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Winning the Race to God

"You need to tap into the enthusiasm within you, the energy that is God’s energy.  That’s the energy that makes you a champion.  That’s the energy that conducts you into God.  It is the one who’s known you from the beginning, watched over you, been with you protecting you, counseling you, disciplining you and bringing you everything needed in your life."- John Morton

This article comes from a seminar John gave in September 1992 in Bogotá, Colombia

You might consider that soul transcendence is presented to you in this lifetime, meaning do it before you die. Secure your Soul’s level before you die.  That’s what the Traveler comes and offers, as well as the opportunity to ride.  The Traveler is very practical, so the Traveler comes into the kindergarten class and talks to children about their destiny.  The Traveler is one who knows that your destiny is to go to God.

Travelers come forward physically to fulfill that destiny for those who are ready.  When you are ready, you’re chosen.  Spirit does the choosing.  The Traveler just cooperates, but it’s an absolute cooperation.  The Traveler is always holding up your progression.

By “holding up”, I don’t mean blocking.  I mean presenting the next opportunity in the greatest way possible.  What is interesting with that presentation is people don’t do it.  They don’t get on the horse.  They don’t get on any horse, even an old horse that barely limps.  In the world there are things besides horses, and they are often very attractive and ever so interesting in terms of the world.

What is being addressed is the Traveler’s gift to you.  The Traveler is going to take you for a ride, but you have to be willing to get on and do it at the level that you are prepared for.

Imagine a young child who sits in the stands of a horserace.  The crowd, the excitement, the spectacular race, the celebrated winner, the cheering and applauding – and at that moment decides to be a champion jockey.  In that same moment that young child wants to get on the horse and ride around the track.  Do you suppose that child’s parents would let them do that, knowing they had never been on a horse before?  No.

The caring and consideration for the child in that moment wouldn’t allow for it.  If the parents saw that it was a dream worth following, they would do whatever was in their power to support the child, like getting the child into riding school at a young age and finding the best training available.  In the world there are also other things going on.  Humans have to survive, so the parents also have to take care of the basics.

The Traveler is also supporting you with your basic needs and your life as you live it to get the very best.  The Traveler is also always looking at you as a champion who is destined to win the greatest race, so that’s always kept in mind.  If, along the way, you become frustrated or distracted by other things, the Traveler is not one who would force you to become a jockey.  You are not forced to go for a ride. It’s done with lots of choices every day and in every circumstance.

Let’s just call it the “Big Race” and the odds of any one of you winning the race might be less than one in a million.  Those are slim odds.  I can’t tell you who’s going to win this race of Soul Transcendence.  This is not allowed for me to do.  I don’t have that knowledge and information at present, but I know its presence.  Its presence is simply this…. eventually you will win. You will win the big race.  It’s your destiny and it’s established.

If you knew that and also knew that was really what you wanted deep in your heart, you would go after this with great intention like anyone with a very powerful dream they pursue.  Suppose it involves lots of sacrifice.  The overwhelming majority of champions have a history of making much sacrifice.  They put aside many choices their peers did not put aside.  It’s not unlike soul transcendence.

If you want soul transcendence in this lifetime, act as though it’s the great championship and the odds are at least one in a million.  You are going to make it eventually, even though it may not be in this lifetime.  When you know what it is, you’ll choose it right now with all of your power and might.

This is one of the commissions that Jesus left us.  He stated it as, “Love the Lord your God with all thy soul, with all thy might.” [Deuteronomy 6:5]

What it really was saying is with everything you’ve got. This is soul transcendence.  It is your destiny.  Whether you do it with MSIA and John-Roger as your Traveler, you are going to do it with the Traveler at some point.  That is the consciousness that does this.

You could say, “Well, I don’t know…” as if somebody came up to a five-year-old and told them they would one-day be a grand champion.  It’s so rare and it’s so easy to protest and hold back.  The great challenge is to give with all your might.

What is absolutely fascinating is this choice to do soul transcendence with all your might.  It comes to you exactly where you live your life right now, who you’re close to, and all the things you are involved in. That’s all a part of it.  The reality is it has nothing to do with the Earth except this is a place in God’s creation because that is where you find yourself.  You’re here, not anywhere else.  This is the place that is being offered to you.

You are being reminded of the importance of what’s asked of you in return if you want to do it in this lifetime.  If you’re willing to be casual, then it will take however long it takes.  What is there to do differently?  Practice Soul Transcendence all the time.  Is that spiritual exercises all the time?  I think that is a wonderful aspiration, to make your life a spiritual exercise.  Of course, it already is.  We’re all just waking up.

The practice is in living the divine presence so that every opportunity becomes a spiritual awakening.  That’s what it always is.  If you feel like your life is lacking and one big struggle, that is you who has misdirected yourself.  When you are in the way with Spirit in the movement of spiritual awareness and getting close to a being level and not just a doing level, it’s just so easy!  It’s an inner process of ease.

There are also things in this world that, by their nature, would attempt to sabotage you.  Have you ever had people who are jealous of you, envious or resentful?  They thought negatively, ill or violently towards you, and even threatened you?  Those are obstacles, so it isn’t always a smooth track.

In this setting and gathering, it’s a smooth track.  Experts come out for the race and groom the track.  Trainers take care of the horses and make sure their equipment is the very best it can be.  The owners of the horse make sure they get the best care possible.  The support for you here is tremendous.  But when you go out in the world into other circumstances, there can be lots of obstacles.  Maybe you have to buy your own horse or equipment from a church sale or flea market.  The circumstances of support for you being a spiritual warrior change as soon as you move out into the world.

