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Awakening to the Perfection of Your Soul

I consider we deal in life purpose in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness in a very direct way. What does our life purpose have to do with God? Just asking the question opens up a joy field in me. What I have come to know more and more is there is always a joy field in my consciousness, whether I’m attending to it or not. – John Morton

This article comes from a Soul Transcendence Seminar John Morton gave on January 12, 2022.

I encourage you, in your direct relationship with the Traveler, to participate as much as you can handle.  Make that known to yourself.  That is most important.  Let’s just consider that the one who can assist you the most is always with you.  Let’s call that one God.  Between you, God, and your partnership, you can manage anything and everything.

There is a large part of what goes on, particularly in this world, that is really not your or my level of individual concern.  It may be all of our concern.  Like something in this moment…. breathing.  There may be other things that are vital, our “vital signs” in this world, that we need to attend to.  I look at that as practical spirituality.

If we are not breathing, we may go into a default position related to what our opportunity is in the moment.  We need to breathe in order to behold a beautiful sunset or presence into the body.  We become aware and awake physically and psychically in all those ways.  Most importantly, on the level of our soul, we are developing spiritual awareness that becomes Soul consciousness.  Those are words until it become something you know as your direct experience.  That is part of what we are doing in this movement.

I call it a “movement”, and that is something John-Roger tagged long ago when he was putting a name on what this is.  He also put out “spiritual inner awareness.” I look at it as a way of describing what it is.  It works as a name that has gone through the years of this organization.  What is our business? Our business is Soul Transcendence.  I like to say that.  Even by saying it, what it is can be more awake because we are bringing attention to what we want to focus on.  We can bring attention to our intention, what our life purpose is.

I consider we deal in life purpose in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness in a very direct way.  What does our life purpose have to do with God?  Just asking the question opens up a joy field in me.  What I have come to know more and more is there is always a joy field in my consciousness, whether I’m attending to it or not.

We come into a gathering of the presence, the holy presence.  It is also described as “when two or more of us are gathered in the name.”  This is attributed to Jesus, as one who was also the Christ.  Something takes place in our midst.  We come upon it more directly because we are more aware, willing, and open.  These are ways that allow us to be tuned in.  I encourage you to attend to your willingness.  If you are here reading now, let’s consider your willingness is checked off as, “I’m doing that.”  It is good to be aware of what is your intention.

When we call in the light, “Father, Mother, God…” that brings in presence and connects us.  It has attunement.  These words have power in them because they are charged.  Let’s consider we go for words that bring closeness to our God nature.  If I were to choose one word that would bring closeness to God, guess what that would be?  Love or loving.  There are other words that also bring closeness, like sweetness and fun. Hopefully, by now, you’ve discovered being spiritual is lots of fun. How do we do that?

When we are riding on the fun wave, the energy field, it can be exhilarating and full of light.  As we do the attunement and share that together, it can be something that doesn’t have to have a formula.  It can be like, “How did we get to this joy, this fun and this peace?”  There are ways of overcoming meaning and going into a higher consciousness by being released from unnecessary restrictions.

We can begin by having inner movement.  What would that be in the inner movement, not so much in the outer movement?  It’s something like daydreaming.  For some, it’s soul travel.  Can we learn how to do that and keep our eyes open?  Sure.  Some people kind of mastered that when they were going through their education and growing up.  Particularly in classrooms where the subject matter wasn’t interesting in the moment.  It allowed for the mind to wander and not stay attending so much to what was being spoken or read.

There is an attunement to how we let go of the restrictiveness of the physical, emotional, mental, and psychic natures.  More and more we are attuned into the spiritual nature.  We can learn to do that as a natural process.  It does something which I relate to as relaxing.  That is another way of doing the attunement.  Can we relax so we are more awake and aware?  Rather than relax and nod off, we can drift into unconsciousness or what we might call asleep.

We can do that in such a way that we are not aware of our surroundings or of our body.  In the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, we do quite a lot of that.  This consciousness we call the Traveler, the Mystical Traveler very specifically, is terminology that John-Roger introduced.  What is that saying – Mystical Traveler Consciousness?  Another way to relate to that is Mystical Traveler awareness and Mystical Traveler movement or moving. As we are awake and aware in that consciousness, there is also a move- ment which can be quite powerful.

As we go into spirit, time becomes a dimension that is less and less until it is no more.  Then, what is taking place when there is no time?  It is called the eternal now or eternity.  There is also a nature that I relate to as infinite.  It doesn’t come to an end.  There is a majesty you might want to call a miracle.  It is miraculous that we can have a nature that is true and real.  That is internal, infinite without limit.  It is completely integrated and whole.  It has oneness.

The soul consciousness that is individualized has been through unique lifetimes.  There is a community that gathers together who’ve been doing this sojourn, this movement, for many lifetimes.  That can be part of the experience, like “I know you,” or “This is familiar.” And then, we are doing it again.  Something like déjà vu.  It’s already seen.  If it can already be seen, it can also be already known.

There is this aspect of our consciousness that forgets.  Memory can interrupt the knowing, but it’s a temporary condition.  It’s not going to last.  It does come to an end.  Part of that is releasing ourself from the mind.  We aren’t subjecting ourself to what the mind can do in conception, thought and perceptions so it becomes a limitation.  We release the mind, so we are allowed to come into an awareness I call “natural knowing.”

