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The Unraveling: Walking the Labyrinth at Windermere

Kay Turbak in the center of the Labyrinth at Windermere Ranch, June 2021.

I begin my walk slowly, acutely aware of my friend and fellow pilgrim.
I want to respect her sense of space and timing, and not “run” into her.
Inevitably I cross over the stones into another lane, entering into a new “circuit” –
– a pathway of the earth, of the brain, of the soul.

I become confused, wondering if I am traveling in the “right” direction.
Indeed, there are no mistakes or missteps when walking the labyrinth.
So begins The Unraveling – a loosening and letting go, an unwinding of the tight
threads of certainty and purpose.

I am being moved by something beyond my immediate recognition or perception.
I enter the center of the labyrinth, the sacred circle, which for me is usually a
time to reflect upon my life circumstances, meditate, pray.
Only this time there is nothing “there” – nothing to contemplate or consider.
I softly surrender, unfurled and enfolded into a pure and perfect Peace.

I am aware that I am being navigated, moved into a greater reality.
The sinuosity and circuitous nature of labyrinthine experiences are symbolic.
It is really very simple: despite the twists and turns of life, take the next step forward.

I continue walking, and return to where I started, at the Threshold of Peace,
forever changed.

Kay Turbak
June 2021

4 thoughts on “The Unraveling: Walking the Labyrinth at Windermere”

  1. William Lurth

    Dear Kay,
    Thank you for the beautiful narrative of your divine experience on the Windermere Labyrinth. A special thought had come to me earlier, as I traveled west. Would I see you, dear classmate friend, during my trip? A de-light-ful premonition it became as I encountered you and your fellow pilgrim at our beloved Windermere. Following your suggestions, I walked the Labyrinth and, as you noted, “despite the twists and turns of life, (I) took the next step forward…start(ing) at the threshold of Peace, forever changed.”

  2. Alvin Richter

    I remember the first time I walked any labyrinth, at PRANA. I was the only one walking it, and I walked slowly. Every step was slow, and with every step I became lighter. When, after much time and many steps, I reached the center, there was nothing but emptiness. I was empty of all thoughts and feelings. Yet at peace with ALL. I never was able to adequately express the exquisiteness of that experience. Kay, you’ve done an admirable job of doing just that. Thank you. – Alvin Richter

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