In MSIA, the primary, central, highest priority all-important business is soul transcendence.  That is what we are about so that’s our focus here.  When you come here with that purpose, you get very powerful support.  When you go out into the world and do what we call the “ten-percent”, that’s a horse of a different color.  It can be difficult and challenging.  I know that.  We know that already.  It is understood.  Nonetheless, keep it up.  Keep going.

If you fall off a horse and you are a real champion, you get back on.  If you manage to get in the race and still lose, and have an opportunity next year, if you are a champion, you enter.  You take advantage of every opportunity, no matter what gets in the way.

Somebody might say, “You’re too old, let the younger ones race.  Forget it.  Wait until next lifetime.  Get a better Traveler.”  Well, maybe you will.  I know that this Traveler, the one that holds the power of this school that is present, is looking at you as a champion now and treats you as such.

That means there’s not a lot of time to mess around.  We’ve got to practice day in and day out.  It’s our full-time occupation.  Everything we do, we do to get onto the track and win that race.  The Traveler doesn’t do it without you. It’s your race.  You are the one that is going to win.

You need to tap into the enthusiasm within you, the energy that is God’s energy.  That’s the energy that makes you a champion.  That’s the energy that conducts you into God.  It is the one who’s known you from the beginning, watched over you, been with you protecting you, counseling you, disciplining you and bringing you everything needed in your life.  That one.  That’s who it is.  Isn’t it amazing that presence is so subtle that if you don’t make the effort, it’s easy to miss out on the opportunity?

You have to take the initiative.  Declare yourself to be a champion.  A spiritual warrior is one who walks this path.  The destiny on this path is moving into the Christ, the Traveler, the Holy Spirit and becoming one with God.  That is the destiny.  Looking from this part of God’s creation, it looks like just talk.  The only way you know it, is by your experience.

It is important for me to be here with you.  This is the way I ride.  This is the way I fulfill my destiny.  You are very much a part of it.  This part of my destiny involves you and others who are spiritual warriors in the making.

The way we relate to each other personally is uncomfortable at best. That is a testimony that the Spirit overcomes the uncomfortableness, so we get to partake in the fellowship of the Spirit.  We are friends and companions.  There are these kinds of moments that have a sacredness and solemnity.  I view it as more of an honoring through the silence.  At times there really is nothing to say.

I also want to extend the friendship in that relationship a Traveler has with initiates, ministers and those who are on this path.  It is of the blood, and that makes it holy as we share a common Father.  I want to remind you there are lots of opportunities for joy, play and to not take ourselves seriously.  It’s a reminder amongst us to take every opportunity to be light and lift.  That is something that we will look at as another opportunity.

Right now, I would love to leave you in this beautiful place until we meet again.  Find a place of peace inside yourself as you consider this:

God is listening.

All the power of God is with you.

Now you can transform.

The opportunity before you is to take on a new identity,

an identity in a higher place with God.

So, look now to God, look inside for that presence

and be open to see, to hear, to feel a new you.

One who has been chosen greater of God.

How high can you go?

Yes, you have to let go.

It’s so easy to let go when God is with you.

Can you feel God’s hands lifting you

or the arms of the angels and the Light?

The Light is lifting you.

You must be the Light.

You’re lighter than the Light.

And listen to the sound.

The sound is transforming you.

Let go.

There is nothing to hang on to.

The power of God has you completely.

You are protected.

You are safe and secure.

There is a revelation present.

Let your mind experience the revelation.

Love your mind.

Love all the parts of you that resist.

Love the human form.

See the perfection.

God’s gifts are bestowed upon you.

Do you accept?

Unworthiness has no part with you.

You are chosen of God and this is your destiny.

It is done.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing the Way into Soul Transcendence

Lord, we are open

and in the ways we are claiming to be open, but we are not open,

we ask that You adjust us, that You clear us,

You release us from the unnecessary forms of restrictions

we have placed upon ourselves.

We especially ask for that in the unconscious, subconscious levels

where we habitually continue the forms that would keep us restricted

in unnecessary ways

that are not serving the highest good.

That in Your perfect wisdom

in your perfect mercy and love,

You bring to us a release, a clearing, a balancing, and healing.

And in that way, You turn to those of us who have this need

for greater forgiveness.

If the direction is to forgive thyself,

that it is upon each one of us

to do what that is in our way

for whatever applies in releasing and letting go of any judgments,

any negative forms, any disturbances from any existence.

When it has been done in this way,

we are released from the karmic flow that is no longer necessary.

We find ourself moving into soul consciousness,

Soul liberation, soul transcendence,

that is the oneness with God

the eternal nature

that is always loving in all ways

in the living truth that abides in all of Creation

as the eternal truth.

Regardless of what we are doing in a temporary form,

this life in this day in this life

in this moment in this life,

You reveal again we are always in movement,

and this is the living force.

And this movement is going to God,

going into all that is good,

all that is blessed.

Then You remind us that this is to be shared,

that we have a loving, sharing and caring God.

This is our way.

This is the way.

So, what is upon us is to rise up,

not partially but completely,

in the anointing that is the Holy Spirit and the Christ.

In this way, we become the living truth,

we become the Light,

we become the love,

that this world is in need of.

And if we are here in the world, we are in need of this love.

We are part of the need for greater love.

We just take a moment to hold for that transformation

to the greater love.

In whatever parts of our creation have resisted or have blocked,

have attempted to stop or deny,

we have the opportunity now to eternally set the tone

in God’s will being done.

To love all of Its creation,

and to move us into the fullness of what that can become.

This day we are one with God.

Always in always ways.

Yes, I said that.

Always in always ways.

The eternal nature, this loving.

Baruch Bashan

The above blessing was given by John Morton in a MSS class in March 2020.


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