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Thank You John Morton

a poem for John Morton by Sharon Trieste

He walked with our Wayshower John-Roger

He gleaned the ways of the Master through their dynamic lives

Teaching, side by side

Sharing the consciousness of the Divine


How do you measure the closeness of one Traveler to a student?

Who transfigures into a Blessing Master

There is no measurement

It is in the demonstration

The presence

The sharing of blessings

The inclusion of all people


How can one thank the Master

Who has taken up the sword of truth

Who has forged ahead in his own way

Who stands in his integrity

In his own expression


His heart is expansive

Extending to all who are called

And those who are not

Loving it all

Through his devotion and strength


Blessings shared with everyone

Provider of Universal Truths

Lover of all people

Knight of Kindness

An Expansive Being

Spiritual Warrior

Again, walking into the heart of God

Bringing us along for the majestic ride

Blessing Man

Hu Man

John Morton our beloved Traveler and friend

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

8 thoughts on “Thank You John Morton”

  1. Beautiful poem of our Travelers. Beautiful tribute to John Morton. Thank you dear Sharon! may God bless us All.

  2. What a beautiful tribute Sharon. Thank you for putting into words the exquisite presence of our Travelor.
    Love to you Sharon

  3. Rosemary Ferris

    Thank you Sharon for these heart touching truths about our Beloved Traveler, John, expressed so lovingly and with such gratitude!

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