Getting Along With This World

By: John Morton, DSS

February 12th, 2021

Getting Along With This World

Let’s get to the loving.  Can you hear the practicality in that?  Can I do that just by saying, “I love you?'” That is a way, particularly if you give those words meaning.   Do you say them with your heart?  – John Morton

This article comes from a seminar John Morton gave on January 15, 2021 for MSIA Discourse subscribers.

Let’s do some practical spirituality.  How do you get along with this world?  One aspect of that answer is you get along because you choose to get along.  Make that decision or express the intention, “I want to get along with my life.”  You can choose your own words.  Life has a lot of bandwidth and range. Your life is your responsibility.

I look at life as larger than your body.  It’s larger than what happens or what you do physically.  Life is spiritual in nature, God in nature.  In that way, our life has a guarantee and a promise that you can handle it.  You can handle your life.  The place where that is taking place with no exception is in your breathing.

“What if I can’t get my breathing working through my lungs and then across the blood-brain barrier transferring the oxygen to my brain cells that need that?” Okay, that is a possibility, a condition that can occur.

You are breathing beyond the blood-brain barrier and whatever the cells need and require in your body.  Let’s call that the Holy Breath, God’s breath, which breathes life into you.  And you also have a way of breathing it out.  If we take in the breath of life, we give it out.  There is something there as a lesson.  It’s a mechanism by which we live.  It’s a way of understanding what we are to do while we are in this world. How do you get along with this world?  You breathe.  Keep breathing.  Consciously take in the breath and give it out openly, freely.

How do you get along with your life and get along with the world?  There is something that can apply to both.  The obvious is that you love it.  Then, there is something else.  You are loved.  Which came first?  The chicken or the egg?  I loved it.  I always loved, so which came first doesn’t matter.  They are one and the same.  You are loving and being loved.  It’s loving.  Let it be free to do the loving you give and the loving you receive in life.  Can you do that unconditionally?  Yes.

Claim that.  “Yes, I can.”  Then the question comes, do you love your life?  Do you love the world?  For that second part, I can feel some resistance.  How about you? That can be an awareness.  “I love the world to a point.  Then I run into my resistance, contraction, and issues.”  Can you love the issues?

Let’s get to the loving.  Can you hear the practicality in that?  Can I do that just by saying, “I love you?”  That is a way, particularly if you give those words meaning.  Do you say them with your heart?  Do you say them with all you’ve got going in your body so that your body demonstrates loving? Perhaps you find the conditionality. That awareness helps you relate and understand where the loving needs to go.  Maybe that is to whomever you are within your life. That’s very practical.

Notice how you are always in your life.  Hopefully, I didn’t have to point that out for you to have that awareness.  You are in your life.  “I am always in my life even when I’m unconscious, when I don’t know where I am.  If I come into the body and don’t relate to what was going on, where was I?”  Let that be okay.  Let your life include the unconscious.  What you don’t remember or what doesn’t come into your conscious awareness, love that anyway.

Did you hear that?  “What if I don’t know what it is?”  That’s conditional loving. When I look at conditional loving, I come to a conclusion. That is not loving.  That is a condition.  Loving is unconditional.  That’s the loving I know.  Bring that into your life, including what you don’t consciously know.  Let’s call that “divine unknowing”.  It is divine even if you don’t know it.  You can make that commitment.  “I am going to love no matter what. I’m going to be loved no matter what.”  Let that resonate.

Let’s take a moment to use the mind for divine purpose.  Consider that is one of the specialties of the Traveler.  The Traveler can bring to your mind what is divine in its nature and let your mind have inspiration beyond what you can conceive and what your mind, in its way, knows. Is there something beyond the mind?  Yes. Whatever it is, consider it’s still in the divine order, the divine presence.

When we get ahold of this as a conscious awareness, it’s full of inspiration.  It relaxes us, bringing inner calm.  It brings the qualities of the divine.  Every divine quality is beautiful.  If we relate to something as less than beautiful, as something we would reject, judge or condemn, that’s not it. Keep going.

One opportunity we have in getting along with our life and the world is if some form shows up that we would reject, deny, condemn, punish or attack, we don’t do that.  Look at that as a choice we all have, even if others aren’t choosing it.  That’s not your level of concern.  The choice is yours and it is a precious choice.

Have the wisdom to pass on things that are of a negative order, perhaps a temptation towards something that can become habitual in nature.  We can have negative patterns and habits we’ve developed even if we do not remember developing them.  Those can be difficult because we start relating to them like, “I must be this person who is so disturbed, depressed and confused because I keep expressing or experiencing my life in this way.”

That is just a pattern.  Have the wit to know it doesn’t work.  It is not what you want in your heart of hearts.  My heart of hearts is full of loving.  It is also the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings.  Get to the one who is Supreme to all.  Let’s consider that is God.  When we have that consciousness of God, we are in a beautiful state, a masterful state.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Going to God

Thank You, Lord, for coming before us
so we are in direct relationship to Your countenance,
that we can face You with all of what we have,
with all of what You have,
which is a full embrace.
So, we’re fully in touch in the oneness of what this is,
in this divine consciousness.

Yes, you can let go, completely. What’s that like?
Well, it’s something like falling higher,
like you let go of whatever would be your containment of yourself as an identification,
to release that, so that you become the consciousness that is the Traveler,
which is going to God.

There’s the blessing. We’re all going to God.

Baruch Bashan


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