John-Roger on Living Love

By: John-Roger, DSS

February 12th, 2021

John-Roger on Living Love

“This new age of living love manifests each time you enter into the love of the spiritual heart.” – John-Roger

This compilation of quotes on Living Love by John-Roger were first published in the New Day Herald in September, 2006.

We must listen to the Sound of Love —the great inner feeling, that movement of spiritual inner awareness that unites us on all levels of beingness. Then we know we are peace, we are joy, we are love.
—John-Roger (From: Q&A from the Heart Journal)

After much searching, I have concluded that no matter what we face, we can handle it by being in the moment. “In the moment” is where we can find all our answers. The trick is to bring ourselves into the moment. What’s more, there is another dimension to being in the moment—and that is to be loving. This is the loving that springs from the depth of our being, our spiritual heart. So, the key to life is to be loving in the moment.
—John-Roger with Paul Kaye (From: Momentum, Letting Love Lead)

If you shower and change and put on your best cologne so you’ll smell good for your husband or wife, you’re doing things backward. It’s when you smell good for yourself that you are manifesting living love. You are clean for yourself, for the Spirit that resides within your bodily temple.
—John-Roger (From: Loving Each Day)

Living love is loving yourself first, so that you can love others. It’s taking care of yourself, so that you can help take care of others. It’s doing those things that are good for you, so that you’ll be happy, healthy, and a joy to be with.
—John-Roger (From: Loving Each Day)

God’s name is living love. If, every morning, you say, “Here I come, Lord; open your arms,” you may find the love of your life awaiting you. But you must bring your living love present.
—John-Roger (From: Loving Each Day)

We must practice finding the living love within us before we look outward.
—John-Roger (From: Meditations for the Awakening Heart)

This new age of living love manifests each time you enter into the love of the spiritual heart.
(From: Loving Each Day)

When you awaken to your own Christ consciousness, to your own Soul consciousness, you will love freely, you will live freely, you will love from the loving heart. You will be living love.
—John-Roger (From: Loving Each Day)

There’s only one key. There’s really only one law—and that is the law of loving.
—John-Roger (From: Loving Each Day)

Living love is not just loving from someplace deep within you, but living love with every breath. When you breathe in, love breathes in. And when you breathe out, love breathes out.
—John-Roger (From: Loving Each Day)

When people say things meant to hurt or anger you, you don’t have to fight them. You don’t have to do anything. Let them have their fun. You simply direct yourself into the consciousness that you want to have.
—John-Roger (From: Loving Each Day)

God’s name is living love, and these are the actions of love: increase your Light, continue your development, be a joy to everyone you see, lift yourself continually. Do everything with your attention on getting a smile on your face and love in your eyes. Look at everything through love. Do everything in God’s name, and you will be walking straight towards God.
—John-Roger (From: Living Love: From the Spiritual Heart)


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