How do we do that?  We have an attunement.  We come into an awareness that we have attunement with God consciousness such that can discover, or more accurately, uncover our limitations.  As we uncover them, we release them.  We open up what is unconscious or forgotten.  We see what we already know that was behind the uncovered, unconscious, or forgotten.  We see it in a way where we recognize it.  “I am already familiar with this.  I know this, but I forgot.  I was in a state of not remembering.” Then, perhaps we do something to allow ourself to be more attuned.

We can come into a clearer state.  Some of that can be done in our human physical, emotional, mental, and psychic states.  We can clear those states and then be more aware and conscious spiritually.  That would allow us to have more powerful spiritual experiences in all the dimensions.  The physical level is allowed to become clearer.  There would be something indicating that clarity like a light, radiation, or a harmonic.

I wouldn’t make the point of coming into the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness to be that you can look better.  I’m not saying that couldn’t happen.  You can look better because you are clearing and clarifying yourself – physically bringing a higher vibration into yourself.  The body would be benefiting from that, but there is another aspect to this.

When we are progressing spiritually, we’re also going to be releasing what is in the unconscious levels.  That could be stored up physically.  At cell levels, there could be things there, including body-born conditions, in our genetics or our matrix.  That includes what precipitates from other dimensions so we can see the impressions.

Whatever we picked up along the way that could be negative, disturbing, etc. like “stupid stuff,” we can process so it’s being released.  If it is coming out of unconscious levels, it can feel like all hell is breaking loose!  Maybe in some way it is, but for what purpose?  To have a lousy day or week or lifetime where I’m rendered something like disturbed, crippled, mangled or violated?  It can appear like that.  But if we were really looking, we would understand.  “Oh, I’m just clearing my levels.  I’m surfacing what is below the surface.”

Another way to look at that is, “I’m bringing forward what is in the unconscious and processing it.  Hopefully, in such a way as I am complete with what that is.”  The body would often reflect and give impressions of the origins and source of what we have been through.  It might be like, “You were a pirate, because I can see all the marks on you.  The swords, hot pokers or whatever you’ve been through, leave some kind of remnant and tell your story.” It might be a beautiful story.  Maybe we tell our story well so we can enjoy and appreciate it, even if it hurt a lot along the way.

We are going into a state where we’re reborn, renewed and restored.  We come into a state where we realize, “I have always been that, and I never moved out of the perfection of my soul.”  We need to take off the coverings – like uncover and release the layers – so the embodiments that come in tell a story.

When we gather and there are two or more of us, then the presence that is also referred to as the Christ, the anointed one, can touch in.  Then in some way, we would have an awareness of the whole spirit when it comes into our consciousness.  It’s multidimensional.  It is coming into every level because it can.  It has a presence that does not inflict.

We need to want it.  We need to be open to the spirit.  Otherwise, it stays in a holding, awaiting our choosing.  It doesn’t force itself upon us.  And yet, it is always present with us.

Baruch Bashan

Welcome the Traveler Consciousness This Day

We welcome this day in Your light, Your love,
the Holy Presence that is always with us.
We take this moment to go within
and our breath is the key, and so we go in.
We also release into the outer,
into this world in all of its various manifestations.
Wherever we find ourselves in this day, in this moment,
we embrace, we take it within
to loving, to the radiating light
that is always purifying, cleansing, transforming
into higher and higher states.

We also call upon the consciousness that is Beloved
through the Christ,
that presence we know as the spirit in all Creation.
We especially welcome the Traveler Consciousness this day,
however we would meet up with that,
so it may become very personal.
The Traveler is with us.
We can feel the embrace.
We feel the joy, the sacred, the comfort.
In this Traveler presence, we also again realize
all is working in perfect ways,
that perfection is in the changing, ever moving
in this movement of spiritual inner awareness.
We are letting go that we may move higher, ever higher.
As we do that within, we can also do that in the ways
that we express, in the ways we relate,
so we take it into our mind and our emotions.
We take it to whatever we sense,
whatever is taking place in our cells, in our consciousness.

We find we are in the perfect rhythm, in and out,
moving into ever greater moments of peace.
Whatever comes to our mind,
we choose to put into that consciousness of the Beloved
so we see as that Christ Consciousness sees.
That it is in our vision, it is in our way of relating
and our way of relating to what is going on.

We take a moment to understand
There is a choice present in the perfection, always a choice.
Every choice is freely presented as our opportunity
so this day we resolve towards the better choices.
We ask for that attunement, that knowing,
that is the very best choice
knowing it is choosing that is ongoing, a process that is ongoing.
The Traveler assures us whatever choices are present
we can handle.

They come as a process that always works in what is needed
in our growing and our moving into a higher consciousness.
So this day, we choose the higher consciousness,
asking for that attunement that is the highest good.
That we can realize the highest good extends to all of
the Creation, to all that is concerned,
which is the way of saying, “Is it our level of concern?”
So, we ask for that attunement that is our level of concern this day
that we may see perfection,
that we may witness that we are always within a consciousness
that knows what is necessary.
We find that comforting.
We find that it is everlasting, always with us.

This consciousness of the Beloved, Beloved of God,
which is absolute perfection,
is always with us.

Baruch Bashan

Note:  The above blessing is one of many found in John’s expanded first print edition of his book, Blessings Here and Now, and is available at

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  1. Iwuoha Patience

    Thanks dear Travelers for all the blessings and loving for me and all of us in MSIA and the world at large. I have found the right part in the Mystical Travelers teachings, and I am so thankful.

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