Ask and You Shall Receive

By: Theresa Hocking

September 4th, 2020

Ask and You Shall Receive


This is an account of a couple who were divided by two miles for six months because of the Covid pandemic restrictions, but experienced a miracle and were together when the husband passed into Spirit.

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.”  [Matthew 21:22  KIV]

“You have probably heard, “Ask and you shall receive.” When you ask, in your heart, for your will to be aligned with Spirit, that can come to pass. Be patient and loving with yourself and with others, and you are well on your way to living according to God’s will.”  – John-Roger (From: Your Destiny and God’s Will for You)

Guy Hocking had a stroke in May 2019.  That and advancing dementia resulted in many impairments, his right side was paralyzed and he could barely speak. He resided in a nursing home two miles from our house. On March 10, families were locked out of the facility (Covid-19 precautions), for us it was 3 days after our 50th wedding anniversary.  On July 16, he was taken to the hospital after contracting Covid-19.  He didn’t seem to understand his situation and had wrist restraints so he could not pull out tubes or try to get out of bed.  On August 16th, with what I consider to be a miracle, Guy died at home with me holding his hand while I was talking about John-Roger, our Traveler in Spirit.

I was in denial while he was in the hospital with Covid, and despite being assigned a hospital Palliative Care Team of wonderful nurses and staff, I never considered that he was truly dying.  In the denial I also said (five times) that it was impossible to bring him home because of my age, osteoporosis and injuries.  (I did experience intense back pain caring for him, but with chiropractic care, I am recovering and I’d do all this again just to be with him.)

I had been emailing to both Leigh Taylor-Young Morton and John Morton as they are both my friends, keeping them up to date on Guy’s condition in the hospital with Covid-19.

LTY reached out, it was actually my birthday. So far, my favorite birthday. As soon as we spoke, the denial crumbled and I started crying, “Leigh, I just want to see him before he dies.”  Leigh lovingly pointed out that I had not actually said that in my email to John Morton two days prior.  Instantly back to email:  I WANT TO BE WITH GUY BEFORE HE DIES AND IDEALLY WHEN HE PASSES.

When John responded, it was an expansive ideal scene –

* Be more assertive

* Stop believing in limitations

* Have a clear intention, for the highest good

* Talk to Guy, say “stop being Covid positive”

* Testing positive is NOT the same as being contagious

* Ask for what you want: I wanted to be with my husband

* Do whatever it takes to be with Guy and be with him when he dies

* And there was something about get a hazmat suit and go into the Covid unit anyway (I hope that one was for my entertainment…but can’t you just see John Morton doing that?!!)

* These are my words, I’m not quoting John Morton

The next week is somewhat vague in my memory. I called my sister who immediately got a plane ticket, and agreed to home hospice if I had no other option. I completed the admissions application for Mesilla Valley Hospice where Guy had volunteered for 12 years.  The local ministers began a prayer circle. HeartReach began a global Circle of Light.

The hospital Palliative Care Team called to offer options.  They said “no” to keeping Guy in the hospital with me visiting. They offered a return to the nursing home to die with hospice care, they said I could see him when he was loaded into transport from the hospital to the nursing home and I could be with him when he died.  Can I be with him all day?  “NO,” they said.

“NO,” I said.  I’m bringing him home with hospice.  When the wrist restraints came off in the transport ambulance, he pulled out a tube and was in great pain when he arrived home.  Hospice revised the pain medications and he calmed down.  Hospice staff responded quickly when we needed help.  Their support was marvelous.

Guy never spoke. He recognized me for a few seconds. I talked to him and thanked him for coming home as I really wanted to see him.  I played John-Roger seminars with his iPad beside his pillow. He spent the first day at home looking at the upper right corner of the room (the same location where our dying Mother looked and talked to beings we did not see.)

After being home for fourteen hours, he closed his eyes and began what I call the “death rattle” breathing which continued until morning.  Then his breathing changed dramatically.  I held his hand and talked about being with John-Roger, our Traveler in Spirit.

The change in breathing only lasted a few minutes and then gracefully stopped.  In less than 48 hours he had moved from the hospital to our home and into Spirit.  It has always amazed me after someone’s passing, how very empty that body is, and how “gone” is the person/Soul.  I am left with immense gratitude for him, our 50 years together, HeartReach Circle of Light, our Southern New Mexico prayer group, my chiropractor, my sister who helped me (again), for Mesilla Valley Hospice and for John Morton, the Mystical Traveler here with us and for Leigh Taylor-Young Morton who listens and makes phone calls in perfect timing.  Life is good.

So what am I learning?

* I have loved someone for a long time and am joyous with their spiritual advancement even though I am still here learning the lessons of the physical world

* Ask and I shall receive, asking clearly and for the highest good

* I do not have control in this physical world but I can work with the Light for the highest good

* I create my own limitations

* I am careful with what I focus on, I just might get it

* I am learning that grace is abundant and through grace, miracles occur

* I want more clarity of Spirit and am willing to do what it takes to receive it

* The Travelers are with us and assist us

* I have experienced a mountain move with my clear intention and the Light and I’m open to more

* MSIA has an abundance of techniques; I will be focusing on and using more of them

* I will have a hazmat suit in the closet, just in case John Morton wants to borrow it

Life is an adventure – I am having fun thinking of Guy/Soul being with John-Roger and God, and I’m anticipating the next miracle!  Thank you, Travelers.


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Just so beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us! A Beautiful Couple!

WOW!! Magnificently beautiful sharing!! Thank you so much!!

Thank you Theresa for sharing your incredible journey of loving and clear intention. What an inspiration you are to me who has endured having a husband in the hospital during COVID and not being able to be with him (he’s now home and doing great!). I now see there is always a way to be present in the heart of God so we can create miracles even when we are told “no.” Bless you in your new adventure of learning how to live in this world without your dear Guy and knowing he is with our beloved J-R ins spirit.

Holy and Beautiful, Theresa✨

Thank you Theresa, for sharing your lovely, loving story. Much love and light to you and to Guy. God bless you both! I love you!

Dear Theresa, Thank you for sharing your experience, your Loving and Humor with us . We love you.

What a beautiful and powerful sharing. Thank you. God bless you and Guy.

Such a beautiful love story of two beautiful souls, lovingly entwined and together at ‘the end’ and yet still united in Spirit!

Thank you Theresa for sharing your miracles and learnings which are so powerful!! I am looking more closely at the limitations I impose on myself and
Opening my consciousness to experiencing more miracles!!
Thank you Beloved for sharing your Live Story!