Ever Before!”

  1. Will it be easy to determine which videos haven’t been released as part of the DVD club in the past? That would simplify the process of choosing ones to play at our weekly home seminars.

  2. kasim balogun

    when i subscript i will able to view many videos and audios online.It is a wonderful moment have this seminars available here.Thank you to the team that make it possible. Light and love

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