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Your Destiny and God’s Will for You [with Video]


This article by John-Roger was originally published in the New Day Herald in October, 2006. It is excerpted from his book Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise.

When you ask, in your heart, for your will to be aligned with Spirit, that can come to pass. Be patient and loving with yourself and with others, and you are well on your way to living according to God’s will. – John-Roger

Your ultimate destiny is to be consciously aware on all levels at all times and to know your own divinity. When you do this, you also know the divinity in all things and realize that it is all one. Then, what you do in your life is up to you to decide. You can do any number of things and still fulfill your destiny of knowing God; in other words, what you do here has little if anything to do with Soul Transcendence.

Living according to God’s will is the easiest way to live, but doing that may not be easy, since the ego is so used to having things the way it wants. If you are out of balance emotionally, mentally, financially, or sexually, you are probably coming from the ego and being “will-full” and not doing God’s will. We are given the tools of the emotions and the mind to help guide us through our journey on this planet. When you experience an imbalance in any of these areas, that is an indicator that something is not quite right.

We cannot know for sure we are doing God’s will unless we see through God’s eyes and know from God’s perspective. Here are some pointers along the way, questions you can ask yourself: Am I being loving? Am I being forgiving? Am I being peaceful? Am I truly asking to do what is for the highest good for all concerned in this situation? Then you do the best you can and live your life as it presents itself to you. You will make mistakes, and that is to be expected as part of the process of life. Mistakes are not wrong and bad; they are really your stepping-stones to learning and growth, and, seen that way, they are steps towards God. God’s will for you—for each of us—is to know God, and everything is set up to support that. So you can see all your experiences as opportunities to take one more step towards God. And the way to know God is to love as Jesus loved: unconditionally, through all things.

Living according to God’s will can also be seen as a surrender, in which we give up the ways, expectations, and conditions we impose on life in order to align ourselves with the Way that exists harmoniously for everything and everybody. Surrender in this sense really means to give up into a state in which all our needs are supplied. I call this a high state of cooperation.

The Bible says that even before you ask, God knows your need and will supply it. What the text appears to leave out is, “as long as you are living in your heart, or God’s will.” When our hearts are open, we live in what religion calls “God’s will,” the way of universal harmony and abundance. We live in the flow with the tides and rhythms of nature, and so attuned are we with both the inner and outer things that before we even speak, our needs are supplied.

The Bible also states that the reason we do not receive abundance is that we do not ask. This refers to those who are outside of the heart function and who are not in harmony with the instinctive goodness of both nature and the open spiritual heart. Thus the Bible accounts for both kinds of people—those who have not realized the truth and who must ask, and those who have surrendered to God’s will and who can graciously receive.

Do spiritual exercises (s.e.’s) to know more about yourself as a spiritual being. Then live your life as closely as you can to the preferences you select, and this will allow Spirit to come through even more. If you live your life in contradiction to the way you prefer, the emotions and the Spirit get mixed up. Then you are thrown back and forth, and you get confusion and doubts. So choose your preference, and then move on that.

You have probably heard, “Ask and you shall receive.” When you ask, in your heart, for your will to be aligned with Spirit, that can come to pass. Be patient and loving with yourself and with others, and you are well on your way to living according to God’s will.

You can use spiritual exercises as a way to bridge the gap from your body to your emotions, to your mind, to your subconscious, to your unconscious, into the Soul. Along with doing s.e.’s, take the time to contemplate your life and where you are going, making conscious decisions and choices, rather than living as an effect of what is taking place around you. If your emotions are out of balance, acknowledge that, look for the cause, and listen for the inner guidance on what to do to clear and release that level. There are no secrets within you. There is no solution that is hidden from you. There is nothing kept back. All wisdom is available to you at every moment, and it is your challenge and your responsibility to attune yourself to Spirit and to the God within so that you may receive the wisdom for yourself.

But, after all this, what if you still do not feel you know God’s will for you in a situation? Do the next thing in front of you to do, and do it lovingly. Pray to be guided by God and to be aware of that guidance, and then live your life as lovingly as you can. Ask for the Light, and then keep your eyes open to see what the Light shines on for your immediate level of concern.

Baruch Bashan (which means, the blessings already are).


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