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My Relationship with God Through Tithing and Seeding


As I was re-watching this year’s MSIA Conference Initiates Meeting, I felt my innermost being resonate with what was being shared. There was a point where I heard John Morton or John-Roger share about tithing and seeding, (was it inwardly?), and I felt myself drift into my experiences with these two teachings and it started to become more consciously present how this was a part of my relationship with God.

Tithing and seeding have, over the years, become the left and right hands of God for me; the God within me connecting to the Source. Even though both hands are both giving and receiving, there is a defining of the left and right within me. I experience the giving with the left hand for tithing, and the receiving with the right hand with seeding. The rod and staff have also been called the left and right hands of God; from Psalm 23: 4. ‘Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.’ Somehow this has linked up inside me with tithing and seeding being those comforts to me as I have walked through the shadows of this world and found — within myself, beyond the shadows — a Light that shows me the way. Assisted through the actions of tithing and seeding, this Light showing me what is on purpose for me in my life, what is for the Highest Good — beyond my thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires and imagination.

There has been a shift in consciousness taking place in the continuation of these practices. These actions that have brought forward a sense of a higher power, or Self, directing me in both tithing and seeding. Plus, an increase in empathy, a heartfelt loving empathy for all those I seed for as well as myself. It feels as if this empathy has increased my capacity to receive as well as to forgive, and in the forgiving has been the forgetting; which I have experienced as letting go. It feels new to me to equate forgetting with letting go. I also feel gratitude for what I don’t receive, as I know and understand that God KNOWS what is for my highest good and in perfect timing.

On the physical level, the inner guidance came in to sell my house as it felt like it was becoming an encumberment to me. It was a very clear directive inwardly.  I was also urged on as I wanted to spend more time in Northern Italy, above Lake Como, where my partner Don has family, it is a place that we both love. When I wanted to go ahead with the sale, in September /October 2019, the Real Estate Agent told me there were very few sales and the prices were not so good due to the political situation.  I spoke to the agent saying, “let’s keep the whole thing in a positive outlook and hold a vision for the best scenario we can have,” which would look like a quick sale and hopefully a buyer with no chain (someone without a property to sell). So, I went ahead with the whole procedure, wrote out what the ideal scene was, the sale price I wanted to receive and the amount I wanted to give for the seed, and placed it all in the Light for the highest good of all concerned (fthgoac), with grace and ease. Keeping in mind God’s timing and the best possible buyer available.

During this process, I seeded each month, splitting the cost of the seed into affordable chunks — as part of the intention, as it was all in motion — then went about my everyday life. I sent Light to the seed and let it go to God, each month, during the process. By November we had a buyer and there was some negotiation on the price — which I dropped from the original and which was agreed at the lowest price I was willing to take, which was the one written in my seeding. The completion of the sale took place in mid-January 2020. I was truly grateful especially when Covid-19 swiftly followed.

I also seeded for a partner years ago and wrote out a blueprint on that and asked for one, in this lifetime, to match as near as possible fthgoac. He did arrive eventually! But it took about 10 years and a lot of turbulent waters under the bridge before it happened. Still not complaining, we have been together for 15 years this July and I am grateful again.

I find this feeling inside to tithe on what I receive as gifts from God.  To be in gratitude for all the ten percent levels of the life I have here in the world up to and including the etheric level — as well as the connection I sense with these practices to the ninety percent of the spiritual levels from Soul and above. Having said all this, I confess I have tithed for years.

What I love about these teachings is that I get to surrender, in my best and highest moments, to God’s Will and I find it liberating.  I don’t have to worry about things as much. There are exceptions in the lower moments and I am still working on that. I was brought up in the Jewish faith and my parents had been here, in UK, through the second world war and worry was part of the package that I am clearing! Though I can say, at this time, the worry is much less than it was.

I’d like to add, the desire to control has been tempered through tithing and seeding. As tithing became my embracing that God is providing for me and showing me how to provide for myself — the trust that God Is Present and with me all the way, in the one accord. There are parts of me within, that nudge me when I haven’t done my tithing or when my seeding is due for the next month. I hear a gentle voice reminding me that it’s due. Or, if I find myself going into doubt, a part of me asks, ‘Have you tithed and seeded?’ What I like about it is its physicality, it’s something really simple to do and the heart is engaged as a joyful giver, mostly! If the heart is not fully engaged and I am feeling something of a lower nature, the actions of these processes can bring me more into alignment and gratitude.

For those of you in contemplation of these tenets, I’ve found seeding tiny amounts is a good way to check it out. Sometimes with tithing, if money is tight, I have tithed as much as it felt right to do so, so I kept up the connection to God. Sometimes I have seeded a $1 per person for a bunch of people. There are many ways to do these biblical keys that J-R has shown to us. And in J-R’s own infamous words — and if you haven’t done these for any length of time — ‘don’t believe me, try it!’


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  1. Yes Seeding and tithing is miraculous. It is a way of having completion with the speculative turmoil that I can create in my mind. God knows best. And so it is.

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