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Awakening to the Loving: What is Your Carrier Wave?


Russell Bishop (at right) co-facilitating with John-Roger in April, 1989.

A few days after the first Insight Seminar in January 1978, J-R called and told me that it looked like there would be lots more people who would follow in the footsteps of that original group of 150. Would I be interested in leading a not-for-profit company we could call Insight and make these trainings available to those who might be seeking greater loving in their lives?

Let me think about it. OK, I thought about it.

The next month, I moved from Northern California and we launched Insight from a spare bedroom in the house I had rented in Santa Monica. Most days began with me driving up to J-R’s Mandeville Canyon home where he would sit with me for hours going over each element of the seminar. What’s the purpose of this exercise? How could we make it even better? What would happen if we tweaked this piece just a little bit?

J-R was working with me to refine the seminar so it could hold the spiritual frequencies that would help people awaken more fully to who they truly are, to their natural loving. As I would come to learn later, he was also working with me to help me awaken more fully to the loving frequency we were intending to convey to others.

As part of the refining process, J-R began co-facilitating seminars with me all over the world. What a blessing! And a strengthener.

We would often tune into the same issue or awareness as we worked with individual participants. It was as though we could finish each other’s sentences and we would seamlessly integrate our observations, questions, and suggestions. Occasionally, someone would seem to resist what I had to share and yet when J-R would intercede with the same observation, the resistance would melt away.

On a break during one of those seminars, J-R and I discussed the sharing we had just finished. These kinds of in-the-moment debriefs were normal, often adding additional bits of insight or awareness to our process. I later came to understand that J-R did those debriefs more for my own awakening than anything else. This particular conversation was one of those. It went something like this:

J-R: Russell, did you notice that Steve seemed to resist what you had to share with him and that when I shared the same thing, there was no resistance at all?

RB: Yeah, well what’s your point? Of course he got it from you – after all, you’re J-R, aren’t you?

J-R (ignoring my cutesy comment): The information was the same from both of us, but his reaction was not.

RB: OK . . . and?

J-R: While the information was the same, the carrier wave was different.

RB: Say some more – what’s a carrier wave?

J-R: A carrier wave is the frequency on which the information flows. It’s like a radio or tv station – each station broadcasts on a frequency (carrier wave). While the content or information is different from hour to hour, the carrier wave, the broadcast frequency, is the same.

Russell, you have the gift to perceive areas which can be improved and how to get there. So do I. However, when you offer the information, it often comes on a carrier wave of criticism.

When I share the information, it comes on a carrier wave of loving. I don’t share anything until that carrier wave of loving is present, and then I share the information.”

Not all your sharing comes on the criticism wave, but when it does, the first thing the person notices or feels is the criticism, then the information. If the person is sufficiently aware, they can rise above the criticism frequency and receive the information anyway. If not, then they move into resistance.

They’re not resisting the information, although that’s just how it may seem to you. They’re resisting the frequency of criticism.

When I share with them, the first thing they notice or feel is the carrier wave of loving, followed by the information. Most people readily accept the loving frequency which makes receiving the information much easier.

As you might imagine, this sharing with J-R was illuminating in many ways. The aspect of me that carries criticism, is the aspect that cares deeply. Somehow, the criticism carrier wave doesn’t seem to communicate caring!

Of course, I am most critical of my own self. Equally obvious, the carrier wave of criticism doesn’t work any better from me to me than it does for anyone else.

Over these many years, J-R continues to work with me to refine my energetic carrier waves, to access the profound loving within. The more loving I am with my own self, the more my carrier wave of loving is available to everyone else.

Thank you, Beloved J-R. And thank you Beloved, John Morton. We are the Blessings.

10 thoughts on “Awakening to the Loving: What is Your Carrier Wave?”

  1. You’re a blessing to us all Russell and I found this particular sharing both profound and highly useful. LL

  2. I love learning about the carrier wave of loving and I learned from this article to wait until loving is present before I can communicate. Thank you Russel for sharing this beautiful story.

  3. Thank you Russell, so simple and yet so deep. The way you describe this idea of the value of loving we ourselves makes it alive and it touches my heart. What a great example of a carrier wave of loving! Blessings to you.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve had the same experience where someone won’t hear stuff from me. I get it now. Thank you, thank you, Caroline x

  5. Jane (Brewster) Bedford

    It is so touching to see that photo of J-R and Russell just as I remember them from my first Insight training in London in 1979.

  6. Tommie Hallquist Warder

    I was there taking my first Insight training in 1980. It was one of the highlights of my life. It is transformative to be taught by people so willing to learn and to grow along with you. Thank you, Russell, for reminding me of those days and how profoundly grateful I am. Your knowledge, humility. and faithfulness are beacons to us all.

  7. Was gonna post my memory of Russ’s painful, critical carrier wave of many years ago, but decided it’s highly irrelevant! I love you, Russ Bishop!

  8. “The more loving I am with my own self, the more my carrier wave of loving is available to everyone else”. YES! Thank you!

  9. “The more loving I am with my own self, the more my carrier wave of loving is available to everyone else”. YES! Thank you!

  10. Roxanne MacDougall

    Thank you, Russell, for this “Insight”-full article. It will help my communication in my marriage. I really love my husband of 35 years, but at times my feedback to him is conditional and corrective, though well-intended. It’s a good thing he is so loving and patient!
    I had a 25 year career as a consultant, trainer, coach and facilitator. I know there were times when my carrier wave was not loving. I could have been much more effective if I had looked honestly at the underlying energy of my communication. I also look back on my participation in USM years 1, 2, and 3 in Philadelphia. My carrier wave certainly affected my ability to be of service to my trio partners. At the practicum, we had one student simply counsel his partner by just saying “I don’t know how to solve your issue. I just know that I love you just as you are.” That person passed with flying colors!

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