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MSIA Presidency Update – December 2021

We don’t know exactly what form it will take, but we are happy to announce that MSIA’s Annual Conference in 2022 will take place on June 22 through June 27.  The Conference theme is Joy, Fun and Laughter and we look forward to it being, once again, “the best conference ever!”   We will certainly be online, but the status of any in-person gatherings remains uncertain at the moment. Stay tuned for more information and details, but for now please note the dates in your calendar.

As we edge towards the end of an interesting and strange year with the pandemic impacting all of us, it can be useful to look back on what was accomplished.  In March, we said farewell to the 2101 Wilshire Blvd. property in Santa Monica.  Our resident tenants, USM, had moved out and MSIA was barely using the building.  With overhead still needing to be paid and the building showing signs of needing extensive repair, it was financially prudent for us to sell it.

We also said a sad and very fond farewell to Stephen Beech, the long-time, loyal and trusted property manager of 2101 who passed away this year. Stephen’s love and care for the building, and for everyone who used and visited it, was legendary.

The twelve month Harmonic Self: Tuning the Human Instrument will end in December.  This popular live streamed course took a deep dive into sound, silence, music, vibration, and stillness, and experiencing how it impacts our lives on all our levels. And the journey continues in 2022 Harmonic Self: Multidimensional Resonance, it is open to all – no experience required (just active subscription to Discourses or SATs).  The 2022 Harmonic Self course covers how the quality of our vibration determines the quality of our life.  This is the class description:

“In this 12-month class we will be raising our vibration on multiple levels of consciousness to create a unified resonant field throughout our being.  We will be learning how we can consciously realign our vibrational frequency. Our words and actions coupled with intention and sound changes our resonance and consequently our experience of life. One of the most powerful ways to tune our energy fields to their ‘perfect’ resonance is through chanting the sacred tones, listening, and spending time in silence. Apart from facilitating an effective energy realignment, this also allows us to open to inner guidance and access the ever-present joy, love and harmony that resonates in our heart and from there throughout all aspects of our lives.

Harmonizing our spiritual, mental, emotional and unconscious energy fields alters our physical energy field and the signal we send out to the world, and beyond. By breathing with our whole body and allowing the Light and sound to heal and transform us, we likewise change our energy field to vibrate at a higher rate. Using sound and music; vibration and resonance; rhythm, melody, and harmony; gives us a fresh context in which we can practice and live the teachings.”

You can register for Harmonic Self: Multidimensional Resonance here.

There is no retreat at Asilomar this year, but PTS does have a wonderful one day event scheduled for December 18 — Honoring the Beloved: Satsang with the Traveler.   It is a great way to immerse yourself in the energy field of the Mystical Traveler Consciousness as the year comes to a close. You can register here.

MSIA’s online presence was enhanced in 2021 as we launched a totally new version of the Home Page to make access easier and more intuitive for students.   The web site also came online to provide a gateway to welcome seekers and for those who are looking to study the teachings of the Traveler.   Please tell your friends who want to know more about MSIA.

Behind the scenes, the NOW archive team led by Marina Van Wormer made considerable progress on the monumental task of organizing and archiving John-Roger’s original recordings into accessible and up-to-date digital formats.   Marina created an engaging and creative video overview of what has been accomplished.   You can view it here.

There was an array of improvements and upgrades at Windermere ranging from replacing old water lines to minor house remodeling.   A whole new heap of projects are now budgeted for next year, all aided by John Morton’s birthday Fundraiser. Plus, we had our first Windermere picnic including  sharing with John Morton in many years.150 folks gathered in-person, camaraderie and the joy of being together again physically was palpable.

The Nuevo Amanecer, our Spanish version of the New Day Herald, was relaunched in October with David Jaramillo and his team putting articles together to publish on the website on a monthly basis.  One of the biggest splashes of the year was the launch of the Spanish version of the MSIA app, complete with a Spanish version of the That Which Is streaming platform.

The incorporation of That Which Is into the MSIA app in Android and iOS has been well received by MSIA students around the world, an example of which this inspiring email we received: “I experience That Which Is as a physical extension of the Sound Current.   That Which Is keeps me connected to that voice 24/7.  Subscribing says, ‘Thank you God, I receive.’”

As always, please join us in placing it all in the Light for the Highest Good. And thank you for standing together in God’s Light, love and Sound, sharing the grace of the Traveler’s teachings throughout the world.

The MSIA Presidency – Paul, Vincent, and Mark.

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  1. Loretta Nicholson

    Hey guys. We haven’t changed a bit!
    (Well; maybe a few white hairs.)
    Thank you for your loving service.
    Love and Light to keep us up and running.
    Summer Nicholson

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