BlessingsFest 2020 in the One Accord – Zooming into the Upper Room

By: Dawn White

July 10th, 2020


Our 2020 Conference BlessingsFest via Zoom with our Beloved Traveler John Morton was magnificent, glorious, divine and so powerful! My experience is it’s continuing on in the Spirit. With around 80 folks from all around the world, there was a strong focus on anchoring the Light even more worldwide – the capstone on our most truly glorious Conference of One Accord!

Naturally, the feast was in the Spirit rather than an included culinary experience! Manna from heaven is pretty amazing! The lightness and divinity present and Traveler John’s amazing radiance brought forth the complete Upper Room experience.

I made the following notes from Beloved John’s sharings – some of the magnificent sacred gems shared over a truly blessed approximately five hour sharing! Wow + Thank HUUUU!

There is no tension in the Spirit.
Do it God’s way.
Love It All.
Be true to yourself.
Bless whoever you encounter.
Cooperate with staying out of harm’s way.
We are harmonizing in the One Accord.
My Soul is having the time of my life.
I accept it all.
If you’re not getting what you want, that’s the blessing.
We are to know the certainty of our Soul.
Release restrictions.
Recognize Peace is Present.
God’s Plan has trust in it.
Adoration is one of the gifts of God.
Love is your work made visible.
God is a provider to all.

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