Thank God for Experiences

By: John-Roger, DSS

June 15th, 2021

Thank God for Experiences


“If you look at life as being a ladder you can visualize each “problem” as a rung in that ladder. If you take away the “problem” you take away your potential growth. You learn from experiences…” – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, August 1973

Let’s look at a few aspects of consciousness.  It is possible for you to lift out of your present level of consciousness into other, higher ones.  This becomes thought-provoking for people to find they can do these things they never thought possible.  Many times you have to have a key given to you, a door pointed out, and a keyhole and a doorknob brought to your attention.  But if you don’t do anything after that, then nothing will really happen to you. You’ll just sit there with the keys, the information, the knowledge and the where-with-all to change things for yourself, but nothing will happen. It will not be done unless you do it.  Let’s talk about this factor of not doing for a moment.

Many times people make decisions by default.  This is when you won’t make a decision “yes” or “no” and consequently, the decision is forced upon you from outside of yourself.  And you aren’t always too happy about that particular decision.  Too often, you become hesitant about making a wrong decision – if any decision can be called “wrong.”  But I have found, through experiences of working with people in the realms of Light beyond the physical on all levels of consciousness, that ultimately and in Reality, there is no wrong decision except that which you label as being wrong.

After you have decided on something, you can look at that decision, that movement, or that direction, as being a lesson – just strictly a lesson-problem solving experience.  And when it becomes possible to solve the problem, you find out that it has all been a very positive action.  But if you can’t see a way out of a problem, you feel boxed in.  And this brings in frustration and a feeling of irritability.  A lot of people call this an “inferiority complex.”

One man said to me, I have an “inferiority complex.”  I said, “Maybe it’s not a complex.”  He looked at that idea for a while and said, “Maybe it’s not.”  I said, “Could it be that in the area you are working you are inferior?” He thought about that and said, “Yes, I believe I am.” I said, “Then why don’t you work in an area where you are not inferior?”  He worked through that for a while and decided that he would be better suited in another area.

So, he moved to that other area and experienced greater success.  Then he worked on the weaker area in his spare time until that was stronger too.  In other words, he found out his strengths, utilized them, and then worked on his weaknesses to build them up to strengths.

I think that too many times the problem is that you allow a situation to come in on the level of your weakness, and it becomes too much for you to handle.  And then it represents a problem.  However, it’s only a problem if you see it that way; someone else may look at it and perceive the answer for it immediately.  Many times, what you are looking at as a “problem” isn’t one at all – it’s just all expression.  When you can perceive it as an expression and see that there are alternate ways to express, you have a way to move through it and to change it if you want to.

If you look at life as being a ladder you can visualize each “problem” as a rung in that ladder.  If you take away the “problem” you take away your potential growth.  You learn from experiences, but you learn more from your negative experience than from your positive ones.  These experiences that hit at you and shake you will he your most effective areas of learning the good times you’ve had.  But look at all the time you’ve wasted trying to have “a good time.”  And what did you really accomplish?  You might not remember much except that you had a good time.

But how about the bad times?  Probably you can remember who said what to whom and what the whole situation was like.  This tells you that you learn and you remember more through the negative process.  But if you can use that negative process as a stepping stone, then it hasn’t been negative at all.  You have turned it into a positive action.  You surmount negativity by standing up on the things that appear to be negative and using them to lift you higher.  The “problem” is still there; you just shift your consciousness in relation to it and start surmounting it in a positive way.

As soon as you realize there is an answer to every problem, it becomes easier for you.  Sometimes the answer is to do nothing, to hold steady, to not move.  Often people say, “I’ve got to do something about this; I’ve got to do something.”  I say, “Why?”  They say, “Because I just have to.”  That’s not necessarily a good answer.  So I say, “What if you moved this way?”  They look at that and say, “That won’t work.”  So I say, “What if you moved that way?”  They say, “That won’t work either.”  I say, “What if you just hold still?”  Well, they’re not sure.  But they might hold still – and it’ll be that stillness that will allow the solution to come into their consciousness and let them be on their way.  And then they say, “Thank God I didn’t do that.  It’s a good thing I couldn’t make up my mind.”

Sometimes this “decision by default” is good; but most of the time, because you, in your consciousness, are a directive force and are energy in motion, it’s best to have movement – for that is your building action.  That is your growth.  As soon as you have declared an intent one way or the other, you will put your energy into that decision.  Then if it does not feel clear, you can reverse your decision and direct the energy another way.  But if you spend your time on the “tightrope,” you usually end up frustrated.  You have to make a movement.

Furthermore, if you know that, in ultimate reality, any decision you make, any direction you move in, is going to be for your highest good – no matter what it is – then you’re on; you’re moving; you’re going up.  And nothing can stop you as you move your consciousness into higher and higher levels.

Baruch Bashan


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