How I Met Our Traveler J-R

By: Alexandra Roberts

May 5th, 2021

How I Met Our Traveler J-R


Alexandra Roberts with John-Roger at Prana circa 1988.

In 1977 I was this young girl modeling in New York, engaged to be married, very into the world and deeply miserable inside…not on a spiritual path at all. I knew there was so much more, yet not knowing where the ‘more’ was. So I just left everything, packed up, left New York and moved to Los Angeles, cold turkey, knowing hardly anyone here… a former Texas girl.

Two weeks later, after my move to LA, I was invited to a large party at this home on Sunset Blvd, owned by a woman who ran The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Me — new young girl in town — so miserable and searching. I gravitated at the party to this beautiful man named Carl Parsons, a publicist at the time, who has since passed and he was “in MSIA.”

Carl was wearing this deep blue small button on his jacket lapel with a swirling symbol that read MSIA. I asked him about his button and symbol and he told me about this man John-Roger. I did not want to leave Carl’s side, I was entranced, in love…mesmerized by his stories. He could sense that in me and shared with me that I could meet J-R, but first I needed to go to 3 seminars before I could attend a live seminar at Prana.

So for the next three weeks, I drove to Carl’s place in West Hollywood and he would play taped J-R seminars for me. Just he and I. I remember being so enthralled, so alive, so….everything.

At last, I was able to attend the live packed seminar at Prana. I went by myself and just inwardly listened, not understanding much of what J-R was saying, and was in rapture of this man.

After the seminar was over, J-R saw me, I saw him, and I extended my hand to say hello in greeting and said to him: “Hi, I’m Alexandra Roberts and I am new to MSIA.” He looked at me and in a millisecond said to me, “You’re not new to MSIA” and with a twinkle in his eye, walked away.

My life, my world, my being-ness has never been the same since. I never looked back. Whoever was that girl that lived in New York, was born again. J-R’s love took this lost girl, not sure what real love, real beauty, real being-ness was and the miracles began. And this inner immense love affair, that we all have so beautifully talked about, began and has not ended since.

Over the decades, J-R showed me through his reflection, his inner sacredness in me, what it is to really love, to see, to know. I recall one time J-R said to me years later — this is my memory — that the time was “not yet” for me to publicly talk about him, but that there would be a time. I wondered then at that statement and now I see the perfection.

He is so alive and so beautiful inside of me as the deepest Love I have ever known. “I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age, forever…”
Always J-R, always…forever and always.

Alexandra Roberts

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Thank you, beautiful Alexandra, I remember you talking one time about your gratitude when you were washing your beautiful dishes – that’s part of your grace that has stayed with me.

I feel the love ❤️ & the light &d the beauty

Alexandra, as it feel spiritually clear inside of you, I encourage you to lean into speaking publicly about J-R, where people are looking for this. 🙂

Thank u for sharing this beautiful energy of your journey. One could not write the story except we did. Many continued Light Blessings Beloved❤️