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The Blessings of MSIA Run Deep and True


Dawn White (at right) with her mother, Fay Martin, and John Morton at a booksigning for John's book "The Blessings Already Are" at the Theosophical Society in Sydney, Australia on September 6, 2000.

My story this life began when I was one year old, in Sydney, Australia, in 1963. My Mum, the beautiful and late Fay, had been searching for the meaning of life. She suddenly became consumed with the idea of growing a purple rose. She had seen the majestic vision on the inner, and did all she could to manifest it in the rose garden we had at home (I think she was told by the nursery they had not heard of such a thing, and she kept trying). She did not realise the significance until we discovered MSIA when I was around 13.

Fast forward to around 1973 and two countries later, my Mum Fay and I were living in Perth, Australia (true “movement” people – we love traveling!!) When I would get off the bus after school, there would all ways be this beautiful man in the Spirit with a glorious Spirit Horse waiting for me. He said he had come to see me home, and we would walk home, talking (inwardly!) about how my day had been. He was beautiful, loving and kind. One day I asked inwardly what his name was and he said, “John… just call me John.” Around that time I remember having this intense focus on the initials “M.T.”, not knowing why at the time. I also had the awareness that I needed to “find Melchizedek” — with a sweet remembrance of an intense loving, overcoming all obstacles.

At that time, my beautiful Mum and I were embarked on a glorious Spiritual Quest, investigating several varieties of yoga, Swami Venkatesananda’s sweet and beautiful teachings (I recall he or one of his representatives visiting Perth), Sun Bear (Native American teacher), Mind Dynamics (precursor to Life Stream / Est, however also covered how to access past lives, reading auras, etc.), the Dalai Lama, the Aboriginal Evangelical Church (they were sooo warmly welcoming) and the Church of the Mystic Christ which worked thru the great Lord Melchizedek.

Finally, we found MSIA outwardly thru a new-age bookstore in Perth, thru The Movement Newspaper. The resonance was immediate, pure and true and we started on Discourses when I was around 13, around 1975. I see now, more clearly than ever, the connection was all ways there with our most gloriously loving J-R and that igniting the connection outwardly took it to a whole new level.

I took my own sweet time, and was blessed to receive initiation from our Beloved John Morton in November 1984. I was ordained on Thanksgiving 1984, aged 22. So as we celebrated J-R’s homecoming around Thanksgiving 2014, I was celebrating my 30th anniversary of ordination in The Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness — and reflecting on the true honor of this. And I have found Melchizedek!!!!! And what a divinely glorious experience that continues to be!!!! The blessings of being in the Melchizedek Line are unparalleled in strength, loving, beauty and peace (my experience) and the Great Lord Melchizedek honors us (all in MSIA) with his awesome presence. Wow!!!!

My experiences (inner and outer) with our glorious and beloved J-R have been (and continue to be) many, divine and holy. I all ways experience the most divine loving, fun, practical and joy-full energies with him and I am sooo proud of all that MSIA is, and all of us who have made it so — inner and outer. To me, the J-R experience has only became richer thru his passing — even more profound and joy-fully loving; which I did not know was possible!!!

The outer J-R experience I am led to share today is that he gave me my first real job — at the MSIA office in Sydney, where I was blessed to be the first Office Manager for MSIA in Australia, with a blessed group of about 25 joy-full, dedicated and talented volunteers!!!

I recall being at the beautiful home of the Strudwicks where I had been volunteering for MSIA. J-R and I were alone in the kitchen standing by the fridge and he asked (after some preliminaries), “So what are you doing for work?” I said, “I was hoping we could discuss this! I’ve just finished my Master of Arts degree and I know my future is with MSIA. It’s where my heart is. I’d like to set up the office here and look after things. I’ve already been volunteering for a few years.” The answer was “Yes!!!!!”

And awesomely Beloved J-R, the answer from me is still “Yes!!!!!” Let’s keep these gloriously beautiful sharings going!!! Yes!!!!! Immense loving Light to all!!!! To me, the blessings of MSIA run deep and true, with many veins of gold and Light still to be mined (some of my Mum’s side of the family were into gold mining, however that’s a story for another time).

And bless the divine Soul of my beautiful mother Reverend Fay Martin. When she passed into Spirit, she passed joy-fully and with great grace, ease and loving and no pain. She has been with me many times since, as ongoing living proof that the MSIA teachings hold up when the physical form is released. She has provided (and continues to) great explanations for how things occur on the other side and again, confirmation at the deepest possible level of the MSIA teachings.

Love, Love, Love!!!
Immensely Peace-full Loving Light To All!!!!
Joy to the world — as it is already in us!!!
Baruch Hashem!!!,
Dawn White

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