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Being on Good Terms With God


Honor yourself and have that as your “go-to” attitude.  Love yourself, even if you do all kinds of things that would misrepresent that loving.  If you are aware that you’d like to raise and increase the loving, that is the key in all creating. – John Morton

This article comes from a sharing John had in a Soul Transcendence Seminar held in June 2021.

When you’ve done it unto at least one, whomever or whatever that is in the creation, consider that you are doing it with the Holy Spirit and Spirit’s presence.  “I am always with you.”  Who is saying that?  The consciousness that can take the karma.  God made it, so God can take it.  It can move it around.

All the more reason to be on good terms with God.  Honor yourself and have that as your “go-to” attitude.  Love yourself, even if you do all kinds of things that would misrepresent that loving.  If you are aware that you’d like to raise and increase the loving, that is the key in all creating.  Do the loving.

The Christ has the grace consciousness of picking up what you don’t finish or complete.  All of it.  I go for that.  We also call that living in grace.  John-Roger called it out very clearly.  This is how I have loving for who you are.  That sounds so simple.  You may say, “Of course I love who I am, and I adore myself. I’m the best one around.”  You might want to include more of God’s creation in that.  When you are loving yourself, make room for God.  Keep the reference: “Out of God comes all the creation.”

If you make an exception, that becomes a form of going into againstness, judgment, condemnation, etc.  You need to pick that up and release that.  If you don’t know how, there is the power of God.  God is the loving of all Its creation.  Develop this attunement of God consciousness.  The love of God is with you, even if you falter.  What if you offend somebody and want to balance that out, forgive and make amends, but don’t know where to find them?  Consider this.  As part of the miracle of God, all of the creation is in you.  God consciousness is something you can call forward, whoever, whatever that is within you.

The Sacred Sanctuary” is a meditation that is available in MSIA.  It’s a way of doing that balancing through the creative imagination.  It activates aspects of our consciousness to clear whatever dis-ease or injury we have caused as a karmic condition.  We allow that to clear.  It is also activating knowledge.  There is a powerful information system that could come to your conscious awareness.  It can be what you see on a screen.  Whether it becomes information or knowledge we acquire, it often becomes something to work out.

It may be something like, “I’m going to be wise the rest of my life.  I’m going to make wise choices.”  That can take a while, particularly if we have familiar ways called habits, attachments and convictions.  Those need to be adjusted.  If you will, also make a habit of doing all things in God’s name.  You are on personal, direct terms with God.  It’s immediate.  There is no delay, waiting room or waiting list.  God is now.  You are on those terms with God communicating with you.

Once you have your attention going toward God, look into the themes of initiation.  For the physical level, it’s attention.  Where is your attention?  What are you attending to?  What do you frequent and focus upon?  What do you keep in your heart?  The heart I am referencing here is our God.  The love and truth of who you are is the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is a consciousness.  The truth of who you are is such that if you are in some way falsifying, denying or being dishonest, you forfeit divine aid.

In doing anything, the Holy Spirit will let you have the complete awareness so powerfully that it is undeniable.  Why would we deny the truth?  It is the truth completely in our favor and blessing.  Why would we allow that denial?  Each of us is a co-creator and we have to be respected that it’s done in that way.  It’s not done as a punishment, mockery or castigation.  Sometimes, for that focus, the negative power will put that out.  The negative power’s main purposes are showing you where you are off.  How far off do you want to be?

The truth that is everlasting is saying, “Not one Soul will be lost.”  Look at what is being said.  You are not going to be lost.  It’s not possible.  Forget about that.  Any teaching that you’re lost, beyond saving or can’t be restored is a lie.  Knowing that, how would you live when you’re on to that?  We want to be a loving consciousness and we want to do it unconditionally.

We may have experiences where we don’t do it unconditionally.  We let ourselves enter into or choose the negative condition, perpetrate it and become loyal forces with it.  Had enough of that?  Stop it.  You might seem to say, “Well, if I stop it, that’s the end for me.  There’s eternal damnation.  At least while I’m riding with the negative power, I’m on an escape plan and having a little fun before the eternal damnation.”  But what’s there?  You have been doing these things and not really attending to who you are.

You can’t sit on the fence and be in denial.  That does not last.  It has to, in some way, transform.  Are you ready?  Are you ready to face the music and turn yourself in?  Come into a surrender.  Come to the altar.  You are the prodigal child going home to God.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Anointing through the Traveler Consciousness

Lord God, through Your Christ as it is anointed in each one of us,
as that flame, that we know as the Light, as the illumination,
that moves through all consciousness, illuminating our spirit
and the presence of the Light and love for all.
That we are those who gather in Your name,
calling out in our dedication, as You have called us.
And we know that as coming home, that there is a rejoicing
as we open our consciousness in Spirit,
that can be heard and seen and felt. That we take hold of it here.
We are those anchoring into this place, into this time,
right into this point here and now.
That this is a blessing through the Traveler consciousness on all levels,
with those who are the initiates and ministers of God’s love, light and sound.
In your silence, we behold forever, forever and ever.
And as we are amongst the beloved here,
let us connect one to one, again and again
to Your eternal spark that is the divine nature in each and every one of us.
That we connect to this blessing going forward into the world.
That we are invoking this presence that has been the spiritual promise in this day all the more.
And we know that this is done in Your grace and all the compassion,
that we are released from the limitations that we know as the karma and as the darkness.
In Your light, in Your love, we celebrate.

Baruch Bashan

Note: “The Sacred Sanctuary” mentioned in John’s article is available to download free of charge as an MP3 from the MSIA Store, click here.   You can also listen to it on “That Which Is”, MSIA’s video streaming platform, click here.


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