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Honest Expression – Bridging the Apparent Separation


Have you ever done something or said something that seemed embarrassing, only to find out that the honest expression in the moment brought a sense of closeness into the group around you? When we have the openness to share ourselves, we may learn that our expression can bridge the apparent separation to bring greater oneness. Consider that beyond your personality expression, your essence is of a higher nature, divine in its source, divine in its heritage. Consider that you are a part of God, a Soul in community with all other Souls on Earth.

John-Roger, DSS

I’m going to do something very embarrassing now. I’m going to say I have no idea what this article is about. But most embarrassing of all I’m going to admit to you that I really do not want to be writing it.

So why am I writing it? Because a few days ago when I was having a lousy moment during an altogether lousy day I got an e-mail from Deborah saying, “Hey, you just showed up in my consciousness. Would you like to write an article?”

This is not the first time I’ve been interrupted during a low point by someone who got a hit that they should ask me to do something to snap myself out of the lousy moment that they miraculously intuited that I was going through. It has happened with other NDH articles. It happens on the ministerial board. It happens at Prana.

So I was so touched that Deborah tuned in to the fact that I just wanted to run a-freaking-way from what seemed like a very monotonous and pointless existence that I just had to say “sure.” Even though I didn’t want to. Because, as I mentioned, I just wanted to run a-freaking-way from everything.

I’m the kind of person who likes to put a positive face on things. I like to do this for myself and I especially like to do it publicly. I would rather be the person with a bright, shiny demeanor than a person who goes on and on about how he just can’t wait to run a-freaking-way from stuff.

So, now I’m writing the article because I said I would. And the only thing I can really bring myself to say is what is honestly true in this moment. Yes, I know there are tons of great teachings about attitude and how I can turn things around at any time just by a conscious choice to change my perspective and blah blah blah. That is really wonderful except I don’t seem to be ready to change my perspective yet. Some part of me would rather make an ass of myself by writing about how bad of a mood I am in.

And then, miracle of miracles, just before sitting down to write this article, I found a quote from J-R about how doing what seems embarrassing can bring people together. So my question to you who are  reading this is, “Do you feel a sense of closeness?”

I was going to say I do not, but to be honest, I actually do feel a bit better than when I started writing this. J-R, you dog, you’ve done it again! You and your teachings just keep on working. And while part of me would love to prove you wrong just once, I’m happy to say that the greater part of me would rather be happy than right. So, okay, J-R, you can have this one, too. And let’s just pretend like I never wrote this article and my reputation as a bright, shiny lover of God can remain untarnished.

Okay, on second thought, better to sacrifice my reputation and just be glad that I belong to a community of Souls. That at any point I can look beyond my personality and into what is most true about me, about you, about everyone, that we are bright and shiny despite any of our feelings, thoughts, or doings to the contrary. We are diamonds of glittering brilliance! No amount of lousy moments or embarrassing articles or anything else can take that away. Thank God!

7 thoughts on “Honest Expression – Bridging the Apparent Separation”

  1. Wonderful to hear you, Matt! Your wise sharing is a Healing action and I’m grateful Spirit guided me to your words today.

  2. Yes! I do feel closer to you Matt! Of course my heart always smiles – pretty much every time I see you’ve written something. I love your down to earth, laying it all out there, lack of pretence kind of expression – your human-ness, such as… “Yes, I know there are tons of great teachings about attitude and how I can turn things around at any time just by a conscious choice to change my perspective and blah blah blah”, woven in with your timely humour.

    Thank you for stepping in and answering the call – I love you bunches. You bring a smile to me – I love you when your happy – I love you when you feel dumpy…this article was brilliant – hey what a great format to writing a book. Write when you feel down in the dumps and see what happens!!

  3. Nice to know I’m not the only one who’d like to not be here, but just keeps going anyway. Honesty tastes much better than ice cream, and is a better diet. Thanks, Matt. In misery and in joy, we’re all one.

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