The Human Form

By: John-Roger, DSS

February 12th, 2021

The Human Form

In the human form, this quality we call “love” has been called “prema” by some of the Indian people. It can be called a lot of things. It is that essence which will move us from point to point inside of us, when nothing else will. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, December 1984.

When we approach a consciousness of spirituality, there are certain guidelines within ourselves that help us determine whether a group or an idea is worth pursuing. The one factor that brings people into what we call the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is primarily love. It hasn’t been to learn something profound, because I’m not known for that. It isn’t to learn something startling, or revealing by nature, because that has already been done. However, some of it has only been done academically and some has been done pedantically, and some has been done in a rhetorical fashion. I do it—and put love in it. That, to me, is what brings anything alive.

The quality of love becomes extremely difficult to define for everyone’s satisfaction. However, anytime you put something out with love, it takes place. If you’ve done it in a consciousness of love, it will take place. That is probably the one thing that you can’t be denied in Spirit—asking in love. If you ask in lust, you may get it, and you may not.

Primarily, we don’t, because if we did, we wouldn’t be praying anymore, or wishing. We would have everything. That could be a panic.

Can you imagine everybody looking like your favorite movie star? Or everybody owning the same expensive car. It’s really nice that we don’t get what we lust for. Lust brings us experience and without that we might not appreciate some of the finest things that we experience. At the same time, we might be further ahead if we didn’t experience some of these things. Needless to say, that’s all wrapped up in this particular thing we call “the human form.”

In the human form, this quality we call “love” has been called “prema” by some of the Indian people. It can be called a lot of things. It is that essence which will move us from point to point inside of us, when nothing else will. It’s not an emotional feeling. True, love might be identified that way, so that we can identify it and grab a hold of it. However, love can be found simply in harmony and balance.

I don’t have to desire every new car, dress, or gadget. I can let someone else purchase them to take home, and love them in their own way. There are factors of this love that we should be aware of. One is the state of neutrality. I can love it, but I don’t want to be involved with the maintenance and the upkeep. That’s a form of neutral love.

The other type of love is, “I want to have it and I don’t want anyone else to have it,” and that gets to be quite possessive. Not only that but, “I don’t want anybody else to look at it.” If you have love inside of you, and you don’t have charity to go with the love, then that love starts ringing like a hollow bell. You’ve all seen people who will espouse a concept of love as long as you’re paying for it.

Have it now, pay for it later doesn’t work either. “Later,” for people means many different things.

In the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, we’re in our “laters.” The things we were going to do are now upon us. We can’t “shuck” things off to another time, or another dispensation, especially once we get an inkling of the divine nature of our own beingness. Once that trickles through, as subtle as it may be, it is important that we stand up inside of our consciousness; not to say, “Hey, I’m greater than you,” but rather, “I stood up, now you stand up also.” We can get this planet moving on a path of unfoldment that would be great for everyone and not just a few.

However, at the same time, many of you take off and look back in the other direction and say, “But the karma of our fulfillment is upon us and we have to finish that.” That’s true, but there are many ways to abrogate karma so that no one has to shuck off their life by way of a karmic “cop-out” by claiming, “Well, that’s my karma, I can’t do it.” Truly, that’s your karma, go get busy and clear it! Get into it! We can’t even say, “Yes, but that’s my destiny.” If you don’t get busy today, forget about the word “destiny.” Then you take what you can get, and be very, very thankful to get that.

If we are going to change the karmic flow through a consciousness of love, we must have some idea of what is represented by that. There are some key designs we can look at along the way. First of all, that which has the quality of love also has the quality of support. That support should be “whether you’re present or not, I still love you.” Many people love you as long as you’re in the room, and as soon as you walk out, they talk about you. That’s not support. That’s hypocrisy.

If you feel like that has been a part of your consciousness, at least you should be able to note that, to say, “I do that.” If you say, “No, I don’t,” (and you do) you’ve forfeited the next step, which is the assistance of Spirit.

It’s best to say, “True, I’m hypocritical on a heck of a lot of things.” You’re still open to receive more of the essence of Spiritual energy. Is there anything wrong with being hypocritical? Well, if there is, we’re all wrong. It runs up as part of this human fabric and not as a form of spiritual unfoldment. It keeps us wrapped in this human form, called the body, mind, and emotions in confrontation with somebody else’s fabric (body, mind, emotions).

But in the fabric there’s a golden thread of awareness that we refer to as God or Spirit, or we call it “Love.”

The golden thread always says, “You know what it is that you do, you know if you are saying things that you shouldn’t, you know if you are involved in things you shouldn’t.” That knowing can produce guilt, and guilt is one hell of a task-master. It will beat you in the head with every breath. If you can’t have individual guilt, of something you do, you can join a group and have collective guilt. You can masquerade your individual guilt under collective guilt, and hope to get away with it. It doesn’t work that way.

After you do the collective, you still have to separate and do the individual anyway. We always come back to the idea that, if you’re going to join an organization, or a group to masquerade under something else, you’re going to find yourself defrocked. Any organization worth its salt is going to make you stand as an individual.

Then the group that can stand upon each individual becomes quite beautiful. The Piscean Age that has been upon us was the age of individual unfoldment. Specifically individual, taught by an individual to an individual—face to face approach.

That’s been quite valuable for people who are still in the Piscean consciousness. However, we’re fast upon and into the Aquarian Age. That is the age of the collective consciousness. Group upliftment, maintaining the concept of individuality.

We’re still back to the individual responsibility. Those people who insist on maintaining an individual responsibility versus collective up-growth will find themselves dropping from the physical body, because the Piscean Age is dead. It is time to join together and begin moving collectively into the group.

There is one question that we can ask ourself on every path of unfoldment, “What can we do?” This “we” becomes an “us.” The Piscean was an “I” against a “you.” “How do I unfold versus what are you doing?”

Whenever we enter into that, “I’m here and you’re there,” we are demonstrating the Piscean consciousness in the Spiritual energy flow. Attempting to maintain that absolute dignity of individuality is going to be the cross we carry. That’s painful. That’s the world on your back, that’s where, “I can’t ask my wife for some understanding and help.” That’s where, “I’ve got to go through it myself, regardless.” That’s the fool!

When we can turn to another individual for support, we are in group consciousness, even where two are gathered together in a single purpose, we form group consciousness. We can restore the earth to the Garden of Eden consciousness, where God reigns personally through the Godlike form (the human form) that radiates this energy of Spirit, wherever we will go.

There are many people who are standing up on the planet, out of nowhere, and by radiating energy they are pulling people to them with this Universal Love and this concept of the Universality of consciousness. That truth is entirely present.

Baruch Bashan


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