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A Meditation for Peace

Where things are out of balance, you remain balanced. Where there’s hatred, sow peace. But be an example of that, because often our words speak so loudly that people do not gather the intent behind them. And other times, our actions are speaking so loudly that no one can hear what we’re saying… – John-Roger

This article is excerpted from a sunrise meditation at the foot of the Sphinx in Egypt during a PAT IV journey. It was first published in the New Day Herald in March 1999.

When we begin, we will start with everyone chanting the word: peace. Within the word Peace is “ace,” so maybe if we do this right, saying the word might produce in us that thing we call peace.

I’d like you to focus on what it is that takes you out of the peacefulness inside of you. What is it that you do? What is it that others do? How do you react to them?

Let’s start chanting the word “peace” ten times. It can be done any way you want; you can say it under your breath, or you can speak the word as fast or as slowly as you want to and if we’re harmonizing, then we’ll all come into a vibration of oneness. If you think you hear somebody doing it “wrong,” look inside of you to see what disturbed you, where you lost your peace.

Let’s start chanting now:

Peace. . . .

Is any part of your body tense or tight? If so, in your mind, tell it, “Peace, be still.” Relax, let go. Maybe you’re trying to hold the world up with your shoulders. Maybe you’re focusing on the sickness that can happen when we’re tourists. We are ambassadors of peace. Look at where your mind went. What did you do with all of that?

Keep looking inside your body. If you find something tense or hurting or ill at ease, tell it, “Peace, be still.” Every time the mind takes off, tell it, “Peace,” and bring it back. No fighting with anything. Just directing.

We can listen to the sounds of the birds. We can listen to the sounds around us. Make all those sounds harmonious inside of you. You can even expand your hearing to hear far-away sounds. Let it be peaceful. Acknowledge that it’s different. Be at peace while nature starts to awaken and talk to itself. We’re going to direct ourselves to the great knowing that God is peace. Not static, but moving, flowing, undulating, always in action on these levels we’re in.

I’ve been watching the Sphinx since we sat down, and it hasn’t blinked once. We’re not after things that represent something. We’re after the peace of it. We can listen to the animals making noise, wanting to be fed. We also want to be fed. We could put ourselves in great agitation, wanting so badly to know the peace of God that we become unpeaceful when we enter into the thousand questions, all saying, “Why?” “Why not?” “Why me?” “Why did it happen?” “Why didn’t it happen?” “Why am I wrong?” None of those are valid. It’s simple: You are, and peace is.

You must practice talking to yourself so that when you get disturbed, you can tell yourself, “Now, be peaceful.” Sometimes it’s more like, “Now, be nice.” There are a lot of ways to say these words. You may say, “Now, be nice,” and that makes you more angry. So you have to know that when you’re going to say, “Peace, ” you must say that from inside of you, from the inner place of peace.

There are those here who are not expressing peace, not sensing it, not finding peace just now. When you’re trying too hard, peace runs away. So if you’re trying to get peace inside of you, relax your forehead. Relax the furrows between the eyes. Let the shoulders drop naturally. If you’re sitting in a position that is bothering you, move a little bit. Go toward a more peaceful position. Wanting it perfect is anti-peace. Working with WHAT IS is going toward peace.

Let’s start chanting “peace” again, ten times, and see where it goes inside of you.

Peace. . . .

Notice now where you are with that. If you’ve found new places, let them be quiet within you.

We’re going to try a few different things to see if we can deepen this experience of peace. We’re going to alternate saying different words, saying them to see where they go inside of us. We’ll say “war” and “hate” and see what that does. Maybe it will show us the place that’s ready to fight. That’s the place where we need to work on peace.

War, hate. . . .

As you do this, pay attention to colors in the eyes and places in the body that maybe started aching and hurting.

Now take the word “peace” quietly and see it or sense it going through that area in your body that hurt or was disturbed. Visualize the word “peace” in a beautiful golden-white color going into those parts of your body as you chant. If you have a hard time seeing or sensing the word “peace” in gold, in your imagination write it on a big billboard in gold ink or sparkles. Once you see it, use that image and send it through. You may have another way of doing this. Use your own method; use a way that works for you.

I’m going to call in the Light. It might seem strange to you that we didn’t do it first thing, but there is a purpose.

Father-Mother God, we place ourselves into the Light with you. Thank you. We ask that that which will be for the greater good on the planet and for the highest good of all of us here be activated and that we stand as commutators to bring this energy more than ever into this area.

We ask that the angels working with us take the Light of our own beingness and place it ahead of us for these coming days, that peace may prevail. Through this Light, we look at the hate and the war that we verbalized and ask that it all be transmuted now into peace. We ask for that energy to be blended in us as a resource, something we can call upon in times of need, however that appears to us.

We ask that those areas in our body that have war and hate against the peace blend together so all is felt as love. No worries. No concerns. Just the blending of the duality of ourselves, the physical and the Spirit. We acknowledge the fight, the flesh warring against the Spirit and even against itself.

Why is not the question. How to participate in the wonderfulness of it all is the question. How do we do this? We know that we are to come to places where there is adversity and stand there in peace. Let the other person say all they want to say. We don’t explain our actions. We don’t explain our thoughts. God is going to correct us, not people. We do listen to each other, and we take and use the goodness we hear. We let the other part go back to whoever sent it. Let it be theirs.

