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BlessingsFest in the Heart of God


Dawn White.

This bountiful online BlessingsFest wrapped up our (best ever) Conference — The Heart of Soul Transcendence — and I am experiencing it continuing on in Spirit for all (for the highest good)!

Beloved Johnny Morton, through the Line of the Travelers, basically Blessed everything! There was a HUge variety of requests/sharings in such a sweet way from around 112 folks – truly the harmony of the highest good, to which Johnny referred.

My experience is that it all was/is real awesome! Here are just some of the gems from our Beloved John, from his totally Blessed sharing over 6 hours! That in itself truly is the biggest Blessing!

Grace Is Loving God.
Keep knowing you are love present.
God + I Are One.
Blessings of Grace: Patience, Trust, Faith.
Full relationship with God.
All things have a perfection: there is no need for resistance.
Have the first estate inside of you activated – which is God consciousness.
Programming the universal mind.
Ageing = Blossoming; Trust the creator in the design.
Enjoy your life!
Live each moment to the fullest.
Surfing – riding the energy fields throughout existence.
Be the Blessing – Be the Joy, be the cheerleader.
Be in Attunement with your higher good purpose.
Claim the Blessings each day.
Co-creator with God; cooperation, sharing.
Time for giving, time for receiving + all at once.
Expressing on a carrier wave of Love.
Being available to God’s Will.
Be Here Now!
All ways in union.
Our Life Purpose is to Be Who We Are!
Exquisite means beauty in every detail.
Living in The Blessings.
Living free in the Soul through attuning to it.
Claim who you are the best way you can.
What’s in the Lord’s purse?

Baruch Bashan + ongoing Thank HUUUU beyond words!

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