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Being Adventurous: Fun and Joy at Windermere Ranch


Ok everybody, remember in my last article, I said I was totally re-smitten with Windermere. Well my friend, Jarmo and his son Tristan and I ventured up to Windermere again–this time not just to visit, but to help Milo and Leilani with their current projects. Since I chose the Windermere quality of “Adventure,” this quality has gotten hold of me in a big way. All I need to do is say the word and my whole countenance lights up.

Mind you, I used to be a pessimist! While that served me by keeping me in the business of fixing things that I noticed were askew, broken, or incomplete, it didn’t serve me when I tried unsuccessfully to “fix” myself, or when I projected my thoughts into the future. Ugh, I thought, not another lonely day! Not another work-my-fingers-to-the-bone day. Not another day of disagreements, disappointments. Especially now when we don’t know what the next day will bring to the entire world, to the country, to our families and our very own bodies, minds and emotions. What a teacher our situation is. And what an opportunity to view it as an “adventure.”

Inside I’m smiling here! What, me? Holy Cow! Really! It’s me operating from a level of consciousness that brings me joy, excitement, and promise–promise to use everything for my learning, growth and upliftment. And if and when I happen to indulge in anything else, just the word lifts me up again. That’s how powerful the Windermere Qualities of Peace are!

So back to the projects: I cleaned the Buddha Rock House, woodwork, bathroom, kitchen, floors. Housework? Really? Yeah, and it was fun! It was adventurous! Let’s say I was adventurous, searching for the fun and realizing it was right here all along–inside of me!

Jarmo spent part of the day removing old, weathered plastic fencing, and now the meadow which served as a parking lot in days gone by, is a meadow again. I’m suddenly remembering the corrals, Horse Flats, nights and picnics at the Bunk House. It’s all coming back to me–and in the newness that Milo and Leilani are bringing to Windermere, each memory is full of the adventure of what their talents, dedication, and focus will bring.

Tristan and I ventured out to see the Great White Pyrenees dogs again–Baha and Bucket. I’m in love with their names and I’m swooning over their sweet dispositions.

Milo, Leilani, and Jarmo spent very active time tending to the pond–almost completely cleaned out by the time we left that day. And now I’ll bet it’s ready to take a dip!

So speaking of projects: Milo told us that he has a number of projects in mind that need funding. And his idea is that people could donate to their favorite project if they wish to support Windermere in that way. I like that focus a lot. Kind of makes the projects very personal.

Here they are:

  • Building out camping spots
  • Landscaping around the new labyrinth–gorgeous, lush plans are all ready for application now
  • Landscaping around the Island Ponds–build beautiful cedar foot bridge from peace pole to island, build stand for J-R’s dolphin statue
  • Continued garden updates–ponds, paths, and more
  • Adding hiking trails around the property–a familiar activity for those of us who remember Arrowhead in the ‘70’s

I’m jazzed, aren’t you? Here are some images to whet your Windermere Ranch appetite:


So if you’re as inspired as I am, contact Milo and Leilani to see how you can volunteer and/or donate.


And here’s the link to sign up for your very own Windermere Qualities of Peace:

Lots of love to us all. Bless this land. Bless this day. Bless us all!

Carol Jones

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