Now that we’ve looked at the peace, the hate, and the war, and we have the Spirit and the Light of God with us, we’re going to chant one of the ancient tones ten times. It’s one of the wonderful standbys of all times, the Om.

We place that sound in a great column of Light with Spirit filling it. For those who come under the Om frequency, they will meet a friend, and peace will well up inside of them. The peace of the Lord, not our peace. The peacefulness of wanting more peace and the strength to walk away from war. The strength to confront what is warlike and bring it into balance, into peace.

It’s much like a woman in labor. Great travailing takes place, and it’s very unpeaceful at times. Then after the birth comes the peace, for a short season. And then there is more of showing others how to handle confrontation, transmuting it into peace, educating ourselves into better ways to say and do everything.

We must learn the peacefulness of clouds, formless then form then formless, moving fast. Sometimes not moving at all. Sometimes being there and sometimes not being there. Clouds don’t get in your way. What you do with them gets in your way. Do nothing with them except to look at them and watch their natural forms unfolding. We all recognize clouds, no matter what form. Watch the clouds that get into your mind. Don’t let them obscure the divine principles that you represent. Know that the clouds go at their own pace. They ride the wind. In you, the wind is your spirit. Ride your spirit at your own pace.

The Holy Spirit visits us all, taking heed of our needs and allowing us the discomfort of our own discontentment, for we can learn even in that. I suppose we’ve all felt at times that we would love to get away, go into a cave, and shut the entrance behind us, letting the rest of the world go by. Except, we are the world. We are the people. Like it or not, it is ours.

We must be sensitive to each other’s space, sensitive to other’s movement, to their environment, and we must be sensitive through the environment that we all share. Let’s leave it much better than how we found it. That’s a great job. From the Canadian Rockies to the foot of the great Sphinx to where we stand now, we’ve left it better than we found it. And we are better for having been there.

We have to confront all the things we would throw out, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We have to confront the deception and the shame, the shame of things we’ve done or thought which, if we persist in hanging on to them, will destroy us. Look now for peace or tranquility in your consciousness.

We’re going to do another chant, ten times:

Om. . . .

Om mani padme om. . . .

Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. . . .

Hu. . . .

We also place these within the messengers of Light, the angels of the Lord, for purification for those who use these tones, that they be charged once again with the drawing power of God.

Look once again into your consciousness for peace. Peace, be still. Calm the troubled emotional currents of your body. Place the attention of your thoughts on the Lord. Invite the Holy Spirit into your consciousness more fully, and dedicate yourself, that you once again become a missionary of Light, an emissary of the Lord, an instrument of God’s peace.

Where things are out of balance, you remain balanced. Where there’s hatred, sow peace. But be an example of that, because often our words speak so loudly that people do not gather the intent behind them. And other times, our actions are speaking so loudly that no one can hear what we’re saying.

So we tell them:
I would speak with peace.
I would speak to you of peace.
I would speak to you of your freedom and of my freedom.
I would speak to you of taking care of this planet.
I would speak to you of sharing and caring.
I would speak to you of the oneness of man, of the
Fatherhood of God.
I would speak to you of your own quiet and contentment, and yet urge you to the greater heights of your own spiritual accomplishments, that you may transcend ego and flesh, that you may discipline yourself into the form that you’re growing into, and that you love the form by which you grow, for it has brought you this far.

We enter gratefulness as one of the final forms of peace. Grateful that we are not in the hospitals we visited. Grateful for the health we have, even with the little problems. And grateful that you’re getting smarter everyday in knowing how to live with this body. Grateful that you’re becoming aware that it is not as perfect as your thought would make it, even though your thought made it in the beginning. A great big, “Thank you, God.”

When strange things happen to you that have never happened before, work with what has happened and know that you’re going to get new experiences on all levels all the time. The problem is that we all think we’re so perfect that nothing could happen to us. Then when it does happen to us, we realize that it isn’t quite that perfect. That’s still no reason to not have peace with it.

One of the great disturbers of peace is impatience. “Why is it taking so long?” “Why does it hurt?” “Why is it there?” “I thought I was through with that!” Well, it just does what it does, and you do what you do. You might as well get your doing in sync with what is going on. In that, you’ll find more peace.

Take care of your body. Make friends with your mind and emotions. Live in your Spirit and walk the planet. Let others who run into your frequency say, “Once a group sat here, and in their sitting they left us peace, calmness, and tranquility. They were not afraid to look at hate and war. They were not so righteous that they would not bless tones that other people chant. And even though they had their own tones, they placed the others before God first, and then brought their own at last to the temple of the Lord.”

Let’s chant ten Ani-Hu’s.

Ani-Hu. . . .

And now a slight variation:

You and I. . . .

We’re going to bring one more into consciousness: Rama.

Rama. . . .

And finally, let’s chant “Jesus.”

Jesus. . . .

What a wonderful name, one of the best ones I know on the planet.

We’ll close this in the Spirit which we’ve been living here, in the Mother, Father God’s Light, in the Holy Spirit’s Light, in the Holy Christ and the Traveler Consciousness, by saying “peace” three times and then “baruch bashan.”

Peace. Peace. Peace.
Baruch Bashan.


This meditation was released as a SAT Seminar, Meditation at the Sphinx, #7416, and is available to TWI subscribers and SAT subscribers on That Which Is and for purchase in the MSIA online store to SAT subscribers.

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